A masterpiece: NVC lights up the Wuhan Garden Expo

NVC Lighting’s outstanding achievements in large-scale projects such as the Asian Games, the Olympic Games, and the G20 are obvious to all. But many people may not know that NVC Lighting has actually made great achievements in the landscape lighting project of large-scale gardens and horticultural international expos, and can even be said to be a low-key “hidden champion” in this professional segment! In recent years, it has become the exclusive or main lighting system supplier in Jinzhou World Garden Fair, Qingdao World Garden Fair, Wuhan Garden Expo and other projects. This time I will take you into the lighting story of NVC and Wuhan Garden Expo——

Founded in 1997, China International Garden and Flower Expo (referred to as Garden Expo) is a high-level event in the garden and flower industry jointly organized by the Ministry of Urban-Rural and Housing Development and local governments, and is the highest level and largest international event in China’s garden and flower industry.

From its opening on September 25, 2015 to the end of May this year, the 10th Wuhan Garden Expo spanned about 250 days, attracting hundreds of millions of visitors at home and abroad. With the theme of “Green Connection You and Me, Garden Integration into Life”, Wuhan Garden Expo has a total area of 213.77 hectares and an investment of 4 billion yuan, located in the western section of Zhanggongdi Urban Forest Park Area, bordered by Jinshan Avenue in the north, Jinnan 1st Road in the east, Gutian 2nd Road and Gutian 4th Road in the west. The number of exhibitors of Wuhan Garden Expo is also in the forefront of previous garden fairs, with a total of more than 100 cities and countries or regions participating in the exhibition, covering more than 30 countries and regions, and more than 400 large and small attractions. Among them, there are 4 master parks, 9 creative parks, enterprise parks and international sister city parks with bright spots and innovative significance.

Wuhan Garden Expo is wonderful in terms of park scale, architectural design, garden design, landscape design, or human expression, regional style and other aspects. The night lighting planning and performance of the Wuhan Garden Expo is also an element of its soaring charm value – the perfect combination of landscape and lamps, lighting and art, creativity and design, and the whole and the situation, making the Wuhan Garden Expo present another outstanding painting to the world.

As a leading brand in China’s lighting industry, NVC Lighting has become the largest lighting system supplier of this year’s Wuhan Garden Expo, undertaking dozens of large-scale lighting projects, writing a strong stroke for the successful holding of Wuhan Garden Expo, and also adding a weighty list to NVC Lighting’s large-scale classic lighting project sample.

NVC Lighting & Wuhan Garden Expo project transcript

1. Undertaking area:

The main road of the Garden Expo Park, North Square, attractions in the park, Master Garden, International Park, Hubei Park, Creative Park, Sunshine Valley, Yangtze River Civilization Museum, Shanshan Wetland, etc.


Application Products:

Street lights, garden lights, rust plate lights, wooden pile lights, wall washer lights, buried lights, underwater lights, flood lights, modeling lights, etc.

Next, NVC Lighting presents some representative Wuhan Garden Expo lighting projects for you, and reviews and appreciates the style and charm of Wuhan Garden Expo under the lighting.

Master Garden

NVC Light helps design masterpieces

Master Garden is one of the biggest highlights of Wuhan Garden Expo, with 4 master gardens specially set up, inviting 4 masters of landscape architecture from the United States and France to design, namely Wang Shouzhi (Chinese-American) “Missing Garden”, Henry Bawa (France) “In-Depth” Garden, James Corner (American) “Garden of the Moon”, Jacqueline Osti (France) “Garden in the Mist”. The four master gardens combine tradition and modernity, East and West, nature, and creativity is very personal, subverting everyone’s imagination of traditional gardens.

The top works of the four masters are not only ingenious, but also extremely demanding in parts and details, including the design and arrangement of lighting fixtures – which must add luster to the master’s works without affecting the overall landscape of the master garden, and must be hidden without revealing. NVC Lighting racked its brains in the lighting planning of the Master Garden to achieve perfection. Buried lamps, underwater lights, floodlights, modeling lamps and other lamps with different shapes and color temperatures are all on the stage, highlighting the style of the master garden with excellent lighting effects.

Creative Park

The perfect expression of art and creativity

The creative park of Wuhan Garden Expo is composed of several small parks: 1. Rural garden; 2. The Garden of Rebirth; 3. Shengyuan; 4. Sedimentation garden; 5. “Horizon – Horizon”; 6. Half garden; 7. The platform of life; 8. Palm Garden; 9. “Ode to Water”. A scene of the garden, changing scenery step by step, can be described as a landscape creative grand view garden.

The lighting fixtures of the creative park are like the word “creativity”, which must take into account both functional lighting and landscape and creative elements, so NVC has put great efforts into the combination of function and art, and finally perfectly realizes the combination of creative lighting and lighting art.

For example, the cast aluminum lawn lamp in the original design scheme was changed to a wooden lawn lamp after the site survey. At the same time, in order to prevent the whole wood of the lamp from cracking, the lampshade is wound with hemp rope up and down. Every detail reflects NVC’s exquisite attitude and comprehensive service capabilities in engineering lighting projects.

Hubei Park

Jingchu culture, shining

Hubei Park’s “Jingchu Hanyun Garden” with the theme of Jingchu culture and 16 “City and State Gardens” are jointly composed in the form of “1 main and 16 auxiliary”. As the main exhibition park of Hubei Park, Jingchu Hanyun Garden is located in the southern peninsula of Chushui Scenic Area, bordered by Chushui in the north overlooking Jingshan Mountain and the entrance square in the south, covering an area of about 15,000 square meters, reflecting the essence of Jingchu culture.

The large complex volume of Hubei Park and the richness of the garden landscape are important highlights of the Wuhan Garden Expo, but this also poses great challenges for landscape lighting. NVC lighting engineering team from the beginning of the planning and design of Hubei Park fully cooperate with the owner and design unit, from lighting scheme design to lamp creative design, from lighting product customization to engineering installation and construction, NVC with perseverance and excellence attitude has been highly recognized by the owner and designer, for the world tourists to draw a beautiful Jingchu Han cultural picture.

International Park

NVC lights up ten national parks

The International Park is located on the east side of the North Entrance Square, on the north side of Jingshan Mountain, covering an area of 44,890 square meters, looking at the entire International Park surrounded by a large group of ginkgo trees and various wildflowers. The International Garden covers 10 countries and regions: the Poetic Idyllic English Garden, the Romantic French Garden, the Flower Holland Garden, the Samba Football Brazil Garden, the Mysterious Maori New Zealand Garden, the Quaint Stone Carving Korean Garden, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Africa, etc.

Each national park has different styles and characteristics, NVC Lighting tailors lighting solutions according to the characteristics of each national park, fully reflecting the local regional style and highlighting key lighting objects; At the same time, according to the landscape characteristics of different national parks, many LED outdoor lamps are customized, so that the shape and landscape are integrated, and the perfect effect of lighting, landscape and art complement each other.

Yangtze River Civilization Museum

Let civilization and history unfold

The Yangtze River Civilization Museum is positioned as the “finishing touch, cultural highland” of the entire park, focusing on the world river basin civilization, focusing on the origin, development, present and future of the Yangtze River basin civilization.

The museum follows the design requirements of “100 years of quality” and adopts advanced construction technology and concepts in many aspects. For example, in terms of lighting energy saving, in addition to all LED artificial lighting fixtures, it also maximizes the reduction of lighting energy consumption through natural lighting and building energy-saving technology, which is a model for building energy-saving lighting.

Shanshan wetland

The glorious vitality of the largest city and state park

As the largest city-prefecture park, Shanshan Wetland, also known as Wuhan Garden, is a characteristic park based on crops as greening plants to create a crop landscape. Not only rice, rape, rape, etc. are planted here, but also 200 metasequoia, more than 300 pond cedars and Zhongshan cedars, and 50 cedar trees have been preserved.

By providing green lighting design and few LED lighting fixtures, NVC Lighting not only outlines the outline of the green path of Shanshan Wetland, but also fully expresses its green characteristics, reflecting the vitality and vitality of the natural ecology.

On May 28, 2016, the 10th Wuhan Garden Expo has come to an end, and the Garden Expo Park, as the largest urban park in Wuhan, has also been permanently retained, continuing to open the park to welcome customers, while enriching the content and improving services, opening a more exciting “post-Garden Expo era”. The lighting system provided by NVC Lighting for the Wuhan Garden Expo also continues to play its long-term role, creating a never-ending lighting show for guests in Wuhan and the world!

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