Finally! Waited for the list that was cheaper than Double 11 and shipped faster

To say that the most anticipated and wanted to watch recently, in addition to the Double 11 list, is my live broadcast list, right?

So I sent a live broadcast trailer a few days ago, and if πŸ’ I missed what I didn’t see, or didn’t look closely, you can review it again πŸ‘‡

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Note: All product discounts in the article include the value of the gift, and the specific price is subject to the live broadcast room.

Today’s live broadcast has prepared a lot of my usual love supplies βž• for you to call for in the comments,

And the price is as low as 3% off usual, which is more favorable than the official!

So be sure to lock ⏰ my live room!

Copy the following Taobao password and open the mobile phone Taobao can go directly to my live broadcast room with one click, remember to βž• pay attention!


Or directly open the Taobao πŸ‘ homepage and search for the keyword “Ximen sister-in-law V” to find me πŸ‘‡

The pet fan gift that will be there every time will still not be absent this time!

Tom Ford, Sisley, Lancôme and other gifts 🎁 worth 10,000 yuan

, as well as a variety of flash sales and a wealth of free orders πŸŽ‰, as long as you come to my live broadcast room, you may be able to take it home directly!

If you have difficulty choosing, you don’t know what to buy, or what to buy with a big discount, look directly down, and give you a few “points” that are worth entering this live broadcast~

Kiehl’s high moisture series should be familiar to everyone, right? The dry skin friends around me are almost all handy.

Especially now in this dry time,

The skin of the face is so tight that it seems that the facial features are wrinkled together, and it is not safe not to use it to base it before going out.

Many people think that the use of moisturizing products in autumn and winter is lonely, and the skin will still be red or peeling after a period of use, in fact, this is because the skin barrier is damaged.

Kiehl’s concept of high moisturizing water + high moisturizing cream is very good:

First repair the skin barrier, then fill the skin with toner, and finally use the cream to lock in the moisture in the skin and provide water to the skin like a reservoir.

In this way, even if you stay in the heating room and air conditioning room for a day, the skin is soft and tender.

In addition to water and creams, Kiehl’s avocado eye creams are also a must-stock for autumn and winter.

After all, like we now face electronic screens every day, and often stay up late, eye fatigue is inevitable. Coupled with the dry weather, it is easy to develop some small dry lines around the eyes.

Avocado πŸ₯‘ eye cream is infused with sunflower seed oil and vitamin E,

Not only can it be antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, but also has a certain anti-aging effect

。 There are also compounds of lutein, vitamin C and polyphenols,

to relieve the damage of blue light to the skin.

I have reason to suspect that the Kiehl’s R&D staff are also migrant workers who surf until two or three o’clock in the morning and are reluctant to sleep, otherwise how would he understand the eye care needs of our contemporary young people


When using it, the technique is a little delicate, first dip an appropriate amount of eye cream with the ring finger, and then use the finger belly to gently emulsify into a translucent water form before applying to the eyes.

After application, you can moisturize for a long time, and you don’t have to worry about powder when applying makeup. After a period of continuous use, the dry lines under the eyes can be reduced a lot,

It can be said that it is a “humidifier” and a “small iron” for the eyes ~

I myself am a loyal user of Arden, and my repurchase list for this Double 11 includes its very powerful orange essence.

Its main ingredient idebenone is known as Hermes in antioxidants,

It can solve the main culprit of sagging skin, dullness, and pigmentation – free radicals.

Such a high evaluation is not unfounded, according to a paper published in an internationally renowned dermatology journal in January 2005,

For the test of several antioxidants currently on the market, idebenone scored 95 points, which is No. ⃣. 1️

I myself am willing to give it the effect of turning the light out! No matter what time you stay up the night before,

As long as I used it for temporary first aid, I woke up the next morning and looked like I had slept for 8 hours

, the skin as a whole has a feeling of being illuminated by a small light bulb, and the subsequent makeup can also be full of color.

Hurry up to give you a hair removal device at the double 11 bone eye, because I took advantage of this promotion to get you more gifts and benefits than before!

And I interviewed friends around me who use hair removal machines, and they said that it takes a while to completely remove the hair.

So they usually start using it from winter, so that by the next summer they can wear slip dresses and small T-shirts as they like!

Ulike’s hair removal device has also appeared in my live broadcast 2 times before, so this time without talking nonsense, I quickly summarize what I think is good about it after using it:

A hair removal part of a regular beauty salon is 1000+,

Ulike hair removal device is equivalent to using the price of one part to remove the whole body, cost-effective!

OUAI is a treasure hair care brand that I have used for a long time, and last time I gave you hair care oil in the live broadcast room, the feedback was very good, so this time I will arrange its scrub for you.

To know that the scalp is the “soil” for the survival of the hair, and it is also part of the skin,

Only healthy soil can grow thick, shiny hair. So it’s important to do regular scalp cleansing!

This scrub of OUAI is made with probiotics and white sugar granules,

While cleaning the hair, it can also deeply clean the scalp & hair follicles, relieve dry and itchy scalp, and other conditions.

Every time I wash it with it, I feel that my scalp is particularly refreshing and comfortable,

Hold it for 2 or 3 days without washing and will not itch or scratch.

The hair also becomes very fluffy,

Fine soft collapse can also achieve hair volume freedom!

It can also be used as a body scrub, so apply a little to the body when washing your hair, and the body exfoliation is complete!

The capacity of one can is very large, and the order in the live broadcast room will give another 90g,

So even if the hair and body are used together, it can be used for 1 or 2 years~


To say an autumn and winter must-have, Martin boots must have a name.

Considering the needs of everyone to go to school and work every day, this time I specially picked out Hason’s boots with a round toe and flat design.

Compared with pointed toes and square toes, round-toe boots are more suitable for most Asian foot shapes, and they are not crowded or tired when worn, and the comfort is full points.

And it is a 9-hole design, which can modify the leg shape well after covering the ankle, and it is very thin.

The most troublesome thing about wearing Martin boots is that it will be tiring to tie the laces usually, but the laces of this boot from Hasson are just a decoration,

The zipper wearing and taking off design only takes half a minute to go out.

The dead weight is very light, you can pick it up with one hand, and you will not tire your feet after walking on the street for 8 hours.

The key is to bring your own coolness, with cargo pants, jeans, casually concave posture is a street photo. Or try matching with the same color, the effect of lengthening the legs is very obvious. 😎

It is said that this winter will be a cold winter, and I can feel it from the recent drop in temperature. Especially when going out, no matter how thick you wear on your body, as long as the neck is slightly exposed, you will be cold to goosebumps.

Plus many πŸ’ of them also told me under the comments that they wanted to survive the winter, so I found this self-heating scarf!

A single charge can heat up for six hours, protecting the neck tightly

, do not worry about some parts of the hot and some parts cold.

(Long press for three seconds to turn on and off)

It also comes with a far-infrared hot compress, which can speed up blood circulation and relieve neck soreness.

Therefore, it can not only be bought for mom and dad, but also very suitable for office workers who sit in the office for a long time and have cervical spine problems.

6ixty8ight is an underwear brand from France, and many offline shopping malls have its stores, which are still guaranteed in terms of quality and reputation. The overall style is relatively less female, and occasionally there are some small sexy styles, such as this lace bra.

The detachable thin-padded βž• triangular cup body βž• has a steel rimless design, which is super comfortable to wear, and the first thing you do when you get home is that you don’t want to take off your underwear again!

Don’t look at the material is lace, but it is very skin-friendly, and it is not piercing at all when worn on the body.

In addition to daily wear, you can also wear it as an underwear with a shirt or knitwear, which is very good for photos! ✨

This live broadcast spent a long time to select products and negotiate prices for everyone, and worked hard to win a lot of discounts and discounts that are bigger than buying directly in the flagship store, so that you can buy enough and buy cool at one time! Don’t get lost tonight. πŸ‘‡

If you think the discount of this live broadcast has impressed you, don’t forget to give me a look

, I will work harder to get you guys!

After watching the live broadcast, don’t forget to send the screenshot of your order to the background.

I will randomly select one person from the point in view & send screenshots πŸ’ to give away a Daewoo multifunctional cooking pot worth 1299 yuan.

That’s right

On November 1st, I also prepared a warm winter exquisite good thing special for you,

You are shouting that the home goodies and clothing combinations you want are ready, don’t miss it!


What are you going to buy in the evening?

Let’s talk to my sister-in-law in the comments~

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