With velvet sofas, teak furniture, and stylish vintage, SOHO apartments can also be dressed in a classic nostalgic style

“Memories or nostalgia are born of the desire for life and the hope of a prosperous future.”

Some people say that the more retro, the more fashionable. The extremely popular “velvet” furniture and teak-colored furniture are often seen in the homes of celebrities shared by famous magazines. This kind of furniture has both fashion and classical charm, and has a romance that other categories cannot imitate.

In the SOHO apartment in Manhattan, you can even see these vintage furniture gatherings. High ceilings, bright and clean, just the right classic vintage furniture, witness the beautiful moments hidden in life.


Living room: a lively gathering of vintage furniture

▲The first impression of this home is to gather all kinds of furniture in the medieval style, with a strong retro style and a beautiful view. Green velvet sofas, lamb fleece sofas, other casual single sofas, chairs, etc., common in retro style, gather together. With an enviable ceiling height, feast three or two friends, gather in a spacious space, talk freely, and be lively.

▲The furniture is also a scene, and the suede sofa with both fashion and classical shape, combined with rich corner elements, brings a flexible wrapping curve, making the furniture a beautiful scenery in the home. The classic sofa seats have poured the owner’s efforts and waited for the beauty of the home. While feeling it, you can feel the touch and sweep away the fatigue of work.

▲ The decorative function of the fireplace has exceeded the practical function at present, and the three-dimensional pattern angel pattern is a symbol of beauty, bringing an elegant and unique classical beauty. On a winter evening, sit on a red leather sofa and feel the warmth of the firewood in the fireplace.


Kitchen: both functional and aesthetically pleasing

▲Black and white with a hundred looks not tired. The simple and generous dining table, the webbing backrest chair, with the unique sense of volume and deep temperament of black furniture, combined with bright white curtains, make the high ceiling restaurant richer, giving three meals a day a long aftertaste.

▲Marble bar, rattan element high chair, with the romance and warm color brought by nature. Flower-like lighting, hanging in a white and elegant space, illuminates the smallest part of the home.


Small view: Vintage furniture full of charm

▲In such a retro-style reading rest corner, a person’s home daydream begins. The beige sofa with a rough texture expresses joy in the heart with a touch of elegance and romance. Metal floor lamps that combine fashion and mid-century design style, with right-angled lines to bring a flexible figure, this leisurely feeling, too beautiful.

▲The beauty of antique furniture is that it seems that it is not only time, but also memory, people gather and scatter, but the love and memory sealed on the furniture will not change with time. From early morning to afternoon, the sunlight shines on the white wall, and the oriental style low cabinet combined with square and round graphics expresses strong love, gently sitting on the delicate and soft chair, enjoying the rare leisure.

▲ This is an indispensable scenery at home as a literary and artistic youth. Under the warm yellow light, in the soothing picture and the aroma of wood, sitting on the soft velvet cushion, touching the paper with your fingertips, you instantly enter the rich world written by the literary heroes.


Bedroom: full of elegant and fresh vintage atmosphere

▲ Modern furniture looks at for a long time, you will miss the prosperity of the distant era. The carpet covered with yellow-green color, which is slightly light in the thick; Quaint and modern bedside tables, both stylish and classical; Fall asleep on a vintage green velvet bed, full of rich sense of age.


Terrace: Brings a sense of fullness to the heart

▲The scenery on the terrace will always bring a sense of abundance to people’s hearts. The rich wood color, the flourishing of greenery, and the rustic fence can make this time on the terrace so quiet and relaxed. Under the blue sky and white clouds, live in harmony with home.

Dressing up your home to your liking and having a good mood every day is what we all look forward to. From this home, we can see that the decoration of the interior needs to be elegant at the same time, but also to have the comfort of home, when choosing furniture, the owner’s taste is very important, consistent style is also very important.

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