It is very simple to wear feminine, just have a “sweater”, elegant and advanced

For women, elegance and temperament are very important, this is the connotation that the appearance can not show, so we have to show it through OOTD, in fact, it is very simple to wear femininity, you only need to have a “sweater” is enough, it is really elegant too advanced, if you also want to find a suitable one


, then keep reading!

The first thing to introduce you is a gray seahorse sweater, this item is very worth buying, because its texture is thick, the warmth is very superior, the splicing of seahorse hair will only make its warmth performance to a higher level, rat gray is a very advanced color, will reflect your skin tone more fair, very suitable for yellow and black skin eyebrows, almost no possibility of wearing wrong.

This sweater presents a pullover style, very simple and atmospheric, its shape is slightly loose, will reflect the figure more slender, very suitable for slightly fat eyebrows, its hidden meat effect is great, you can combine the “stuffed waist wearing method”, so that you can outline the slender and soft waist, will also play a role in clarifying the waist line.

When matching bottoms, the blogger chose a pair of black straight pants, which is a piece that cannot be worn wrong, it will play a good role in modifying the leg shape, suitable for sisters with thicker legs, no matter what top can be perfectly matched, it will be combined with gray to form a natural sense of color progression.

For short sisters, you can learn from the blogger’s styling and start a chain bag, as long as the chain bag is carried on the high waist, it can play a role in enhancing the visual center of gravity, which will also help shape the long legs, and will also play a good decorative role, simple and feminine.

If you feel that the overall use of dark color matching is too monotonous, you can learn from the blogger’s shape and try royal blue canvas shoes, this color is very eye-catching, will play a role in lighting up dull, because it is set on the feet, so it will not make people feel fancy.

The next thing to introduce you is a blue sweater, this color is very fresh, belongs to one of the cold colors, but also one of the shrinkage colors, not only white, but also plays a thin role, practicality than white, red this expansion color is stronger, is a middle-aged women can also rest assured to choose the color.

A sweater with a thick enough texture can be worn alone, if you are more afraid of cold, learn from the “layering method”, the blogger layered a white top inside the blue sweater, and exposed the neckline, which can create a richer layer, and will also play a role in modifying the neck line, and the warmth is very strong.

When matching bottoms, the blogger cleverly integrated the “contrast matching method” and chose a pair of purple-red trousers, which can be combined with blue to form a visual impact, greatly enhancing the overall sense of fashion, although it is contrasting, but it does not make people feel abrupt, but makes people “bright”.

Next to introduce you to a unique red sweater vest, it uses a V-neck and sleeveless design, so of course it is more suitable for layering, red is a very eye-catching color, will make you easily earn repeat rate, if you are taking a more high-profile route, this is the best choice.

The blogger combined the “combination of traditional and simple” matching rule when matching, and chose a red print dress, which formed an echo in color, greatly improving the overall coordination, and the existence of the belt will play a role in clarifying the waist line, which can perfectly divide the upper and lower body proportions and shape a pair of long legs.

Finally, I will introduce you to a sweater cardigan, which is a more malleable item, which can be combined with a slim undershirt to create layers, the orange model is very eye-catching, it will line your skin tone more full, just a little embellishment of color prints can enhance the overall sense of style.

Since the top is already very eye-catching, then the bottom with a pair of black trousers can play a role in harmonizing the visual effect, and will also modify the leg shape well, calm and atmospheric.

So many fashionable sweater styles, I believe there is always one that can get your favor, the next is your own time, if you like the content I bring you, just give me a follow, let’s see you in the next issue.

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