4 recognized spot whitening serums: Clinique’s brightening complexion, Dr. Shirono is the new dark horse

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Whitening spots is probably the skin care homework that every girl has to do, through the skin care method of whitening and lightening spots, to achieve the purpose of brightening skin tone and lightening acne spots. Whitening and lightening treatment can be done all year round, there is no time limit, no age limit, as long as the skin needs to try it.

However, the difficulty of purchasing whitening skin care products is very high, and when such functional skin care products play a role, they are often accompanied by irritation of the skin barrier, and the skin is prone to discomfort, so it is very important to choose a suitable whitening skin care product.

Today’s article, Koala picked

Four well-known whitening serum products for a wider range of skin types

, I hope to provide you with some shopping reference.

Dr. Shirono 377 Brightening Spot Essence

This product can be said to be a new “dark horse” in the whitening essence industry, and with the increase of product launch time, it has received more and more people’s recognition. The brand is lean, scientific, and high-energy as its skincare philosophy, and the same is true of this whitening serum skincare philosophy.

The essence contains double root anti-dark ingredients, and the main functional ingredient W377 effectively lightens the problem of skin spots and pigmentation; VC APPS has a strong skin penetration power, which is more effective for inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin and fading dull spots.

The potent ingredient CP in this serum has stronger penetration and higher power than traditional VC derivatives and other whitening products.

In addition to the strong anti-dark effect, the formula contains two calming and soothing ingredients, Centella Asiatica and Squalane, to relieve possible discomfort and enhance skin stabilization, while the functional ingredients can work better. In addition, antioxidants and anti-glycating ingredients are added to eliminate free radicals, reduce possible peroxic damage to the skin, and enhance the effect of repelling melanin.

This serum contains no five types of irritating ingredients, ensuring the activity of the active ingredients while further reducing irritation to the skin. The essence has good moisturizing power, good absorption, and a variety of skin types can be tried.

Clinique’s 302 laser bottle is a multi-effect serum that cleanses and lightens spots

As a spot-lightening serum product, Clinique’s gentleness is better. This serum prioritizes skin redness and relieves external irritation by effectively fading, thereby reducing the probability of melanin and pigmentation problems in the skin.

With two calming and soothing ingredients, Kyoto Gyokuro and Licorice Pavilion Acid, it helps to reduce skin redness and improve dullness, resulting in a more even and clear complexion.

The efficacy of the essence, through the 302 whitening matrix, the skin is four-in-one, from melanin production, transfer, decomposition, metabolism multi-dimensional blocking, reduce the appearance of skin tanning, comprehensive and uniform brightening of skin tone.

This essence has obvious effect on the solution of new acne scars, pigmentation problems, in addition to a certain whitening and brightening effect, more suitable for seaside travel, military training, high-altitude travel after use, to prevent the skin from visibly tanning.

Shiseido cherry blossom vase classic whitening serum

This serum combats yellowness and boosts skin tone from within. It plays a role in the common problems of staying up late and yellowing skin, uneven facial complexion, and easy to produce closed acne, which brightens the skin texture and improves the delicate smoothness of the skin. It contains a high concentration of 4MSK, which has obvious corrective effect on imbalance of keratinocytes.

This functional ingredient, on the one hand, can inhibit the production of melanin, on the other hand, it has a strong repelling effect on excessive pigmentation in the skin, and can play an excellent lightening effect on the problem of skin stains. Plant extracts assist in whitening effect, remove yellow qi from the skin, and improve dullness.

This essence is more suitable for people with skin spots, melasma problems, in addition to people with serious skin yellowing problems, you can also try this essence, it should be noted that the efficacy ingredient in the essence is salicylic acid derivatives, and the formula contains alcohol, fragrance, talcum powder ingredients, pregnancy, lactating girls, dry skin, sensitive skin people should be used with caution.

Caudalie Brightening Serum

If you want to try a whitening essence, but are worried about too irritating your skin, you can choose this serum. The essence contains grape extract, which has the effect of increasing the activity of skin cells, and also has the effect of eliminating free radicals and brightening the complexion;

The formula ingredients add bisabolol soothing ingredients, which play a role in calming the skin with less redness and stabilizing the state of the skin’s bottom skin; Squalane gently hydrates, providing the skin with a steady stream of hydration.

This serum is gentle, oil-free and non-acne-free, and is a whitening serum that can also be used by sensitive skin and pregnant mothers.

The average price of these four essence products is around 600 yuan, which is not affordable, but in terms of efficacy, the product cost performance is still good. If you have the corresponding needs, do your homework before starting!

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