The pink little princess is hard to resist, and the heavy work nails add a romantic and sweet girly atmosphere

Small tweed fabric with silk silver thread inside, large red skin white, slim fit

Pink purple bow top custom chiffon velvet three-dimensional flower design on top Large bow at the neckline There is a little retro taste A set specially made, saving the trouble of matching, and the plaid skirt is also very good with other clothes, and the skirt is made of heavy hot diamonds A set of sweet ladylike feelings

When the rich colors break the traditional design of the past Show us a stronger fashion potential This knit is woven with gold wire Colored silk thread shines in the sun Give you a full texture experience Animal motifs bring fun fashion Add brighter vitality ~~~~ Fine stretch Slightly loose fit, wear alone or as a winter underwear More fashionable best Wear it with a purple fishtail skirt Another taste

The pink little princess is hard to resist Fried grade heavy industry nailing beads Each three-dimensional flower sequin is nailed by hand Romantic sweet and lovely girly atmosphere ~~ waist design hem small fluffy princess skirt ~~ can cover your flesh and flesh Also make your figure look particularly slim, Wool-blend texture is not thin It is very weighty to hold in the hand The sleeves have a bit of a retro court-style feeling Although it is difficult to make, the good thing is that the temperament is high-end ~~~

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