These 3 big brands of old-age walking cars meet the national standard and are available in the city, and it is more assuring to pick up the baby

As a branch of electric vehicles, although it is not yet a mainstream model, because China has 200 million elderly people, if the old era walking car can be well regulated, small connoisseurs believe that it is still a model worth looking forward to.

Of course, as a four-wheeled electric vehicle, the first thing that the old era walking car needs to solve is the problem of standardization, and now the old era walking car basically has no standards in production, and there is no standard on the road, which leads to a good way to solve the travel needs of the elderly, but has always given others a bad impression.

The main reason for this situation is that there is no standard, and this year has ushered in a change, the four-wheel low-speed electric vehicle standard of the old era walking car has been completed in August this year, and it is currently being implemented in an orderly manner, which means that the old era walking car is about to turn.

With the “national standard” of the old era walking car, it has a normative standard in production, among which the most influential for the owner who chooses the vehicle is 4 points;

1. Qualification: Manufactured vehicles must enter the motor vehicle product catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology;

2. Configuration: The battery density of the vehicle is not less than 70WH/kg;

3. Modeling: The maximum size of the vehicle shall not exceed 3500*1500*1700mm, and the weight shall not exceed 750kg;

4. Speed: the maximum speed is within 70 km / h, the speed of 1km driving is not less than 40 km / h, and the acceleration of 0-30 km/h is not more than 10 seconds.

If the vehicle wants to get the qualification on the road, especially in the city with strict management, it must meet the above “national standard”, in the face of the introduction of the standard, the relevant enterprises are naturally very happy, finally take off the hat of “selling illegal cars”, especially the big brand of low-speed electric vehicles, as a capital and powerful enterprise, very want to make a difference in the large market with 200 million potential consumers, so, before the official implementation of the standard release, many brands have launched old era walking cars that meet the “national standard”, Little connoisseurs share with you 3 old era walking cars of big brands, which meet the national standard and are available in cities, and it is more assuring to pick up children.

The first model: Haiquan E7

Cruising range: 130 km

Haiquan is one of the big brands in low-speed electric vehicles, it is located in Shandong, one of the main production bases of low-speed electric vehicles in China, before Haiquan launched Q7, H7, I7 and other models, favored by consumers, and with the advent of the old era of walking car national standard, Haiquan quickly launched this “

Have the right of way and can play cards

“Haiquan E7, and as the official website focuses on the main model.

Haiquan E7 belongs to the new micro-electric model, it has an automotive-grade chassis, line speed, tires and high-strength, collision resistance body, in the quality than the previous non-standard car upgraded a grade, and in the configuration, has a 9-inch display, has an intelligent detection and adjustment of electric vehicle temperature system, so that the battery life, and has a better central control operation driving, larger driving space.

In terms of endurance and speed, in order to meet the speed requirements of the national standard,

The E7 is equipped with a speed of 51 km/h

Although this speed is not fast, but considering that most of the drivers are elderly, and the old era walking cars cannot be elevated and high-speed, this speed is completely sufficient for urban travel,

And the cruising range is 130 km

, for most daily use, it is completely sufficient.

The second model: Yujie Tuyue GB Edition

Cruising range: 150 km

As one of the big brands in low-speed electric vehicles, Yujie has launched two micro-electric models that meet the “national standard” before, respectively, the Yujie Tujun introduced to everyone before, and the other is Yujie Tuyue, these two are classic models of Yujie, and now the national standard version is launched to make consumers more assured to use.

In order to meet the requirements of the national standard for vehicle size, its size is 3378*1500*1500mm, the wheelbase is 2385mm, and the total amount is 700kg, which is lower than the maximum size and weight requirements required by the national standard, and meets the new national standard.

In terms of power,

The vehicle is equipped with a 4000W electric motor

, equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery with higher energy density, although it is a lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate is one of the lithium batteries, a very high degree of safety,

In terms of battery density≥ 185wh/kg, far higher than the 70wh/kg required by the new national standard, and in terms of endurance, it can reach 150 kilometers and the maximum speed is 70 kilometers per hour

Other configurations

: Yujie Tuyue side collision and rear collision have passed the national standards of crash test, standard ABS anti-lock braking system, below the standard speed prompt sound device, MacPherson independent suspension, trailing arm non-independent suspension, so that the vehicle driving more safely, and the vehicle is also equipped

The steering wheel automatically returns to the center, 9-inch intelligent Internet large screen, and electronic gear shifting

and other practical configurations.

The third model: Lichi Chang’e National Standard Edition

Cruising range: 170 km

Litz is a low-speed electric vehicle brand, can enter the top 3 brands, compared to Derwin successfully entered the field of two-wheeled electric vehicles, Reading successfully transformed into the field of new energy vehicles, as an old era walking car started with the Litz, in the traditional old era walking car is facing elimination, it is very passive, so, seize the national standard quality of the micro electric passenger car, is Litz such a focus on four-wheel low-speed electric vehicle brand, important to seize the opportunity, Litz and quickly launched the national standard version of the vehicle.

This Chang’e GB version,

Based on the new “Starry Sky Super Platform”, combined with the travel needs of users and the provisions of the national standard, Litz is the first “mini pure electric passenger car” that meets the national standard

The size of the vehicle is 2998*1498*1585mm, and the wheelbase is 2050mm, which is more compact and suitable for urban travel and picking up children.

Equipped with a high-power permanent magnet synchronous motor, 8.06KWH large-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery, the maximum theoretical endurance can reach 170 kilometers

, this endurance is in the first batch of “national standard” vehicles, currently known to be a very high endurance of a model, of course, its price has reached 27,800, is also in line with the national standard vehicles, a relatively high model, basically and the now hot selling Wuling Hongguang mini EV a grade.

Of course, although the price of this car is not cheap in the old era walking car, it also has a core selling point, that is, its “starry sky platform”, many brands of the national standard version is only in the vehicle many standards to cater to the national standard, but Lichi Chang’e is really a low-speed electric vehicle as a car to carry it, its distance has passed strict high temperature, extremely cold environment testing, moreover, it is also equipped with an automotive-grade “starry sky platform”, the platform is developed by 200 cutting-edge engineers for 2 years, it can be seen, What Litz does is not an upgraded version of the old era walking car, but a real low-speed new energy vehicle.


: The above is the 3 low-speed electric vehicles launched by Yujie, Haiquan, and Litz in line with the “national standard”, and these 3 major brands, are also the current well-known brands of low-speed electric vehicles, small connoisseurs feel that the current old era of walking cars is in a period of transformation, choose these big brand products, especially their products that meet the national standard, so that when used on the road, it will be more assured, no longer have to worry about being restricted and banned, especially in urban travel, it is still necessary to choose national standard models.

So, for the 3 low-speed electric vehicles of Haiquan E7, Yujie Tuyue National Standard Edition, and Lichi Chang’e National Standard Edition, will you choose? Welcome everyone to comment and exchange, pay attention to electric vehicle experts, and share electric vehicle related information and views every day.

In terms of power,

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