The underwear of the object is this color, throw it away as soon as possible, and wear it again has a great impact on the private parts

Let’s raise your hand first, after a New Year, and Valentine’s Day, how many people still have no object?

Whether you have an object or not, you should pay attention to each other in the small underwear.

A small piece of cloth, because the part of the body covered is different, its role is really too important.

One is used to cover shame; The second is to protect private parts.

Such an intimate clothing, once it is not bought or worn correctly, it is a great threat to the health of people’s private parts.

Let’s take a look at your panties of what color you have?

Forgive Midori? Pure white? China Red? Sexy black? Thought gray? Or do you prefer cartoon trendy panties printed with Crayon Shin and Page?

You must think that the editor is boring and likes to inquire into other people’s privacy, but am I such a boring person? What color to choose for underwear, there is a special attention!

First of all, it is definitely not the meaning of “wearing red underwear in the year of this life”!

Listen, your object’s panties are this color, hurry up and throw them away

A person, if he does not choose panties, then ta is not a qualified object.

As the saying goes, “No matter how poor you are, you can’t be poor in underwear”. Note that the point is not that money is not money, first pick a good color ~

The color of flowers and green, which color of underwear is better?

Red orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and all kinds of printed underwear, are not as good as a natural color (plain / light) small underwear, white underwear be careful not to be too white, be careful to use bleach.

The darker the underwear, the more dye is used in the fabric, and some will fade when worn.

There is a joke on the Internet that someone goes to the doctor one day and says that their Tintin and egg have turned green, and then the doctor unhurriedly checks it and says, “With my many years of medical experience, your underwear is out of color.” ”

The color of the panties is not well chosen, and the body is injured. Abnormal vaginal discharge in women and abnormal discharge in men, in fact, it may be reflected in underwear at the earliest.

Dark panties are basically invisible to whether male and female discharge is yellow, red, or other health signs. whereas

Light-colored underwear can tell at a glance whether the discharge is normal.

Of course, some people stubbornly like dark panties, so try to choose dark panties with a light crotch.

Okay, tonight I’ll take a quick look at the color of your panties. If you are single, buy yourself panties in the future, remember to choose a light color.

Male and female,

The criteria for choosing underwear are 6 words: light, comfortable, breathable.

After talking about the color, let’s talk about “breathable” and “comfortable”.

These two kinds of underwear hurt sperm, and it is best not to wear them by men

1. This kind of cotton underwear, men wear it is not necessarily good

When it comes to buying underwear, it is said that you have to pick pure cotton. Cotton is good, but there is a kind of cotton panties that is not recommended

Men’s wear

Cotton underwear with thicker material is not recommended. Pure cotton texture underwear, good sweat absorption, if it is thicker, but not easy to dry, private skin is easy to be abrasion.

In addition, the testicles and scrotum are warm and humid, so dryness, breathability and comfort must be taken into account.


It is best to choose lightweight and breathable cotton panties

, Modair’s can also be, as for nylon, chemical fiber, throw!

2. Tight underwear and briefs, it is best not to wear them by men

Why don’t you wear tight panties, don’t you know in your heart?

Tintin and eggs belong to the more sensitive human organs, you wear a tight panty, can they stand it?

As a mature man, you should learn to worry about your “sperm quality”~

So excuse me, do any of our male fans wear briefs? Or do the objects of female fans wear briefs?

Say to you, it doesn’t fit!

Men wearing briefs may face embarrassment that they are “exposed sideways”; If the underwear is old and loose, then Tintin and Eggman face a situation of instability and “go away” from time to time.

Of course, the above consideration of the image is not the main thing, the main thing is that the briefs wrapped the “scrotum” is generally tighter, and it is really good to “cover” them every day?

Again, as a mature man, you should learn to take care of your sperm~

Suggestion: Boxer panties with four corners are the preferred choice for the majority of young and old, which can take care of sperm, but also will not strangle the roots of the thighs, and will not go away~

After talking about the men, let’s talk about the women.

This kind of underwear, women are best not to wear

I wonder if you can guess? What kind of underwear does “this panty” refer to?

Thong with very little material! It seems that this kind of underwear is out of place in this season, but summer will always come~

Many women have one or two of these pants, is it comfortable to wear like this? But it can’t stand its strong sexy advantage!

Images from the web

No way, it’s time to move out of the gynecologist.

Gynecologists do not recommend that female friends wear such underwear.

This panty is very tight and has a strong restraint on the hips and pussy. Thong can cause many physical discomforts, such as pain in the private parts, gynecological inflammation, hemorrhoids, etc., and some chemical fiber textures are particularly easy to cause allergies.

Want to buy a pair of magnetic therapy health panties, is it useful?

Now the underwear, add some health care functions, what is the “magnetic therapy effect”, “far-infrared temperature feeling”, “negative ions”, the title “black technology underwear”.

It’s just a simple pair of panties, why?

Alas, can impotence be cured by a pair of underwear? If it can be cured, then why should the doctor do?

What does that promote development? Men are doomed from adulthood, okay?!

Impotence? That’s more blown than maca and okra!

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