For 140 yuan, I will find a thousand hands Guanyin with a width of 53.59! So lucky

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Today I should go treasure hunting again! Yesterday afternoon, I went to the Tianguang Market Jade Market to pan for goods, originally wanted to find a jade rabbit, who knew that strolling around suddenly saw a stall, there were a lot of cards on it, I walked over and looked, saw a lot of thousand hands Guanyin, I studied carefully and found that several were very good, but the boss offered an inappropriate price, so I only bought one of them! Only 140 bucks!

Sharing after returning:

So what is the meaning of the Thousand Hands Kannon? In fact, you can check it on the Internet, and if you don’t want to bother, you can also see me here~

First, great compassion and compassion

Thousand Hands Guanyin, also known as Thousand Hands and Thousand Eyes Guanyin, is one of the four great bodhisattvas of Chinese folk beliefs

Since ancient times it has been a symbol of great compassion and can be placed in the feng shui position of the home

It can silently bless you through various difficulties in life, but it is best to use the natural material of Senju Guanyin, which can improve your luck.

Second, auspiciousness

The Thousand Hands Guanyin is a folk deity and a belief in people’s hearts,

Put its pendant in the bedroom, from the perspective of feng shui, it can eliminate all kinds of ailments and absorb bad luck and sickness on the human body

Making the body recover more quickly has a great effect on the healthy development of the body, which is also one of the meanings of wearing the Thousand Hands Guanyin.

Third, everything goes well

The Thousand Hands Avalokiteshvara is known as one of the Three Sages of the Four Directions, and its thousand hands represent the meaning of universal beings

A thousand eyes means being able to see the world, and the Thousand Hands Guanyin is also the honor of Guanyin

“Thousand” means immeasurable and complete righteousness, “Thousand Hands” represents the immeasurable vastness of great compassion, and “Thousand Eyes” represents the perfection of wisdom.

4. Generate wealth and attract luck

The Thousand Hands Guanyin also has the effect of generating wealth and attracting luck, placing it on the Wenchang seat at home,

When your luck is strong, it can make you more brilliant, and when your luck is low, it can remove all kinds of obstacles and difficulties in your life for you to resolve various disasters

So that you can pass the threshold smoothly and achieve a lifetime of happiness and well-being.

Okay, next is a jade rabbit

So what is the meaning of the jade rabbit?

The jade rabbit represents the yearning for beautiful love. Thoughts of her lover, legend has it that there is a white rabbit in the Moon Palace, and she is the embodiment of Chang’e. Because Chang’e violated the will of the Jade Emperor after running to the moon, he turned Chang’e into a jade rabbit, and every time the moon was full, he had to pound medicine for the heavenly gods in the Moon Palace as punishment.

The jade rabbit, also known as the moon rabbit, is a mythical beast in ancient Chinese mythology and legend, living on the moon and responsible for pounding medicine in the moon palace, and folklore is that Chang’e is the avatar or pet. In many cultures, especially in East Asian (Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Japan, Korea) folklore and Aztec mythology, it is often portrayed as pounding a mortar with a pestle.

In short, the jade rabbit can be worn by both men and women, yearning for beautiful love, last night Valentine’s Day, Qixi Festival, giving the jade rabbit as a gift will be a good choice!

Well, this issue is here, if you like this article, welcome to leave a message in the comment area below~

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