Liu Xuan’s 5-year-old son is too good looking! Navy shirt with jeans, low-key dress star is rare in the second generation

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A few days ago, Olympic gymnastics champion Liu Xuan happily announced the happy news of his second child on social platforms, and also posted the first photo of his eldest son and younger daughter. In the group photo, the newborn second baby has black fetal hair and a small body that is super cute; And the upgraded brother “Xiongjiao Zheng” wears a pink T-shirt, fresh and soft, and smiles sweetly at the mirror, looking very similar to his father Wang Tao.

Who doesn’t know that Liu Xuan and Wang Tao are a well-known model couple, the two are not only super good-looking, but also “specialize in the art industry”, one specializes in sports and one specializes in music, but also has a sense of “combination of sound and body” CP. Before the birth of the second baby, Liu Xuan’s family of three lived a happy and simple life, collectively wearing home clothes, dressed low-key and simple, looking completely without the so-called “star halo”!

Liu Xuan’s son’s name is “Xiongjiao Zheng”, just listening to this name makes people feel very domineering! And in fact, this little boy is well-behaved and gentle ~ 5-year-old “Xiongjiao” is a little trendy man in private life, I saw him wearing a dark blue striped “navy shirt” on the upper body, gray-blue jeans on the lower body, and a “contrasting” with LOOK high-end and eye-catching.

Wearing a black super cover to easily show the “male style” of the male style, after taking off the sunglasses indoors, he becomes smaller and cute in seconds, and the mushroom hair style is full of cuteness, coupled with the cute action of his hands supporting his cheeks at this time, don’t mention how interesting! “Xiongjiao Zheng” can be regarded as a clear stream in the second generation of stars, his private clothes are simple and ordinary, focusing on comfort and ease, it is really rare to say that such a low-key second generation of stars…

The 5-year-old “Xiongjiao” inherited the excellent genes of his parents and his appearance is naturally not low, white and tender skin, round little face, handsome and cute, all kinds of styles can be held. Of course, no matter how cool and handsome he looks, when “Xiongjiang” is in the same frame as his mother, he still becomes a clingy little cutie. Since I talked about my mother, I also have to praise her, whether it was before pregnancy or during pregnancy, Liu Xuan’s state was maintained very well, and her plain face was also beautiful as a flower!

When it was officially announced that she was pregnant with her second child, Liu Xuan also specially recorded a video. It can be seen that Liu Xuan’s belly in the video is already very high, and I saw this pregnant mother wearing a white silhouette T-shirt with blue jeans, and wearing a private look simple and fresh. It is clear that she is over forty years old, but she looks like a fight with the 90s!

The pregnant Liu Xuan’s figure is slightly blessed, but this still does not affect her goddess demeanor. Liu Xuan appeared in a blue doll-collar dress and a blue headband, with a combination of fresh and soft colors, full of coordination, and looked like a sense of déjà vu of a little girl on campus.

Liu Xuan, who is over forty years old, is still online, his skin is fair and delicate in recent photos, and his facial features are particularly beautiful and attractive. Because she was pregnant with her second child, Liu Xuan’s face was slightly rounded and looked very gentle.

Nowadays, maternity clothing is also diverse and varied, and pregnant mother Liu Xuan still chose the most simple and fresh style. The solid color is simple, and the print is vibrant, which can be said to provide a reference for pregnant mothers. Don’t say that print clothes are only suitable for girls, you look at Liu Xuan, who is pregnant, wearing a soft pink printed skirt is still sweet and gentle.

There is also this dress that combines a doll collar + print elements, which has both an age-reducing effect and a sense of fashion, making Liu Xuan, the pregnant mother of the second child, look more than 10 years old! Who said that pregnancy can only wear maternity clothes, Liu Xuan covers her pregnant belly with a loose long skirt, and she can still be beautiful during pregnancy!

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