Nine creative keyboard membrane keyboard stickers to make your notebook unique

Keyboard membrane is a protective measure for keyboards, especially those for laptops. Because the cost of keyboard replacement in notebooks is high, it is more difficult to deal with dust ingress, so many friends are accustomed to covering the keyboard with a layer of keyboard film, which not only plays a protective role, but also appears very personal.

In recent years, another keyboard accessory, keyboard stickers, has become popular. Compared with the keyboard membrane, the keyboard sticker is slightly worse in terms of protection, but the decoration effect is better, and many keyboard stickers have high taste or fun. Keyboard stickers can be pasted one by one, or placed on the positioning film, one at a time.

Let’s take a look at today’s creative nine:

1. Oil painting keyboard membrane – Van Gogh’s masterpiece

2. Wood grain keyboard membrane – original beauty

3. Color transparent keyboard membrane – simple and easy to use

4. Easy bear keyboard sticker – pink dots, girly hearts

5. Contrast keyboard stickers – some retro meaning

6. Colorful keyboard stickers – the same colorful theme, more gorgeous and beautiful

7. Keyboard sticker shortcut – thoughtful design

8. Cartoon pattern keyboard sticker – cute and cute

9. Chalk keyboard sticker – campus style, youthful atmosphere

Nine creative models, updated daily, to make life more interesting!

If you have a theme or items that need to be recommended, welcome to leave a message!

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