0-pressure underwear that is more comfortable than sleeping naked, no underwire, ultra-light and thin, cup 1 second from A to C, wearing it will really breathe!

Saying goes

Life is short and must be sexy

Has a fascination of thousands of young men

S-shaped body

It can be said to be the ultimate dream of every girl

Beautiful breasts, buttocks and long legs

It’s all yours

Proud Capital

Flirting with the Han Weapon

Especially a pair of upturned twin peaks

Definitely a man’s heartbeat, The presence of women with jealousy

Want to build

Deep V Business Line

Indispensable for all women

It is

A sexy bra that keeps your chest up

Bra for every woman

Undoubtedly our dearest girlfriend

From adolescence to old age

Always witness our development and maturity

And as the closest friend every day

The “good or bad” of bras

It is also directly related to our breast health

Worldwide about every year

1.2 million women develop breast cancer

The incidence of breast cancer in China in recent years


Increase at a rate of 3% per year

Occurrence of breast disease

Largely because

We wore unsuitable bras

Inappropriate bras

Can compress breast tissue

Affects circulation of breast tissue and lymphoid tissue

Cause hyperplasia hidden danger

Authoritative surveys show

Ordinary bras are worn for too long

The chances of developing breast disease are more than 20 times higher

Continue to wear if you sleep at night


100 times higher!

Seeing this data,

7 sister is really sad for women!

Women’s health has been neglected,

Even women themselves!

But look for a suitable piece of underwear

Just as hard to find as the right husband

Isn’t there a healthy and comfortable one

Is it a good bra that is perfectly shaped?

Today the 7th sister will come to deliver benefits

I recommend one to everyone

From Japan

Vanvene underwired bra

New for spring/summer 2018

Comfortable and traceless,

Helps you reshape your perfect bust

Enjoy the proud career line without a steel ring!

In order to give women the most comfortable experience

The birth of our Vanvene underwired bra


Long production cycles

French designers were invited to study hundreds of days and nights

and hundreds of human moderate tests

Insist on meticulous workmanship

That’s why we have this high-quality bra in front of us

Only one week on the market

Sales broke through

50 million

All women in Japan love it, one piece per hand

——Deep V design, create your little sexy——

Deep V design

It has always been a favorite of actresses

Walk the red carpet or press conference

It doesn’t matter if you are “airport” or “Boba”

The deep V bodice is always wonderful

Vanvene is unique

Deep V-neck

Effectively add and retract side functions

Prevents chest expansion

Shape the chest for a perfect look at the same time


Chest gathering and lifting



Perfect for accentuating the curves of the bust

Add grace


Sexy with a little playfulness

Make you beautiful just right

Vanvene’s authentic black tech bra

The original price was 99 yuan

The current price is 59 yuan

That’s the equivalent of 5% off the price!

Stock is small, while stocks last!

——No steel ring zero constraints, be your true self——

In the evening,

Finally, I can take off my underwear that has been tightened all day,

Release your own small chest.

But embarrassingly,

While sleeping,

Our chest is collapsed ~

Single dogs don’t matter,


Have a boyfriend or are married,

Shriveled chest always seems

It makes people lose so much “interest”…

According to Japanese scientific research,

The average person turns over 20-33 times a night when sleeping,

During the turning process,

Chest without support,

Easy to be affected by poor sleeping posture,

And pulled, squeezed,

Thereby causing chest deformation,

Such as expansion, sagging, etc.


Sleep at night and wear underwear

It’s still very necessary!

This Vanvene lingerie

On the basis of ordinary bras,

Completely supported by the cut,

According to medicine, aesthetics, fatology, ergonomics, etc.,

Special one-piece triangular cup design

No steel rings are tightened

Even breathing is much easier

Heavy movement can also be held

There is no embarrassing situation of the cup moving up at all

Wear it for a very good fit

Follow your skin and breathe in and out

Help you

Fixed shaping

Showcase the Proud Business Line

No underwire, no bone.

Fewer sutures,

Sleeping seamlessly,

Let you turn over as you want,

without any discomfort and burden.

Sleeping peacefully should also give the best protection to the chest.

It is truly the safest sleeping bra.

——Light and breathable, chest breathing free——

Summer temperatures remain high

Wearing a cool short T, I also sweated hot

A close-fitting bra if not breathable enough

The whole person always feels sticky

It’s very uncomfortable

Vanvene adopts

Resin fabric imported from Italy,

Polyamide fiber high-elastic fabric,

Dispense seamless one-piece technology.


Lightweight, soft and breathable.

There is above

Thousands of small pores,

Allow your breasts to breathe freely at all times.

An extension that changes with the body and a gentle touch

Completely nude

It’s so good to wear that you forget to wear underwear

Compared to ordinary underwear

Skin-friendly, no strangulation marks at all,

The thickness is only 0.48cm,

Incredibly thin!

What’s even more incredible is that

Vanvene than average underwear

To be 80g lighter,

Make people exclaim,

Did I forget to wear my underwear when I went out today!

The lining is even added

Modal fiber

More than traditional underwear

Sweat absorbs and breathes

Breathable chest pad with a thick top and a thin bottom

Completely avoid the feeling of stuffiness,

Put on cool 5°

Stretch shoulder straps,

Wear and take off freely,

Make your shoulders and armpits feel stress-free,

Dotted Lipid Counting Process 100%

Healthy body contouring with peace of mind,

Stable and anti-slip,

Never drop a glass again!

Light fabric

It is also very easy to clean

On rainy days

Even hand washing dries quickly

The growth of bacteria is avoided

Musty smell should not be worried either

——Gather and hold up, beautiful breasts and beautiful back——

Although traditional underwear can be “squeezed” out of the business line

But a dozen hours a day down

There will be great restraint and pressure in the chest

But this bra of ours is totally fine


Zero bondage

At the same time

Leaves the chest naturally firm and perfectly curved

3/4 of the cup perfectly covers the breast

V-shaped chest support design

Hand support chest lift to effectively support the chest base

More effective

Gather chest to prevent sagging

Elastic design is added on both sides

It’s okay

Better milk

Super gathering effect to get you dressed

You can feel the amazing change in a second

Proper distribution of loose fat in the chest

Gathered and straightened,

The cup goes from A to C in one second

Say goodbye to airports

The small-breasted girl no longer has to worry

Adjustable shoulder straps

Adjust on the go, flexible plasticity

Effectively relieves shoulder pressure and also effectively prevents slip

U-shaped double-breasted design on the back

Choose the bottom circumference that suits you

Smooth the flesh on the back

Create a U-shaped back

——Underwear that can be folded a thousand times——

Many girls have this experience

Rejoice in the new bra you bought

When you go home and put it in the water, it will be badly discolored

After a long time, it is easy to pill and harden

The quality is so bad that it bursts!

Even with careful hand washing,

The underwear was still three months old,

But with this Japanese Vanvene

A thousand folds will not either

Destroy its shaping effect!

Just throw it in the washing machine to wash,

It won’t deform for a year!

Small editor personal test,

Two cars pulling at both ends at the same time,

It won’t break at all,

The elasticity is so good that it bursts!

Japanese Vanvene underwear printing and dyeing technology

Originated from the Tang Dynasty period in China

Extract pure natural plant pigments

Combined with modern mechanical printing and dyeing

After repeated research experiments

Not only dyed

The colors are more vivid

Never fades


No ball, no hardness

The quality has been strictly tested by national authorities,

The comfort you wear,

We can rest assured!

Unique security code

Authenticity guaranteed!

Tailored for Asian women

Available in 6 colors

There’s always your one

Real feedback from the little fairies,

The love for this lingerie is literally overflowing the screen!

Wear this Vanvene bra

Say goodbye to the airport from now on

This summer

Be the sexiest little fairy in the crowd!

Genuine Japanese Vanvene

Traceless black technology breathing bra

Taobao has the only official flagship store

The original price was 218 yuan

The event price is 99 yuan

Start a family and good things are launched

To thank the fans for their continued support

Now the benefits are being given away

Special offers crazy grab

Click on the image below to purchase

New products are coming


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