Pinduoduo be cautious! Electric mosquito shooters should also be done well

“Tens of billions of subsidies” is the only consumption area that PDD can trust, in addition, you have to keep an eye on it. Some admire those who say this, the emotional intelligence is too high, leaving enough face for PDD.

Although the author does not have much shopping experience in PDD, there are many kinds of orders of the seven aunts and eight aunts in the family group. There are regular stores, I don’t buy it, I buy PDD, hey, I’m just playing. When they are older, one of their great pleasures is waiting for the express delivery, which is synchronized to the group every time. The author occasionally glances, and they are all gadgets that are quite interesting.

For example, 1.1 yuan can take a spoon without a shovel and specially use it to eat watermelon.

There is also a true wireless Bluetooth sports Bluetooth headset that can be bought for 1 yuan, which is quite similar to AirPods.

For example, this pair of 16.57 yuan can successfully fight the first layer of cowhide leather shoes, and can be worn for six years.

It’s really not that the author has any prejudice against PDD, the above three products are randomly selected, and the sales are not low, friends who do not believe in evil can try it themselves.

Only routines win people’s hearts?

Some people say that the longest road is the routine of PDD. When you want to fleece PDD, it wants your dependency!

In March this year, a lawyer in Shanghai sued PDD because of a classic routine of PDD – “bargaining for free”. After the lawyer invited a number of friends, the platform still showed a difference of “0.09%”, which quickly resonated with everyone, which shows the depth of the PDD routine.

After some research, the author summarized the four King Kong in the PDD routine, which are low price, free shipping, and word games

As well as coupons. These are vividly reflected in the author’s purchase of electric mosquito shooters, let’s talk about it well.

Amazing electric mosquito swatters

Some people say that since ancient times, affection cannot be retained, and only routines can win people’s hearts. The author does not think so, especially after buying the hot-selling electric mosquito racket on the PDD and dismantling it.

In the “

Can Pinduoduo’s 19.9 yuan electric mosquito racket work? Let’s disassemble 5 models for you to see

In this article, we bought five models

Electric mosquito swatter

All of them start at a price of less than 20 yuan, and all of them are free shipping.

Disassemble and contrast

Low price and free shipping, which is very much in line with PDD style, and it looks like the product is good, until we disassemble it.

According to the disassembly summary, it seems that there is no problem, there should be everything, like a decent.

Then let’s make a comparison with the big name products. The above five big-name electric mosquito rackets are disassembled from “

How to choose an electric mosquito racket? Disassemble 5 big brands to see the workmanship design

“, are all explosive products.

The first is the price, the price of big-name products is generally 50 yuan to more than 100 yuan, far exceeding the electric mosquito racket on the PDD. The second is the charging power, the power of the electric mosquito racket on the PDD is mostly below 1W, only one is 1.64W; and the five big-name electric mosquito rackets are all about 3W, and the charging speed is not comparable at all.

The most noticeable difference is also the battery. The big-name electric mosquito rackets all use 18650 lithium batteries, and all choose to use low-voltage DC charging, which will be safer and generally have a longer service life.

The number of lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries used in the five products on the PDD is 3:2, which means that from a large perspective, most of the lower price electric mosquito rackets will choose to use lead-acid batteries in order to save costs.

What must be complained about is that after disassembly, the third Xia Huang electric mosquito racket uses a lead-acid battery.

But on the product introduction page, the merchant marked the battery type as lithium battery, alas.

Battery introduction

There are three kinds of batteries in the above disassembly, which may be strange to some friends, and we briefly introduce these three batteries below.

Lead-acid battery has the lowest cost, it is a kind of electrode mainly made of lead and its oxides, electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution of the battery. In the state of lead-acid battery discharge, the main component of the positive electrode is lead dioxide, and the main component of the negative electrode is lead; In the charging state, the main components of the positive and negative electrodes are lead sulfate.

Lead-acid batteries are used in a wide range of applications, including electronic switching systems, communication equipment, backup power supplies, emergency equipment, and various industrial equipment and instruments.

14500, 18650 lithium batteries are lithium-ion batteries, using lithium oxide as the positive electrode material, graphite as the negative electrode material, non-aqueous electrolyte and separator.

Relatively speaking, the price of lithium batteries is relatively high, mainly used in mobile phones, laptops, bright flashlights, small fans, power banks, power tools, electric vehicles, etc. Common types are cylindrical, square, soft bag.

Among them, the cylindrical battery model is named after the overall size, such as 18650 lithium battery: 18mm diameter, 65mm height, 0 represents cylindrical.

14500 lithium battery is the same: 14mm diameter, 50mm height, 0 represents cylindrical. This is the origin of the “strange” names of 14500 and 18650 lithium batteries.

Which battery is more “cost-effective”

Having said all this, the question that most friends are most concerned about is: which battery is more “cost-effective”?

As we all know, from the cost consideration, the order of the three is basically: 18650 lithium battery> 14500 lithium battery > lead-acid battery. We can analyze from the perspectives of manufacturers and consumers.

For manufacturers, the impact of using lead-acid batteries on the experience is still within the control range, especially for a short period of time. Therefore, manufacturers who make quick money choose to use lead-acid batteries, consumers can buy and use for a while, and negative after-sales can be used if there is a problem. Those who are committed to making excellent products and want to establish a brand of manufacturers are on the contrary, the use of good materials is essential, all use 18650 lithium batteries, in the mosquito control power can not drop the chain.

For consumers, the same purchase cost, of course, is the 18650 lithium battery is the most cost-effective, but 14500 is also okay, so that it can be more durable.

Potential problems

In fact, speaking of this, it is not only the battery problem, but also the disassembled materials can see whether the manufacturer treats the product and the consumer. These careless products on PDD may have some potential problems, and we need to tell you.

Quality and safety issues

Safety is greater than the sky, and these products do have many safety risks. For example, three of the five electric mosquito rackets use prongs for high-voltage direct charging, but none of the products have passed 3C certification, and some of them do not even have manufacturers, and it is quite difficult to recover responsibility if an accidental short circuit occurs during the charging process and causes property damage.

In addition, these products are rarely equipped with battery charging ICs and protection circuits, and electric mosquito rackets as low-cost products, many people will be thrown away with household garbage when they are damaged, and the lead-acid batteries inside will not be recycled, which is easy to cause environmental pollution.

Product effect issues

In addition to safety and use effect, these electric mosquito rackets are still produced in accordance with the workshop process many years ago, and there has not been much improvement in design over the years, and the charging circuit is much simpler than today’s switching power supply chargers. The overall use effect is relatively poor, and the author is always worried about his own safety in his hand. The materials used can also be saved, three use lead-acid batteries, two use lithium batteries, the service life will be different.

In addition, the author personally tested that when charging an electric mosquito racket with a 220V voltage direct charge, the outer metal mesh will not be charged. The internal transformer of the electric mosquito racket has the ability to isolate, but the insulation effect cannot be said to be packed. Therefore, this kind of electric mosquito racket must be turned off when charging, and children must be kept away from not touching. If there is real demand, it is recommended to buy a 5V charging electric mosquito racket, which will be relatively safe.

Mobile phones and TVs are the hardest hit areas

In addition to seasonal products such as electric mosquito rackets, the chaos on PDD is also reflected in other products. The author pays attention to mobile phones and TVs on a daily basis, so I will only take these two categories as examples.

cell phone

Time to 2018, science and technology aesthetics has done several live broadcasts, the theme is to buy a mobile phone from PDD, but everyone is happy.

You can see that there are PDD iPhone X, a certain duoduo 7.9 free shipping Apple and the famous Love Love flagship mobile phone.

Take Love Love Mobile as an example, look at everyone’s happy barrage, you will know how much you like this mobile phone. This video has nearly 3 million views, and the barrage has exceeded 70,000, which can be said to have a big impact.

Hot reviews are dropped.

At present, this kind of mobile phone is still popular in PDD, I don’t know what everyone thinks?


If you say it’s 2018, PDD has changed a lot in those two years. Then I had to move out of the video made by watching the review at the beginning of this year – “55-inch 4K TV only needs 1200, can I buy a popular TV in Pinduoduo?”

In the video, the explosive TV collected the size of the virtual standard, the defective panel, the 43-inch version only has 768P resolution, the brightness is too low to less than 100 nits, the screen is dead, and major fire safety hazards… It’s a bit outrageous! It should be emphasized that the monthly sales of these TVs are basically 100,000+.

What’s even more funny is the comment area statement: Uncle bought a Sony 4K TV, just called “Sony 4K” (smile .jpg)

Guide to avoiding pits

In fact, PDD has some gadgets that are good to buy, so how do we avoid pits? The author has three principles, just for reference.

You get what you pay for

You get what you pay for, it’s an immutable truth. Although the business model of the Internet era has changed, the early low-price circle users, the later wool out of the sheep, but consumer behavior can rarely empty gloves white wolves. Many times when I see the word free, the author will consider whether personal information is safe. It’s best not to take chances, greedy for small and cheap and suffer big losses.

Look for the platform

Even if it is Pinduoduo, there are tens of billions of subsidy areas that are relatively reliable. The author checked, there are also electric mosquitoes in it, you can try it, of course, the price will be more expensive. Just like many people buy things and recognize brands, a good platform will indeed save a lot of worry. If you want to avoid pitfalls, you can establish a platform library/brand library for categories of daily consumption, which are all places that you have tried and feel good, which can save a lot of trouble.

Reasonable rights protection

Just like the lawyers mentioned above, we must protect our rights and interests reasonably and legally when necessary. In the process of rights protection, we must collect and preserve evidence; Seek the help of consumer associations or other trade associations to help mediate; In addition, they may complain to the relevant administrative departments or apply for arbitration, and when compelled, they may file a lawsuit in the people’s court to protect their legitimate rights and interests with legal weapons.

Charging head network summary

In fact, electric mosquito rackets are only a very small object in life, but the role that summer can play is very large, so it has formed a large industrial chain. In the comparison of the flagship products of major brands with PDD’s “blockbuster products”, we found some secrets – cutting corners.

It is true that you get what you pay for, and many consumers have a hunch of “garbage” products when they buy such a cheap electric mosquito racket, but they still place an order by chance. In this process, we hardly see the supervision of the platform, and even many times it is conducive to abuse. PDD is growing, many things are also correcting, so I hope it will be “on the right track” as soon as possible and bring real good products to the people!

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