There are various soy sauces in supermarkets, which one is the most delicious? Don’t choose the wrong one, no wonder it tastes wrong

Let me tell you something: my brother’s daughter can make soy sauce, and I am still single!

Speaking of soy sauce, in the past, soy sauce was all in bulk, and people needed to carry soy sauce pots to the workshop to beat. So the word soy sauce is to describe the people who used to buy soy sauce. Now the soy sauce in the supermarket is bottled and bottled, and it may not be appropriate to say soy sauce.

I remember that my mother used to tell me to buy soy sauce, when I was a child, there were not many varieties of soy sauce, it was a kind of soy sauce, and there was not even a distinction between old soy sauce and light soy sauce. And now there are too many types of soy sauce, old soy sauce, light soy sauce, extremely delicious, soy sauce…

All kinds of soy sauce, pick and choose, I don’t know which one to buy!

There are all kinds of soy sauce in the supermarket, which one is the most delicious?

The difference between old soy and raw soy smoke:

Old soy and raw soy are actually different in color, and old soy smoke, as the name suggests, is “a little older” than raw soy smoke. That is, the brewing time is longer, the concentration is stronger, and the sauce aroma is heavier.

Generally, some dishes with heavy flavors, such as braised pork and the like, will use old soy sauce, which can be colored to make it more appetizing.

So choose raw or old smoke, there is no need to entangle, generally there is a bottle prepared at home!

In addition to light soy sauce and dark soy sauce, the supermarket also has extremely fresh flavor, seafood soy sauce, straw mushroom soy sauce, steamed fish soy sauce, teriyaki soy sauce, zero added soy sauce, organic soy sauce, etc. How to choose these soy sauces?

In fact, in the past, soy sauce was zero addition, but now people’s tastes are becoming more and more tricky, and soy sauce with good taste will be more popular, but the additive content in soy sauce is ignored.

Therefore, such as extremely fresh taste, steamed fish soy sauce, seafood soy sauce, these are added some ingredients, such as sodium glutamate, disodium nucleotide, potassium sorbate and other additives.

These additives are edible and can increase umami, such as the main component of MSG is sodium glutamate!

So if you want to buy additive-free soy sauce, I recommend this one, zero added soy sauce, the price will be more expensive than ordinary soy sauce. However, it is divided into 180 days and 380 days, and the difference in brewing time is mainly reflected in the aroma concentration of soy sauce, which is thicker at 380 days.

Now the best-selling soy sauce in the supermarket is nothing more than extremely fresh, extremely fresh, as the name suggests, its taste is indeed extremely delicious, and it tastes a little sweet. However, the taste is extremely fresh and suitable as a dipping sauce, such as dipping marinade, shrimp and crab, etc., the taste is more delicious.

Steamed fish soy sauce, suitable for steamed fish, the sweetness of steamed fish soy sauce can double the umami of fish.

Seafood soy sauce, suitable for cooking some seafood, braised fish and the like…

Braised soy sauce, can be used when making braised pork, braised pork ribs and other dishes, it has the umami taste of light soy sauce, but also the concentration of old soy sauce, the braised dish made is flavorful and colorful.

There is also an organic soy sauce, which is actually soy sauce brewed from organic soybeans, which is more expensive than ordinary soy sauce.

Now there are many brands of soy sauce, what brand of soy sauce is better? I will teach you 3 ways to distinguish between good and bad soy sauce!

1. Look at the national standard of soy sauce

The guarantee standard for brewing soy sauce is GB18186-2000

The standard for preparing soy sauce is SB 10336-2000

Therefore, when buying, look at the bottle body marking, choose brewed soy sauce, the quality is better.

2. Look at the amino acid nitrogen content of soy sauce

≥ 0.8g/100ml is a special grade;

≥ 0.7g/100ml is the first grade;

≥ 0.55g/100ml is secondary level;

≥ 0.4g/100ml is tertiary.

3. Look at the foam of soy sauce

Shake the soy sauce, there is foam, and more foam is a good soy sauce. You can also observe the hanging of soy sauce on the wall, and good soy sauce is easy to hang on the wall.

Learn to choose good soy sauce, make dishes more delicious, and people love to eat your dishes more!

There are various soy sauces in supermarkets, which one is the most delicious? Don’t choose the wrong one, no wonder it tastes wrong

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