Zhang Yixing has recently been super warm and wearable, with a down jacket and a white shirt, full of winter boyfriend taste

Zhang Yixing, a singer who sings and dances well, has a charming and handsome face, and now in addition to singing, he is also involved in film and television, variety shows and other programs, arranging his time to the full, has been improving his Zhang Yixing, his career is becoming more and more prosperous, gaining countless fans. Recently, in the filming of a show, Zhang Yixing appeared in a super warm style, which is also a feast for fans’ eyes, white shirt with black down jacket, low-key and simple, let’s enjoy it together.

Down jacket styling

Zhang Yixing on that day was wearing a white shirt, clean and pure, he looked very handsome under the camera, with a white lace base, increasing sexiness, and wearing a personalized necklace around his neck, so dressed Zhang Yixing was cool and handsome, very eye-catching, showing fashion and personality.

Zhang Yixing’s lower body is matched with a pair of pants with a blue pattern on a green background, which looks trendy, such characteristic pants are estimated to be only he can control, white shirt with green pants, simple and advanced, with a black long down jacket, warm and fashionable.

Zhang Yixing, who travels very low-key, also wears a white fisherman hat, which is particularly conspicuous, the collision of black and white, giving people a sense of visual comfort, although Zhang Yixing is wearing a mask, but the temperament on the body is still very handsome, giving people a taste of a sunny big boy, how do you feel about his outfit?

Private styling

Zhang Yixing’s private clothes are also versatile and fashionable, a black down jacket with a denim jacket, the innermost with a plaid shirt, layered with fashion and high-grade, rich layering, the lower body with a pair of black slacks, the camera Zhang Yixing combed his back, handsome and charming.

Zhang Yixing wearing a black and white striped cotton suit is also super warm and comfortable, with a black undershirt inside, which can withstand the cold well, the lower body is matched with a pair of black slacks, a pair of canvas shoes on his feet, and Zhang Yixing wearing a black knitted hat looks literary and fashionable, showing youthful vitality.

Zhang Yixing is wearing a plaid jacket fashionable and handsome, with a white top underneath, such a dress is very similar to the male god on campus, the lower body is matched with a pair of black vertical striped pants, the whole loose shape is very age-reducing, Zhang Yixing with a bag on his back, wearing a yellow baseball cap on his head, showing vitality.

Zhang Yixing under the camera, wearing a loose denim jacket, literary and retro, with a black top underneath, the whole casual matching shape looks sunny and handsome, and the head is wearing a blue baseball cap, and with a pair of trendy retro glasses, the whole person is full of fashion charm.

Zhang Yixing’s retro denim jacket is versatile and stylish, with a black top underneath, and the lower body is a pair of black slacks, the design of the trousers is very high-end, wearing a blue baseball cap Zhang Yixing, wearing black glasses, the whole person exudes a charming temperament.

Zhang Yixing, as a Chinese mainland male singer and actor, is a multi-talented person, so he has attracted the attention of the media and fans, and his fashion vision is still very good, always giving people a bright feeling, what do you think?

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