Stop saying that tall boots are hard to wear! It is enough to remember these points in the selection, it is really fashionable and foreign

Yesterday I was talking to my sister and asked her what shoes she wanted, and she said “Martin boots”, in fact, before she said the answer, I thought she would say high boots, because the high boots in the shoe cabinet at home are almost hers. Hearing her answer, I asked her why she didn’t want high boots, and then people said lightly: high boots are no longer popular!

I love! Are tall boots not popular? When did tall boots stop trending? Then I looked down at the tall boots I had just started on my feet, and instantly emo it!

But soon, I came out of the “sad” mood, after all, I also do related work, how can I be fooled by the words of children?

My sister said that high boots are not popular, a large part of the reason is because of her mistakes in selection, if everyone chooses high boots from these aspects, it is difficult to wear unfashionable effects~

When choosing high boots, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the boot style of high boots, like the design of this small V-shaped boot on the blogger’s feet, it is very perfect to break people’s stereotypical influence on high boots, fashionable and mature and feminine, the effect of modifying the leg shape and extending the leg length is no better than it!

If you want to choose this V-shaped bootpiece high boot, remember that the boot leather should not be too reflective, rather than choose patent leather, it is better to choose a matte temperament. Another point is to remember not to complain about my platform muffin sole, because then it is contrary to the value of the small V-shaped boots, and the meaning of choosing this boot is lost.

If you can, it is recommended that you choose this standard style of small V-shaped high boots on the blogger’s feet, thin sole + slight heel, side zipper + pointed toe are standard.

If you want to be more simple and elegant overall, you can choose the looseness of the boots and the distance between the calves is only about 3cm, which can cover the flesh and ensure a simple atmosphere.

If you choose this tall boots without any special cut on the blogger’s feet, there are relatively many points to pay attention to, because it is not so easy to cater to the aesthetics of the 00s.

If you can, it is recommended that you can replace the regular zipper with a patchwork fabric, because the combination of fabric and leather is convenient to put on and take off and can increase the layering in the case of the same color.

In addition, when choosing a sole style, you can also focus on the outstanding texture of the tire sole sole, the ravine-defined fit can not only increase the height, but also leave a dark and modern sense of déjà vu, the upper foot effect will definitely be more fashionable than the high boots with this thin-soled design on the blogger’s feet.

Finally, I need to remind everyone that a small detail is to increase the overall sense of layering, try to choose the design of different colors of the upper, boot barrel and sole, and use the slight difference in color to make up for the slightly simple and plain style, which is also a good countermeasure.

Although most of the regular high boots are basic black and white with conservative colors, there are also many little fairies who choose some retro brown, coffee, and brown high-level boots in order to cater to the autumn atmosphere.

There are also a small number of girls who will choose some particularly bright colors, and choose a random one in the macaron color system, which can make people shine. However, if this kind of shoes want to wear beauty, not only the size of the foot cannot be particularly large, but also the color of the piece you choose to match with must be basic and simple.

Like the blogger with gray-cyan corset pants layered with pink orange high boots style, it is particularly innovative, of course, but also particularly risky, if you feel that you are not particularly sensitive to color, you can also choose pure white suit pants with macaron high boots, if the color of high boots is fluorescent, then you can choose pure black mainly dark suit pants to layer with it!

If you choose this high-roller boots with a sense of design on the feet of the blogger, you need to have a certain degree of fashion expression and selection ability!

The small V-shaped boots are layered with straps, which is especially suitable for fairies who wear “Yohji Yamamoto”. Basic pure black with minimalist cut design, smart and sophisticated. This kind of high-end boots with outstanding sense of design, if you want the overall style to be high-profile but not too hot, you must choose pure black, as long as the color changes slightly, the overall beauty is gone ~

In addition to this similar hollow high boots, you can also try the strappy high boots, the strappy high boots can automatically adjust the looseness of the boots, inclusive, the second is to use the laces to increase the sense of design, different strapping ways show different beauty, the third is to de-gender, like neutral dressing style of the little fairy must not be missed.

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