Hermes mutant Kelly, LV portable small hard case, this big brand new bag metamorphosis is really on top

Before officially getting into today’s topic, let’s take a wave

Look at the details to guess the new package


Looking at the following three details alone, how many bags can you guess correctly?

Tap each to see the real body

Is it after reading it, I feel it

I can name it at first glance, but I dare not recognize it

The reason why there is this feeling is because the latest 22 autumn and winter handbags launched by these big brands are upgraded on the basis of the classic model, unlike the previous small troubles only for the basic details of materials, color matching, this time the big brands have subverted the classic attributes of the original handbags, such as directly changing the back method, changing the bag type and so on.

In this way, your handbag design will be more sufficient, the back method is more practical, just like the Apple mobile phone update, not much to say This enters our big brand new bag metamorphosis autumn and winter new bag big Amway, first of all, Hermes, his home this time can be described as

Deconstruct and reorganize the big ternary, one is stronger than the other

Like what chunky straps Kelly Woc Classique to go underarm bag:

There is also a big killer who has upgraded the shoulder straps, Kelly Danse is also returning this time:

This bag was first born in 08, it differs from Kelly in that the handle is removed, the shoulder strap has become adjustable, and this time the new model has upgraded the shoulder strap, adding a square stud buckle to the original shoulder strap to adjust the length of the shoulder strap, so that it can be perfectly turned into a cross-body bag, and it can be worn by both men and women.

The one that made me grow the most was the one in front of me

The new Kelly bag

, Hermès directly disstructured and reorganized the bag, and the biggest change is that it does the buckle and belt on the front and back of the bag, so the operation of the brain hole is also a demonstration of his family’s ultimate craftsmanship.

I also saw it in the showroom for the first time after watching the show at that time, and the overall visual effect was very strong and very amazing.

In addition to the one-shoulder and cross-body back, this one is also very good to carry in the hand, very Hermès luxury and nobility, and also very suitable for going to dinner parties, just imagine that this bag design alone will definitely amaze everyone.

In addition to the versatile and attractive brown model, the black model will give me the feeling of being extreme, and I will not pick people on my back; Favorite BBs can contact their own SA now to book, because this one will definitely sell out in advance without waiting for the autumn and winter to be released.

LV’s words are also riveted on the autumn and winter transformation bag, his family is focused on transforming the hard box this season, can you guess that people directly dismantled their popular Hua Dan small hard box to make a new bag? At the same time, I also added the one that has been alive for a long time

Handle in hand

, not only the size has become larger, but it can also be installed.

What’s more, every detail of Petite Malle small hard box handbag is derived from Louis Vuitton’s classic box-making skills, now increase the size, add the opening and closing lining, you can imagine how difficult it is, I think the price will naturally rise directly, after all, the use of more materials is not a star and a half, about the change of this bag I just want to say that you will definitely earn when you buy it.

And this one

Hardsided’s small hard case

It is also a ruthless product, its bag type 1:1 to restore the hard box, added the popular vertical box size, is a very rare realization of the hard box out of the treasure model, but also in the eyes of my colleagues “walking yuan”.

This one I also touched the real thing in advance, the white model is super amazing, according to SA, it has been crazy at present, if you like it, hurry up and book it with a picture.

Unlike Hermès and LV’s break-and-reorganization in the Fall/Winter collection, Chanel’s metamorphosis in the new season focuses on it

Details upgraded

Like the classic 19 bag, it has been smoothed and turned into a rounded version of the mouth cover bag:

The cosmetic bag has added several small accessories to the body this time, and the chain clutch in the small leather goods is transformed into a backpack by increasing the size and increasing the shoulder straps:

There are also last season’s clutch and wrist version heart-shaped bags, do you remember:

This season, Virginie Viard brought her third sister, the cross-body little peach heart, this little cutie not only continues the heart-shaped bag, but also boldly removes the diamond check “makeup” details of the bag and replaces it with the same classic

Twill tweed material

As the theme and main material of this season, with the heart-shaped body appearance design is not cute and healing, and it is also very suitable for autumn and winter backs.

After reading the elegant and intellectual Xiangjia transformation bag, let’s talk about Gucci, this time his transformation bag design is also in the details, but the style is more retro and punk, your favorite Diana bamboo tote bag ushered in this time

New enlarged size

Judging from the size of the runway model’s hand, I guess it’s a large size.

Because this bag was only available in mini, small and medium sizes before, the large size added as a tote bag can also be said to be reasonable and expected, and another detail is that Michel still retains the handle for this new bag

The leather buckle strap design, only this time instead of neon color, replaced by a more punk stud buckle.

The other protagonist is also a very classic big hit

Gucci Bamboo 1947

This bag was born as early as the forties of the last century, the founder of the brand Guccio Gucci because of the lack of raw materials in Italy after the war at that time, so he boldly chose bamboo as the handle and designed this classic bamboo handbag, which is now an indispensable concave shape artifact for many international celebrities to attend important occasions, and it is also an It Bag that Gucci is currently focusing on.

The new season of Gucci Bamboo 1947 handbags changes the retro trend of the past, and Michele directly will

Metal rivets

The elements are made on the surface of the bag, the whole bag becomes more eye-catching, and the back is more vivid can make you instantly become a rock girl, usually wear the pursuit of chic and like to bungee friends don’t miss it.

Compared with the changes in details, Prada played Inception of the bag and directly upgraded the three bags to one

Three-dimensional space shape with 360-degree surrounding

, I couldn’t help but tell my colleagues after seeing it at that time, such a sense of design and imagination, or it must be Aunt Miao and Raf teaming up.

(PS: Try guessing how many triangles there are on it?) )

In addition to the three-dimensional space bag, the material of the new triangle bag has also been upgraded to a new fabric material, which is warm and soft to the hand, and looks more wintery, which is very suitable for autumn and winter with some coats and fur jackets.

This material also reminds me of the fire in the spring and summer of 22

Prada men’s Triangle oversized triangle bag

, it is also made of canvas, and recently it has also been a mess of fire, I heard that the canvas model has been sold out, but this one is currently available in leather, you can rush up.

In addition, the triangle also invaded a new handbag this time, this bag as a new bag type, the portable long handle and the triangle pattern full of the bag, retro and attractive in the hand, but also has a sense of Prada classic and looking back.

Fendi started in the autumn and winter transformation of Baoshan Mountain


Design, this new reading underarm bag in front of you:

In fact, Kim Jones is based on the Peekaboo ISeeU handbag as the prototype, the new model directly removes the upper edge and handle of the original handbag to make an old flower armpit bag, this subtraction is not very plus, the bag not only becomes more portable, but also more attractive.

There is also the Fendi blockbuster that is now very hot

Graphy handbags

This season also has a new color scheme, you can wait for a new color if you haven’t started yet, and I also unlocked a new back method for this bag on the runway, that is, don’t match the bracelet on the wrist.

Some people do subtraction to deform, naturally there are people to do addition, of which Jonathan Anderson designed Loewe is a typical example, unveiling the main hit he brought this season

Morph the new Puzzle

Before that, let’s recall his previous seventy-two changes:

The It Bag has its fourth metamorphosis in the new season, with Jonathan Anderson adding a round curb-chain strap directly to the body and incorporating a highly saturated color scheme.

Don’t look at such a simple two tricks, it makes the original gentle and timeless Puzzle more street and bright, so that even if you wear cool all black and punk style, you can match.

Finally, let’s talk about the bottom of the box of this autumn and winter big brand transformation bag – Givenchy, to be honest, since M.M.W. took office, his handbag can complete such a high value, I really didn’t expect it, like this pearlescent lady Kenny:

I was pinched after seeing it at first sight, the designer combined the girl’s favorite pearl element with the puff bag shape, and then matched with a 4G chain strap and lock buckle, which can be salt and sweet and cool, I can only say that M.M.W. is also too good ~

And this new Hobo is an interpretation of what is called getting bigger and stronger, the narrow and long appearance of the classic Moon cut armpit bag is made into a loose tote bag, plus a newly integrated lock buckle, the overall cool and feminine, if nothing else, I think it will definitely become one of the blockbusters in the second half of the year.

You can see the classic new upgrade every year, but this year’s big brand autumn and winter handbag classic upgrade is really surprising and pleasant, not only can you see the more diverse side of the classic It Bag, but also allows you to always be new, and get different new gameplay and practical tips at any time. That’s why I call it the Metamorphosis of the Big Brand’s New Pack.

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