Workwear boots – wear it well, it is a top tough guy, and it is not good to wear it to become a “weak man” in minutes

Soros, a financial tycoon, has asked a very puzzling question

“Which is more expensive, a pair of shoes for $50 or a pair of shoes for $1,000?”

When people answered with great certainty that the latter is expensive, he said, “I think the former is expensive.”

Later, Soros gave an explanation, he has a pair of Italian leather boots worth $1,000, worn for nearly ten years, while his son’s pair of $50 sneakers basically only wears forty or fifty days a year, and at least seven pairs of such shoes a year are bought.

Soros explained that the quality of the shoe determines the value, and when the quality and price match, it is not a loss.

And when it comes to good quality shoes, it must be work boots, durability and versatility are top, and even if it is worn out for a long time, it will not affect the beauty of work boots at all, but add ruggedness.

But many people can always bring out a bit of “sissy” momentum when wearing overalls boots, don’t you think it’s incredible? But it’s true, so why exactly is this the case?

This starts with the choice of boots, if you want to use cargo boots to create a man’s charm, you must choose the workwear boots that suit you.

1. About the choice of work boots

1.1 Style

Work boots are generally high-top, but there are also high and low in the high top, the lower ones can completely cover the ankles, and the higher ones can spread below the calves and stomachs.

And the height of the high-top sole is generally higher than that of the low-top,

So friends who are not very satisfied with their height can pay attention to it.

High-top cargo boots are undoubtedly the most classic style, and they are also very cool and handsome to wear, but because the gang is too high, it can be matched with limited space, more suitable for workwear style and functional wind, more eye-catching, tough and rough atmosphere is also relatively strong.

The low-top is more elegant and casual, more suitable for daily wear, and there are more choices of pants with it, but the roughness is relatively weak, suitable for daily wear.

From the toe toe, the pointed toe is more modern design, and the square toe is more tough.

In terms of color, there are about three common ones,

They are: brown-red, yellow and black, brown-red is mostly leather, with a strong sense of retro; Yellow is more casual and wanton, suitable for some casual styles, black is more stylish.

1.2 Materials

The high quality of cargo boots is mostly due to the material.

Vegetable tanned leather is more common, strong hardness, natural color,

It will tend to be soft with the wearer’s use, but pay attention to the vegetable tanned leather should not be soaked in water, otherwise it is easy to become brittle.

Color change leather is also a relatively common kind of leather, soft texture, will change color due to the stretching of external forces, not really fade over time or something.

Horse hip leather is a kind of top-quality leather,

It has strong tensile and waterproof resistance, and the wear resistance is also relatively high.

Suede cargo boots are also very common, most of them are made of the roughest layer of animal skin, which is very warm, and because it has no luster, it is very rough.

Suede is not as warm as suede and is not waterproof, so if you wear suede boots, try not to step on the snow…

1.3 Process

There is a very practical process in cargo boots, both Goodyear, the so-called Goodyear is to sew the midsole, upper, along the strip on one line, and the along the strip and the outsole on another line, that is, the midsole above and the outsole are separated.

The upper material of cargo boots is generally durable, but the sole cannot withstand years of wear, and with the Goodyear process, you can change the outsole at any time, so that your shoes become new shoes in seconds.

2. About the wearing method of cargo boots

Many friends will struggle with a problem when wearing cargo boots, that is, whether to stuff the pants.

If it is a pants type such as small feet and tight fits, then be sure to tucked into the boots, otherwise it will look like your ankles are thick.

However, this pants look very “girly”, so you can choose denim in the material, and the color is more dark

Finally, with a weighty top, it is best to cover your hips and thighs, which looks more neat and tough.

If it’s a slim fit pants, then you can try stacking. High-top cargo boots have a lot of lace holes, and when matching this pants, you can not wear three or four holes on them, and the pants are all tucked in, and the extra length is stacked to increase the sense of weight.

Of course, slim ones can also pull up their pants, but this comparison tests the figure and is suitable for thin people.

If it is a looser pants, it is a bit exaggerated to stuff the boots, so the editor suggests that for this, you can loosen the pants to expose the edge of the cargo boots.

Finally, if you are really too lazy to think about this problem, then simply buy pants that can just show the boot gang and wear it directly.

The biggest advantage of cargo boots is that they are durable, and they will change more and more rough and tough over time, and their natural retro temperament ensures its classic status in the boot industry, so to speak,

It’s worth more than the $50 sneakers you have to change seven pairs a year.

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