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Recently, you can see two types of messages in the background and comment area every day. One is to share the latest developments of the epidemic in real time, let me pay attention to protection, thank you for your concern.

There is also a category of comments that are wondering how to become beautiful and want to see various tutorials. Spending more time at home during this time makes it difficult to have a chunk of time to study these. Recently, I can take care of myself seriously, and the beauty equipment at home is also used frequently.

Some time ago, Wang Da R, the island owner and Fox all started a beauty “artifact” that can lift apple muscle, tighten the jawline, and remove nasolabial folds

Moyan beauty device

, took advantage of the holiday to brush up the card, also recommended to you ~ ▼

The first person to advertise it everywhere in the studio was Ah Hua.

Last year, she went on a business trip to the UK, and the local staff saw that she looked tired and suggested that she try FaceGym, a beauty salon in the UK, which has 20 stores throughout London and is quite popular. ▼

The signature item Signature is a 45-minute massage using a moyan beauty device combined with massage techniques, and the listing price is £85. The price is really not cheap, but it is still in short supply every day, and you need to make an appointment in advance.

They were a group of three, and they only got an appointment for one place a day in advance. ▼

Originally, I just came with the mentality of trying it out, but I didn’t expect to be amazed by the effect.

The people who went with her said that the beautician only pressed for less than 5 minutes, and they saw a clear jawline appear on the right side of Ahua’s face, and the nasolabial folds became lighter, which was super amazing~▼

25+ girls must have feelings, and after the age of 25, they can obviously feel that the state of their faces is slowly deteriorating. Apple muscles slip, masseter muscle relaxation, a little inattentive jawline also quietly collapsed, and nasolabial folds and other fine lines… It is necessary to take care of it on time and tighten the muscles.

Sagging apple muscles, deep nasolabial folds, large and small face, forehead lines….. Their facial problems are quite representative, and almost all of the problems of the first and old age that are usually troublesome are accounted for.

How about the specific effect, let’s take a look at their high-definition plain face comparison chart and feelings:

Ah Hua, 30+

The apple muscles are drooping, the cheeks are large, and the nasolabial folds are deep

Every time I send a retouching picture, I can see the three-dimensional face that someone says they envy me, God knows, how much effort has been put into the back of my photography classmates! ▼

Alas, although my face is three-dimensional, but I can’t hang the meat, and the meat on both sides of the cheeks has become more and more obvious in the past two years,

Nasolabial folds

It also got deeper and deeper, especially after staying up late, they all said that I looked like a hamster from a certain angle. ▼

(Photographed at the first stop of the British Shop)

I have also bought several hot beauty devices before, either too troublesome to use, or not good to experience face tingling… In short, it has gradually become idle for various reasons.

Until I used this beauty device of Moyan, it was simply the favorite of the lazy party. There are no complicated preparation steps, as long as it is paired with gel, you can copy it directly when brushing the drama and watching the movie. What’s more, the results are amazing!

Look, after using it a few times, the state of the face is firmer than two years ago,

The nasolabial folds have also become lighter

。 “Rejuvenation overnight”, who can tell that I stayed up until almost dawn the night before? ▼

I used to have a square chin, and I once wanted to go to medical beauty. But the doctors didn’t really recommend me to do it, “Unless you take a thread + filler + chin pad, the effect will not be obvious….”

Now I’m glad I didn’t put my heart into my chin, and my chin became sharp after pushing my chin a few times with moyan, which is better than Ultherapy haha! ▼

What’s more, it’s also very long-lasting.

I used a beauty device before, just used it is changed, but it fell off again in less than an hour, and after using this for most of the day, it is still firm, and the effect is conscientious. ▼

Island owner, 30+

The fleshy face and jawline are not clear

Although I have a fleshy face, but fortunately, the skin is naturally firm, no matter how the weight changes before the age of 30, whether there is serious maintenance, the spirit is always good at a glance.

But to be honest, life after the age of 30 is not so good. I have to work, raise my baby, and deal with household chores, and I don’t get enough sleep almost every day. I was so tired last October that I quietly stopped my fitness class, but I didn’t expect to be asked not long after: “Island owner, are you rebounding?” ”。

Frightened, I quickly asked Ah Hua to borrow moyan to save the emergency. ▼

What I like about Moyan is that although there is a gap between the massage heads, it doesn’t clamp the meat at all, and it is easy to push up. ▼

The jawline is thrusting

Apple muscles should be pushed backhanded

In the past, I preferred expensive skincare products to beauty devices.

You don’t need to take 20 minutes or half an hour, and a few minutes of applying it every day after washing your face will have a good effect. But after the age of 30, I felt that the effect is better with a convenient beauty device + expensive skin care products!

Sometimes my neck hurts when I look down and write for a long time, and I can use it to thin my chin when I raise my head, and I can also soothe my neck by the way~

Every time I get tired, I massage and massage for a while, and the meat on my chin becomes less~▼

I recommend students with the same fleshy face or unclear jawline as me to try. Colleague Kai Kai has very little flesh on his face, but the jawline is not obvious, and it becomes clear and firm after using it once. ▼

: Fox, 25+

: Symptoms of early aging, asymmetry of left and right face, fear of pain

I’m usually quite a “straight man”, I don’t like to wear high heels, I can’t wear makeup, let alone buy any beauty equipment.

But some time ago I took a picture and heard someone say that my face was crooked…. Seriously suspect, this is a time when my teeth were broken and I only chewed something on one side! And recently taken photos, I can faintly see nasolabial folds and marionette patterns, I don’t want to collapse my face!! ▼

My pain is much more sensitive than ordinary people, and I have a natural fear of instrument-like things. Last time they asked me to shoot hair removal, I ran 3 or 4 times….. Moyan was the first instrument that aroused my desire to “really want to have.” ▼

It is quite convenient to use, and after washing your face and applying gel at night, you will push it after 10 minutes

Automatic stop

, it is not troublesome to use at all. What’s more, it has 10 gears of intensity, the first time I opened 2 gears, it really didn’t hurt at all! ▼

Although the official recommendation is to use 5 minutes on each side, but I want to correct the face shape, just use the larger side for 6 minutes, the other side for 4 minutes, charge once for half a month, recently feel that the face shape is becoming more and more standard~

Now you can hardly see the big and small faces, this is the comparison chart taken this morning, using medium intensity (M). After using the nasolabial and marionette lines, it becomes lighter, and the effect is still obvious. ▼

Our company “Liu Haoran”, 25 years old

: Swollen eye bubbles, forehead lines

I heard that everyone fell in love with the same beauty device, and I rushed to the person who had already bought it to borrow (grab) it for the first time~ I originally wanted to try the edema effect, but I didn’t expect to use it once, but the effect of removing swollen eye bubbles is the best. ▼

I have always pursued cost-effective shopping for things, and what I wanted to buy before was given up because I couldn’t use it with my eyes. I looked it up and found that it could be used


Tail of eyes


Brow bone

Well, that’s excellent!

There are a total of ten levels of strength, and it is best to start with 1 gear around the eyes, and if you feel acceptable, slowly adjust upwards. It is also used by the island owner of the swollen eye bubbles, and the eyelids have also become thinner. ▼

Push on the forehead, and the forehead lines become lighter~▼

Check its principle, his family is using the original triple wave triple wave technology, neuromuscular electrical stimulation covers 10Hz to 1700Hz.

It can act deeper than radio frequency and LED, fundamentally adjusting muscles and fascia and tightening the face. ▼

When you turn on the strong gear, the corners of your mouth and eyes will twitch involuntarily, a little numb, but it won’t hurt, it’s quite magical. ▼

Many beauty devices are used for a long time, and the skin tolerance is useless. Moyan is specially designed to have a non-fixed frequency, even if it is used repeatedly for a long time, there is no need to worry about failure. ▼

It also has these advantages

Haha, see if there is grass planted here by their feedback?

I was planted by them before the festival and bought one. I have also been using it for the past few days during the holidays. I also like its design, generous and simple. The buttons are also very simple, the switch, intensity adjustment and indicator light are clear at a glance, and the curvature of the handle is also comfortable to hold. ▼

Its entire machine is made in Japan, and the quality is guaranteed. The design team is Xtreempulse, a well-known medical technology company in the United States, his family specializes in anti-aging, and has cooperated with many large medical beauty institutions in the United States, and also has its own professional medical beauty product line, with a very professional background.

Moyan is their star design item, which has been certified by the US FDA and belongs to the safe and effective Class II medical device. ▼

On Oxford Street in London, England, and Fifth Avenue in New York, many light luxury beauty institutions can see the figure of Moyan beauty device. Vogue, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar and many other magazines have also been specially recommended. ▼

This beauty device has a bottle of matching essence, which is seaweed extract, which not only hydrates and moisturizes, but also has high conductivity, which can ensure that the beauty device exerts maximum effect~▼

However, remind everyone that when using it, do not apply the essence to the whole face first, it will be absorbed quickly.

You can first apply 2-4 drops on the beauty device, then dot 3 drops on half of the face, push and then repeat the massage of the other half, the effect is good and save essence ~ ▼

In addition to the matching essence, they personally tested it when applying a hydrating and moisturizing mask, and they also have the same effect. ▼

It is simple and time-saving to use, use it in the morning, before going to bed or before attending the party to massage for 10 minutes, the three-dimensional face becomes firm in seconds, and it is quite suitable for students with nasolabial folds, sagging apple muscles, and easy to edema to try ~▼

By the way, remind everyone that if there are wounds and acne on the face, it is best to avoid that area, some colleagues have tried, it will be sore and numb, as if bitten by ants

。 In addition, there are the following categories that are not suitable for use:

They had seen that they could buy it in stores in the UK, but the price was not very friendly, 429 pounds (about 3890 yuan). This time I got an exclusive discount for you, and the price of Europe, America and store Double 11 is even cheaper! Moyan Purelift Pro beauty device original price 3499 yuan,


During this period, order to enjoy exclusive prices for Ribeka Liberta

2899 yuan, enough to save 600


And you can also enjoy

6 periods interest-free

2 years free warranty

Lifetime after-sales

! Order remarks

“Ribeka “

A custom cleanser and custom storage bag are also included.

Students who want to copy the password below can get Li Becca exclusive

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Students who place orders, don’t forget to send the screenshot of the order to the background, mark #Mayan#, I will choose 3 students to send a small gift~

Come here today, I wish you all never lose your passion for life and beauty~

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