After Wendi Deng left Regal, life is more exciting! Wear a pink tight dress, young and fashionable

The pink dress is more eye-catching, and after wearing it, it instantly makes female friends turn into pink beauty, but its color is more picky, and it is easy to appear black if you don’t pay attention. Wendi Deng wore a pink dress while traveling and used a hip-wrapping design that outlined her hips. However, this hip wrapping design is not very friendly to female friends with crotch width problems, and it is easy to expose body problems again. The skirt part of this dress still gives Wendi Deng a space left and right of her legs, making her legs more slender. She wore a pair of black high heels to match the dress, because black is a versatile color, so it does not feel obtrusive. 

After Wendi Deng left Regal, life is more exciting! Wear a pink skinny dress, young and stylish! A round neck was used on the upper body, showing the neck, revealing Wendi Deng’s powerful aura, and the sleeves fit her arms better. Slender forearms are revealed. For female friends, this is just enough to show the arm line and leave an impression of a slender figure. The upper part is still more in line with Wendi Deng’s upper body, but fortunately, his upper body does not have much fat, so it will not expose many problems in terms of figure. 

For one-piece pieces, the waist line part is naturally indispensable, and Wendi Deng’s dress also adds a waist line to tighten the waist, showing her slender waist and clearly separating the upper and lower parts. The pear-shaped body can make the waist slimmer under the modification of this belt, but if there is a crotch width problem, it will also be clearly revealed. The belt is black and, pink blended together without much problem. The color difference it forms with pink can help female friends earn more repeat rates. 

The skirt part uses a hip design to outline Wendi Deng’s hip line, showing a little sexy charm. The skirt was part of a straight leg that covered her legs without putting too much pressure or restraint on her legs. Its length is roughly knee level, revealing one of Wendi’s calves. 

Black high heels are better than the color scheme, and black is more versatile. It just echoes the color scheme of Wendi Deng’s belt, and the upper is relatively smooth, without adding extra patterns or decorations. Exposing the toes also allowed the toes to relax well, did not curl up, and slightly modified the ankles with a slotted strap, lining Wendi Deng’s ankle part more slender. The effect of high heels has lengthened her legs again, and it is necessary to use high heels to assist when wearing dresses. Loosening her hair and pulling it aside for a more stylish look, Wendi Deng put on a necklace that complemented the matching well. 

The cheongsam has a large embroidery pattern on it, and Deng Wendi wearing this cheongsam can show the beauty of oriental women. The cheongsam is also a kind of clothing that shows the figure, which can easily show the curves of Wendi Deng’s figure, making her body more bumpy. The length of the cheongsam covers the ankle, and Wendi Deng cleverly paired it with a pair of black high heels to adjust the length slightly. 

The upper body wore an orange-red T-shirt, and the lower body was paired with a green pleated skirt, which gave people a more wonderful feeling with such a contrast. Wearing this pleated skirt is just enough to hide the fat on the legs, and the slimming effect is relatively long. Wendi Deng did not wear high heels, but chose to use small white shoes to embellish himself, adding a bit of casualness and laziness. 

A semi-sheer top with lace elements. The use of this semi-sheer and the high transparency of the tulle material properties are combined. You can vaguely see Wendi Deng’s snow-white skin, and she matched her lower body with a black skirt and added irregular cuts. 

The blue dress has many flowers and crane motifs on it, showing the national style. Blue is also a relatively atmospheric color, which suits Wendi Deng very well, and she took a blue bag, which echoed her dress. 

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