8 fashionable and warm autumn and winter scarves that are so soft that you don’t want to take them off

As a stylish insulating item, scarves are a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. No matter what the style, it can be the finishing touch to the overall look. This time, Ryokura has gathered 8 scarves, including thickened models that can be used as shawls, and trendy styles such as pattern prints, so let’s use them together to break the dullness of autumn!


The “ruining aesthetics” of trendy printing

Looking at more solid colors and want to have some patterns? Then don’t miss the BLACK HEAD smiley scarf. Break the original clothing structure and form the “destruction aesthetics” of the BLACK HEAD style. This scarf is dominated by large silhouettes,

Perfect for extra-long sweater sleeves and cropped coats

The details are printed with a patch cloth and the natural raw edges also show the freedom of 8 0’s. The black and yellow color scheme is very eye-catching, so use it to create your own style this autumn.

There is also a black and gray bright optional monogram tassel scarf, whether it is casually worn around the neck or wrapped and tied, it is very cool.


Couple style thick scarf shawl

Scarves as shawls have long become the norm in the fashion circle, and Ling has designed this scarf with the concept of natural soft, light and comfortable wear

It can be used as both a scarf and a shawl

Handmade pure wool imported from Australia

The design of the tassel adds a sense of movement. Dry cleaning is recommended when washing, and in order to avoid destroying cashmere fibers, hand washing should also avoid dry rubbing as much as possible.

There are many choices of warm, cool, and Christmas colors, so you can wear whatever you wear.

Eat tea and go

Another literary style after MUJI

Following the design style of eating tea, the wool scarf is equally simple and practical. Merino wool from Australia, fineness up to 19.5 microns,

It is easier to curl than ordinary wool, and it is skin-friendly and soft and does not pinch the skin

。 And it feels full, anti-pilling, less peculiar smell, and can also absorb water vapor, volatilize it into the air, keep warm and breathable.

Another scarf specially customized 2/32 long staple cotton wool yarn, using soft cotton from cotton, with traditional textures, warm and gentle. 180cm*28cm length and width,

The thickness is not light, nor too thick, and it is very comfortable


A scarf specially made for children

With the concept of simplicity, fashion and fun, JUZI STORE designs clothing for babies and toddlers aged 0-4 years old, with fabric comfort as the top priority. scarf

Made of 100% cotton

Comfortable, skin-friendly, and good stretch

, can well meet the active nature of children. Three colors of black, white and gray, the small buttons are very delicate.


A combination of classical temperament and futurism

Evening uses a strip of yarn imported from Italy to create this warm, comfortable turtleneck scarf. 35cm*300cm slender model, available in fresh pink and blue, good matching, but also to light up the dullness of autumn and winter.

Atelier Rouge Pékin

Neon wool triangle scarf

Remember the red scarf from your childhood? In fact, with a different fabric and tying, it is the most fashionable accessory. Atelier Rouge Pékin chooses

100% worsted wool for comfort and warmth

。 Coupled with the bold pink and purple color scheme, the finishing touch of autumn and winter is none other than him.

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