Come and see! What is the price of Qingdao seafood in winter, live shrimp 38 yuan a pound, many types can be selected

It is already the coldest solar term of the year, and this year is considered a “warm winter” in the Shandong Peninsula, and the sunny climate has been maintained during this time, which has won valuable time for fishermen to work at sea. Today and weekend to visit the market, this year’s fish price is similar to previous years, there are those who want to eat fish, want to give away during the Spring Festival, take advantage of this time to cheap, quickly buy some goods to stockpile, in half a month, the price of fish and shrimp will increase.

Approaching the Spring Festival, no matter what big fish and prawns in Qingdao Wuyishan Seafood Market, all kinds of high-end seafood began to be put on the shelves one after another, regardless of the price, only if there is a sale, there will be buy.

Today I saw a beautiful woman in the market, the beauty bought a 3 pounds of multiple pomfrets, wild silver pomfret is expensive, 100 pieces a catty; There is also a large drum eye, 45 yuan a pound. 75 pounds of live zebra shrimp, the beauty stretches out her hand to ask for 5 pounds. The beauty said that it was almost the Spring Festival, and she bought some better fish and shrimp to honor the parents of both sides. What a rich man, not only speaks well, but also does things openly.

Zebra shrimp, yellow croaker, sea shrimp, crabs, lobsters, ribbon fish. The large mackerel is fresh, the eyes of the mackerel are sunken after thawing, and if the freshness of the mackerel before freezing is not enough, then the meat is rotten after thawing. Fresh mackerel is frozen and then thawed, its eyes are still bright, its gills are dark red, the flesh is firm, and it is tightly bonded with the fish bones. When the mackerel is frozen, it must be sealed in a fresh-keeping bag to prevent moisture from volatilizing, otherwise it will cause the fish to turn yellow and the fish meat is very shriveled.

Conch, abalone, oysters and other shelled seafood are generally steamed in the most delicious and simple way. It follows the umami steaming of seafood for best! Reduce seafood juice loss. If southerners feel that the taste is lighter, you can pair it with some garlic, such as garlic clams, garlic abalone, and charcoal-grilled conch.

It is best to buy seafood by yourself, many people are afraid of getting fishy, so many times let the boss do it for you. Just like my neighbor, today I bought more than 10 pounds of strip fish, on the surface, the strip fish is very fresh and cheap, but the fish under the basket, shelved for several days, not only rotten stomach but also a lot of smelly, fortunately only spent a hundred and ten yuan, it should be a lesson to buy, you must remember it for a long time.

Times have changed, and the biggest advantage of buying seafood now is that the price is clearly marked, and the visible price makes people feel at ease. Of course, the price tag is one thing, and if you really want it, especially the seafood with a higher price, you can also discuss it with the boss.

Qingdao people, the most recognized is oyster shrimp, not large, shrimp practice has many uses, can be steamed to eat, can also make chaos dumplings, the drop in temperature, umami is straight up, the more chewed the more fragrant, the smallest three dollars a pound in the season, the largest about 20, live basically no, add a little salt white searing on the line, the most seafood flavor shrimp. It is said that when I used to go to Shazikou to eat, before serving, instead of serving melon seeds, I would serve a plate of golden hook sea rice.

This season Qingdao market live shrimp is more expensive, I bought this kind of 38 yuan per catty, although the price is live shrimp, but just died, the price is slightly cheaper, about 30 heads per catty, farmed live shrimp. Summer is the cheapest to sell, at that time sea catch shrimp was not yet on the market, the market is such prawns, more than 20 yuan a pound.

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