2 bottles for only $7.9! Electric mosquito coil liquid 10,000 copies of second kill, adults and children can use

Summer is coming, the footsteps of mosquitoes are approaching … There will always be a wave of chosen children who will be blessed with mosquitoes.

You itch and hurt, you pinch the cross, and you just want to ask the heavens and the earth: What fate makes mosquitoes love me so much?

Because it looks beautiful?

No, the mosquito has poor eyesight, it can’t see what humans look like, and it chose you because you love its taste.

Mosquitoes rely on carbon dioxide to find people, if you breathe fast, have a high body temperature, love to sweat,

It is equivalent to sending a signal of love to mosquitoes.

In addition, you like to wear dark clothes, love makeup, spray perfume, and it is more convenient for mosquitoes to find you to collect blood.

If the above situation is similar, quickly change it, so that mosquitoes love you less.

But, then again, why should we succumb to mosquitoes to change ourselves?

Come~ Teach you 2 tricks to treat mosquitoes, treat both the symptoms and the root causes, and cut off the relationship with mosquitoes:

The first trick: reduce the stagnant water in the home and kill mosquitoes in the cradle

The second trick: mosquitoes have attacked, use (quasi) pyrethroid electric mosquito coils

Long night, mosquitoes are energetic, you are huffing and sleeping, your defense power drops to 0, and only electric mosquito coil liquid can ensure you sleep peacefully.

No need to look hard, the products are all selected for you,

Taking advantage of the anniversary of Lilac Mother, we died grinding brand + self-paid subsidies to win great benefits for everyone:

2 bottles + 1 utensil, only 9.9 yuan!

And most importantly, there are enough of them,


10,000 servings in total

, you can get it when you come.

Parent-Child Day opens at 10 o’clock on 6.24

Run this electric mosquito coil liquid 2 liquid + 1 device

This electric mosquito coil liquid contains 0.6% perfluranethrin, which can effectively repel mosquitoes;

Without added fragrance, people with sensitive respiratory tracts will not be irritated.

It is also thoughtfully designed with 90-degree rotary plugs and switches to adapt to different sockets.

Original price 68 yuan

Now 1 device + 2 liquid, only 7.9 yuan can be shipped home for free

, can buy a summer sleep without being bitten by mosquitoes!

390 million copies of the blockbuster goodies

Free shipping as low as $4.9

⏰ Today at 10:00 the hot start

This time

Parent-Child Day

Not only folded

The buckle is large, and the category is also very complete, covering summer cool products, toys, baby daily necessities

Free shipping of as little as 4.9 yuan!

All items are carefully screened and vetted by Mother Lilac, despite closing their eyes.

Make a point –

June 24 (which is today) at 10am!

The explosive subsidy activity starts, remember to set an alarm clock and hurry up to choose your favorite products!

A lot of explosive products enjoy subsidized prices, take you to unlock them first!


Let s Diet sunscreen ice sleeves

Free shipping of $4.9

Sun protection that is more practical and convenient than sunscreen clothing, a must-have item in summer, it is easy to use when cycling, driving, and walking.

High appearance, but also thin. Can effectively block ultraviolet rays, away from sunburn and tanning, Korean high elastic ice silk fabric, ice cool, cool and breathable super comfortable.

The daily price is ¥ 39.9 yuan

, subsidized price only

¥ 4.9 CNY.

Scan the code to enter the event venue

6.24~6.26 10 o’clock every day

2. Antibacterial and deodorant unisex socks 2 pairs

Free shipping of 9.9 yuan

The use of patented antibacterial copper fiber material, the bacteriostatic rate can reach 99%, can destroy the bacteria and fungi produced in the process of sweat decomposition, and say goodbye to smelly feet.

Breathable hole sweat wicking design, say goodbye to the stuffy and dry summer, unisex model, hurry up to stock up for yourself and your family.

The daily price is ¥ 59 CNY

¥ 9.9 CNY

3. Cute multi-hand softening wipes 10 drawers x 15 packs

One pack of anti-dry towel design at a time, small size and easy to put into the bag, go out to play, go out for a walk, work and business trip to carry at hand, use up and throw away is more convenient.

Moisturizing and gentle care for young skin, no fragrance, fluorescent agent, etc., multi-layer filtered and purified water, hands and mouths can be used with confidence.

The daily price is ¥ 29 yuan

4. Beson Children’s Block Toys pack 100 pieces in a bag


Building blocks are also math teaching aids, with numbers, while playing while doing mathematical enlightenment, but also exercise the baby’s hand fine movements, cultivate hand-eye coordination and patience, the more you play, the smarter.

Play N kinds of tricks without getting tired and spend a pleasant parent-child time together.

The daily price is ¥ 49 yuan

5. Kaili Thin Nursing Breast Pad 100 Tablets 1

The ultra-thin design is only 0.15 cm thick, and it feels naked and breathable without sweating, making it suitable for summer use.

SAP is used internally

The polymer core absorbs moisture instantaneously and locks in up to 120 mL of milk in just one thin sheet


And the inner layer of the breast pad has a V-shaped design full enveloping lock tank, which can firmly lock the milk that flows out

Many breastfeeding mothers do not have to worry about milk leakage.

The daily price is ¥ 69 yuan

¥ 19.9 CNY.

It’s not over, there are more necessary goodies for this parent-child day flash sale activity, and it also gives value-added subsidies:

Fun cartoon two-way inertia coasting trolley

“Madeleine’s Lifeline Saving Dog” picture book

Beson Baby Safety Protection Collision Angle 4-piece set

Kaili Thin Nursing Pad 100 sheets

Besson Children’s Block Toys 100 pieces in a bag

The last big sale in the first half of the year was snapped up, and the summer cool products were all at the bottom price, and it was too late to miss the thigh.

Lilac Mom’s Day of Family

Good lesson 0 yuan learning

Knowledge lucky bag 1 yuan collar

Parent-child Day in addition to huge commodity subsidies purchases

, all courses can enjoy 20% discount, teach you to raise babies scientifically without anxiety

, do your homework,

Low price god order easy out,

Let’s take you through it first.

1. Knowledge lucky bag 1 yuan swells 119 times

1 yuan can get 10 yuan no threshold coupon, 5 discount coupons, 230-30 coupons, effective immediately, immediately return the book!

2. Excellent courses, punch in 0 yuan to learn

Baby concentration, 0~3 years old parenting strategy, star personal trainer’s posture yoga class… Participate in the check-in and get a full refund, which is equivalent to free school.

For more benefits, check it out on Parent-Child Day!

Quickly scan the code to enter the event page

Celebrate Lilac Mother’s Day

Scientific baby-raising is not anxious


Lilac mother Xue gift

, subsidized price only

, subsidized price only

, subsidized price only

, subsidized price only

Scan the code to enter the event venue

Scan the code to enter the event venue

Scan the code to enter the event venue

Scan the code to enter the event venue

6.24~6.26 10 o’clock every day

6.24~6.26 10 o’clock every day

6.24~6.26 10 o’clock every day

6.24~6.26 10 o’clock every day

Free shipping of 9.9 yuan

¥ 9.9 CNY

¥ 9.9 CNY

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