The family has a daughter, help her wear it in winter, get fashion and warmth in 1 second


Another name for winter, the first snow in the eyes of lovers, hot pot in the eyes of foodies, lazy cancer patients love the bed, anyway, one by one is not warm, or romantic.

But in my house, winter means:

Costume scramble.

Because the weather is cold, Doumei’s dressing rules will be disrupted by her grandmother anytime and anywhere.

For example, today the temperature is 15°C.

Me: “It’s not very cold today, a sweater, a small leather jacket is OK.” ”

Grandma: “What about the down jacket?” What about down jackets? What about down jackets? ”

Another example is that today’s temperature is 10°C.

Me: “Wear a warm shirt, a small vest, and a coat over today. ”

In the winter, Grandma Doumei and I immediately turned into gold medal debaters

“How much should a daughter (granddaughter) wear?”

It’s a battle of wits in this eternal debate.


So, what exactly should I wear?

There is a saying, called

“To make children safe, three points of hunger and cold.”

There are also experts who remind that keeping children warm in winter should

“Expensive warmth is not much more expensive”.

The child is wrapped in three layers inside and three layers outside into a ball, too tight and too warm, and holding it all the time will not only cause a lot of sweating and dehydration, but also cause high fever and easy fever.

The correct rule for children to dress is to wear one less item than adults.

Because children’s metabolism is stronger than adults, body temperature is higher than adults, immunity and resistance are better.

As a fashionable mother with a girlish heart and a sense of fashion, I really can’t agree with parents who wrap their children in rice dumplings as soon as winter comes.

Hands and feet aside, the most important thing is too! Ugly! Finish!

After all, today, when I go to the vegetable market to buy Chinese cabbage, I have to look at the appearance of the vegetable leaves, and in addition to ensuring that my daughter is warm and comfortable, “good-looking” is my last stubbornness.

So, I came up with a set

[Winter Daughter’s Dressing Guide] where fashion and warmth, demeanor and temperature coexist.

Share with all moms and dads~


Innermost layer: thermal underwear

When Doumei was a child, she wore ordinary autumn clothes and autumn pants.

But since she Xiaoxiao, Aunt recommended it to me

Children’s thermal underwear

After that, the door to my new world was opened, and even Doumei and her grandmother said yes when she saw it.

Knock on the blackboard!

The thermal underwear here is definitely not the “plush and thickened” plush model that a certain treasure merchant blows the warmth effect, but

Comes with heating and warmth functional fabric

of thin models.

Compared with plush fabric, which is non-sweat-absorbent and breathable, thin thermal underwear is lighter, more comfortable, and fits the body better, and it is not bloated at all when combined with other clothes, making it more convenient for children to move.

Versatile tops: sweaters, sweatshirts

With the blessing of thermal underwear, in addition to the basic cold resistance, the main functions of the next inner layer are:


For example, sweaters:

Soft and sticky doll’s collar with tender yellow vertical stripes

A smog blue twist model that is indispensable in winter

A strawberry model that matches the Christmas atmosphere

For example, sweatshirts:

A letter that can be used in street sports

Gentle to drip horizontal striped loungewear

The most popular flamingo of the year

The sweatshirt has a loose fit and a soft and comfortable sweater, which belongs to the backbone of wearing warmth, and it is also a must-have wear item for Doumei in winter, and you can’t go wrong with it.

Versatile bottoms: leggings, jeans and culottes

The choice of bottoms in winter must be an elasticated waist that is convenient to put on and take off, focusing on comfort and convenience.

Like what:

Pink hearts and fleece over leggings

Cotton gray plaid pipe pants

Han Fan’er and trendy casual Harlan pants

Comfortable and cold elasticated jeans

Pay attention

Be sure to choose soft denim fabrics

Mid-length culottes that become princesses in a second

A little tip:

Many mothers around me like to wear very tight thick tights for their daughters, but in fact, this is very inconvenient for girls, difficult to put on and take off, and not conducive to blood circulation.

Choose clothes and pants for your daughter in winter, be sure to follow

“Convenient” “Good activity” “Good dressing and taking off”


Wear the ultimate mystery: a warm coat

Every winter, choosing a warm and solid coat for her daughter is a must-do homework for every mother.

When I chose a coat for Doumei, her grandmother would tell me again and again: long sleeves (to protect wrists) and large pockets (to warm hands).

Do a good job of “joint cold prevention”, the body will indeed be much warmer.

A white cotton suit with cute bear ears

Pink tender large pocket cotton clothing

Casual and simple mint green Air Force flight down jacket

A horn button coat with full marks for wind resistance

Fluffy lamb wool cotton coat

Some mothers asked me why I didn’t directly prepare a pair of gloves for Doumei, after all, not every dress has large pockets.

In fact, wearing gloves for a long time will deprive children of the opportunity to explore the world with their hands, and it is not conducive to children gaining life experience.

If the clothes have a large pocket, Doumei can stretch out her hands to play freely, or you can carry a pocket to protect against the cold when you feel cold, killing two birds with one stone.

(It’s really not the reason why gloves are too easy to lose T^T)

In addition: a long coat will limit the child’s activities, it is best to choose a medium-length one, the length should not exceed the daughter’s knees.

The last thing that cannot be ignored: socks

As the old saying goes, “cold starts from the feet”, some mothers have to choose the thickest socks in order to keep their children warm.

In fact, children exercise too much and sweat easily, causing dampness in their feet.

A large amount of water cannot dissipate heat, which can easily lead to cold soles of the feet, and the body will not be warm.

It is best to choose pure cotton socks, moderate thickness and dry and breathable, so that the feet can be fully warm, and the body will naturally be comfortable.

Paired with shoes that fit, this winter, give my daughter 100% warmth.


There is a popular winter dress formula on the Internet:

Air temperature + increased temperature of clothes = 26 ° C.

Here is a comparison table of dressing temperatures:

(Image source: Preschool Pocket)

For example:

For example, if the weather is 7 °C today, then we wear a thick down jacket (9 °C) plus a thick wool sweater (4 °C), plus a thin down vest (6 °C): 7+9+4+6=26, control at 26°C is OK.

Of course, in the end, it is necessary to adjust the thickness of each layer of clothing according to the actual temperature, which is convenient, warm and beautiful.

There is another trick in the Baoma circle

“Onion dressing method”:

Simply put, like an onion, it is added or taken off layer by layer according to the occasion and temperature.

Wear clothes with good sweat wicking function in the inner layer, such as children’s thermal underwear, shirts, etc.;

Wear warm clothing in the middle layer, such as sweatshirts, sweaters, and cotton vests;

Wear a thick jacket that is waterproof and windproof, such as a down jacket, cotton jacket, coat, etc.


Finally, I still want to nag.

While ensuring that Doumei is warm enough, I must also insist on “good looking”, and the most fundamental reason is to implement her concept of “aesthetic education” from an early age.

The girl’s appearance depends on genetic factors, and the temperament is completely acquired.

The people, things, environments she touches… All have a great impact on her concept of “beauty” and aesthetic taste.

In every corner of life, there is beauty

And I choose, starting with this outfit.

Grandma: “What about the down jacket?” What about down jackets? What about down jackets? ”

Like what:

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