What has made Goliath women’s clothing rise to the top quickly in recent years?

GLORIA Womenswear has always been deeply rooted in people’s hearts with the theme of “Traveling is living beautifully”, and this summer’s 39th stop, Kangaroo Island, Australia, has arrived as scheduled. In the mood of in-depth exploration of Goliath’s Kangaroo Island trip, the editor visited the headquarters in Guangzhou, but found that the “sincere fashion aesthetics” that is quietly practiced within the brand has more stories.

In the interview, the person in charge of Goliath shared the concept of “sincere clothing”: choose high-quality fabrics, sell them at honest prices, do not ambush on price, customers only need to consider whether they like it, and tell consumers that “good quality is not so expensive”. This strategy has impressed many consumers who understand quality requirements, coupled with the very eye-catching “Green Wild Star” original store image, so that Goliath’s performance sprang up last year and ranked among the brands with its own flow of people (GLORIA’s Internet celebrity effect in Guangzhou K11 store, the editor plans to write another analysis).

In addition to high quality and cost performance, the concept of “Chengyi” has also landed in all links behind the scenes, and the implementation of “Chengyi Fashion Aesthetics” has gradually appreciated the texture of products and brands.

“Sincerity” is ingenuity

Goliath x R&D Director Kim Sun Young

Goliath’s R&D team is led by Kim Sun young, who has experience in the design and management of many international luxury brands, bringing the focus and ingenuity in the development of shapes, tailoring technology and execution to the team, adding value to high-quality fabrics with craftsmanship.

The silhouette is an important part of Goliath’s fashion aesthetic, and Kim Sun-yong mentioned in an interview that “making clothes with sincerity is the most natural thing”.

Kim Sun young, Director of R&D at GLORIA

Dresses are one of the trump cards of the Goliath brand, this year Goliath shelves have added a strip process dress, which is a tailoring method that will only be used in haute couture, with careful alignment by hand, to achieve accurate stitching between the strip parts, to optimize the proportion of the human body, slim and thin, so that the dress presents a high-class sense of sophistication.

(GLORIA Gallia’s stripe craft dress)

What interests me is also the “black technology” pressed pleated dress, Issey Miyake is unique in the world with pressed pleated design, and the most unique thing about Goliath is that the dress has a smooth line from the chest line to the waist, fits and shapes without tightening, which is clearly different from other brands that are easy to loosen pressed pleats. This season, Goliath also added trendy gradient elements and lace styles to the upgraded design of the pleated skirt, feeling that this “black technology” was completely controlled.

(GLORIA “Black Technology” pressed pleated dress series)

Heart “Sincerity” is “Spirit”

Goliath x artist/designer Meiyi

In order to bring consumers a more international design, Goliath has always maintained cooperation with international teams. Artist/designer Meiyi, who has won numerous international awards over the years, not only balances creative and commercial work, but also pursues diversity and integrity in design with the belief that “design has no boundaries”.

In the summer of 2019, the GLORIA by Meiyi collection was filled with designs inspired by the unique natural charm of Kangaroo Island, and even the artist himself said in the project: “Get inspiration from the nature of Kangaroo Island, and the heart is sincere”.

Artist/Designer Meiyi

The wave skirt depicts the undulating waves of Vivonne Bay in a smart way, and the fabric seeps alloy lines, simulating the glittering surface of the water under the sun. Eucalyptus leaves and eucalyptus floral motifs exude vitality and natural interest. The Meiyi series is full of ingenious functional design, as well as the multi-compatibility of the upper and lower inside and out, so that the editor is also planted!

Goliath’s main fabrics this summer are silk and acetic acid, of which acetate acetate is a common fabric for high-end clothing, the comfort and high-end sense of silk clothes needless to say, the style is fashionable and decent, and then look at the hang tags hanging on the clothes… Gradually appreciate why the concept of “sincere clothing” can impress consumers.

(GLORIA Goliath silk dress series)

The heart is “sincere” and natural beauty

Japan’s top fashion photographer Akiki Ito x Victoria’s Secret Angel Willow Hand

Of course, this visit will not miss the blockbuster of Goliath’s trip around the world, flipping through the spring/summer issue of ’19, Victoria’s Secret angel Willow Hand vividly captures the wonderful moment of the fusion of Goliath’s clothing with the nature and fashion of Kangaroo Island under the lens of Japan’s top fashion photographer Akiki Ito. The supermodel’s completely relaxed eyes and posture seem to tell the reader that she enjoys her clothes and environment.

The person in charge of the Goliath brand also mentioned that although photographers and models are famous figures in their respective fields, they do not have a little shelf, and they communicate sincerely and pragmatically with the work team, and they are all people who sincerely love life and work, so their works are also full of natural beauty.

Ingenuity and technology blessed with high-quality fabrics, fashionable and elegant styles with such honest pricing, in the editor’s opinion, this is the “sincere fashion aesthetics” practiced by Goliath. The rapid rise of Goliath differs from other cases in that she does not rely on gimmicks or planned events, but on practicing a set of concepts to impress consumers in a low-key and down-to-earth manner.

Goliath in 2019 is worth continuing to pay attention to!

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