What is the use of milk warmer Introduction to the classification of milk warmers

Many mothers now insist on breastfeeding, but for many busy working mothers, there is no way to feed their children on time, and with a breast warmer, these are no longer a problem. Moms can store milk in the refrigerator, and babies can drink it whenever they need it, which is convenient and time-saving. But how should mothers choose the right one for their baby? Today, let Xiaobian take you to understand what the use of milk warmers is and the classification of milk warmers.

What to know about the use of a breast warmer

1. Do not let the child touch the milk warmer directly, because the outside of the milk warmer will have residual temperature, easy to burn, and there are many closures on the milk warmer, which is easy for the child to operate by mistake.

2. Because most of the milk warmers have energy-saving functions, it is normal for the indicator light to flash when the milk warmer is warming the milk. When the indicator light is completely off, it means that the warm milk is successful.

3. When cleaning the milk warmer, it is good to scrub it with a warm cloth, try not to use detergent, and remember to put the whole milk warmer into the water to soak.

4. If you do not use a milk warmer, then unplug the power plug.

5. During use, we should also pay attention to the adjustment of temperature control according to different adjustment methods, and the milked milk should not be heated for a long time, and it is good to drink it under warmth.

6. If you need to use a milk warmer to heat other foods, remember to fill the milk warmer with water first, and pay attention to cleaning after use. Also pay attention to ensure its tightness, pay attention to the selection of a moderately sized bottle.

7, the milk of the milk warmer should also be drunk in time, long-term heat preservation, the nutrients in the milk will also be destroyed, and if the food is kept in a low temperature state for a long time, then it will also cause the problem of milk deterioration, so we must pay attention to this aspect of the problem in the process of daily use.

8, if the milk warmer has scale, it will affect the accuracy of the temperature of the entire milk warmer, so usually you can use the appropriate amount of vinegar and pour it into the milk warmer together, soak for half an hour, plug in the power supply, let it work normally for 10 minutes, clean it with cool boiled water, if the scale problem is serious, then you can repeat it several times.

Introduction to the classification of breast warmers

Classification 1 of milk warmers: digital milk warmers

This kind of milk warmer adopts digital control technology, generally can display the temperature of the inner cavity of the milk warmer in real time, the temperature control fluctuation is lower than the traditional bimetallic temperature control milk warmer, the performance is excellent, and the temperature fluctuation value does not exceed 0.5 degrees. High-grade digital milk warmer with regular appointment function, to avoid milk from being heated for a long time, reduce nutrient loss, slow down food deterioration, but also save electricity, is an energy-saving and environmental protection product.

Classification 2 of milk warmers: car milk warmers

When it’s cold, traveling with your baby can be a hassle. If the outside temperature is low, the food in your baby’s bottle will quickly become cold, and barely feeding your baby will lead to diarrhea, indigestion and other problems. The on-board milk warmer uses the power supply of the car to heat milk and other foods. So that the baby can drink warm food in time, avoid the cold, and the family’s journey will of course become easier and more enjoyable. This type of milk warmer is usually divided into two types, one is to wrap the bottle with electric fiber cloth, and the other is to add a low-voltage heating element to the ordinary milk warmer. The former due to the structure of the electric heating device, the electric heating power is about ten watts, suitable for heat preservation; The latter has a large electric heating power, but the installation and fixation is not as convenient as the former, and it is easy to wet the interior environment.

Classification three of milk warmers: simple milk warmers

This kind of milk warmer has a simple structure, easy to carry, no temperature knob, power of about 10 watts, very little power consumption, suitable for heat preservation, cool milk heated to 15 degrees, it takes more than half an hour, if you need to heat to about 30 degrees, you need to put it up a few hours in advance. And the warm and heated milk should not exceed 60ml.

Classification 4 of milk warmers: universal milk warmers

This kind of milk warmer structure is relatively simple, equipped with temperature control knob, temperature control range is usually 40-100 degrees, when the electric heating power is greater than 80 watts, suitable for milk insulation, heating, because of its increase in temperature control knob, can also add water to do heat conduction, so hot milk speed is faster, this kind of milk warmer electric heating body divided into hidden type and open type, the latter is easy to clean scale. The milk warmer with a split design can be used as an electric heating plate to directly heat food in a metal container, or it can be heated in a glass for baby nursing.

Classification five of milk warmers: water-free milk warmers

This kind of milk warmer due to the special heating structure, the inner cavity is large enough, can accommodate the entire bottle, and equipped with a lid, to achieve a fully enclosed space, so that the bottle is in the set temperature environment, so as to achieve the milk water-free insulation function, good performance of the milk warmer can be water-free heating, but the heating speed is slower than the water conduction. For fully enclosed milk warmers, if the heating power and control temperature meet the requirements, it can be used as a bottle sterilizer.

Classification 6 of milk warmers: standard milk warmers

This kind of milk warmer adds a small bowl and a small lid on the basis of the popular milk warmer, in addition to the function of the popular milk warmer, it can also heat juice and rice cereal with water. This makes it easier to give the baby a variety of foods and facilitate the baby’s growth.

Classification of milk warmers seven: double bottle bottle warmers

This kind of milk warmer enlarges the inner cavity of the milk warmer on the basis of the standard milk warmer, so that it can accommodate two feeding bottles, which are used to hold milk and water respectively, which is convenient for BB to brush the mouth after drinking milk and protect BB’s mouth and esophagus.

After seeing this article about what to know about the use of milk warmers and the introduction of milk warmer classification, do you have a certain understanding of it? Hope this helps.

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