Water-soluble colored lead painted like this, the effect is simply beautiful!

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How to draw animal hair


Water-soluble color lead and watercolor combination technique


Tutorials about colored lead are posted every time

Many children’s shoes ask:

Is it OK to combine water-soluble colored lead with water? What are the features?

Of course

How to use it?

Colored lead is easy to produce after applying water


The feeling, transition natural, suitable in

Local transfer

Or draw


When mixed with water,

Especially when drawing details, it should be used with caution.

It can also be watercolor style

Paint one or several colors first

Then use water to dissolve it

It’s also fun to paint it separately like this

Burnt yellow colored lead

Looks like hot pancakes

Yellow mixed with orange

Then dissolve the color with water

It’s like a layer of cake with a juice sauce

The color is like watercolor, sweet and nourishing~

After understanding the water-soluble colored lead technique

Drawing a person’s avatar is easy to get started

There are a lot of dry goods today,


People, animals, flowers

and other step diagrams


People drawing

Illustrator: @小惠画

Every little sister in the pen

It’s simply beautiful

Tools: 190g fine grain watercolor paper from DOVER

Smink 24-color college-grade solid color

Red box Faber-Castell 48 color water-soluble color lead

Little Baiyun, Little Wolf Pencil

This is a backlit piece

It seems difficult to draw

After looking at the step chart

Xiaobai can also counterattack the Great God

Tutorial steps

【Step 1】:

Start the draft, note that it is a horizontal composition


【Step 2】:

A small amount of flesh-colored watercolor is layered with a layer of skin undertone

If there is a color halo coming out, it doesn’t matter, and then cover it with colored lead

【Step 3】:

Wait until the color is dry

Ripe brown + khaki to shape hair with water

【Step 4】:

Secondly, draw the eyes, nose, mouth

Shape the eyes and eyebrows with ochre + black

Eyeballs are colored with white lead or white pigment

The eyeball highlights are brightened with a cherry blossom white highlighter pen

【Step 5】:

Then draw the hair and clothes on the left

The face and hands are slightly outlined with flesh-colored lead

Slightly transition the two cheeks with light magenta colored lead

Leaves the face richer, rosier and more attractive

【Step 6】:

Finally, lightly smudge the background with watercolor

In a few simple steps, the painting is complete

Draw Luhan like this

It’s just handsome

The steps are the same as in the previous figure

Lay your face in flesh color

Then use ultramarine + a small amount of lake blue to shape clothes

Then use a small white cloud dipped in water to smudge

Make the clothes achieve a gradient effect

Hair grouping to portray

Transition layer by layer with colored lead

The hair is very shiny

Characterize the eyes

Ochre + black

The highlight is brightened with a white cherry blossom pen

At this point, due to the previous watercolor covering the facial features

Use dark flesh color lead first

Outline the shape of the nose, mouth, and face

The outline of the garment is outlined with a heavier color

The character shape and the layering of clothes are immediately reflected

Lay your face with watercolor

Then use colored lead for a shallow transition

The character’s skin achieves a perfect, delicate effect

But when using watercolor, the moisture should be well controlled

Wow~ what a beautiful little sister

Let’s take a step-by-step diagram of a group of little girls

Hrizan | Illustrator

Weibo name: @沁风

“Big Eye Girl”

This group is more detailed

The whole process teaches you how to shape and determine the proportion of facial features

Tools: Allies Powder + Thunderbolt Horse + Sketch Paper

Zoom in to see the eye area

Such hair can first be used to lay a layer of base color with colored chalk

Tile it again with black + red + ochre

Finally, the ends of the hair are outlined with colored lead

The color achieves a gradient fluffiness

Color pink + color lead combined to paint hair, vivid and charming

You can try it yourself

Colored lead painting zodiac sign series

Water-soluble colored lead teaches you to draw elegant anime illustration beauties

Weibo name: @kekebaby

How fascinating are her paintings?

Kekebaby just uploaded his work to the site

In three days, it has more than 800,000 popularity

Aquarius (repainted girl version)









Allium orchids


Animal series

Hair has always been the most difficult technique for friends to perform

How to draw hair?

After watching this group

You can pretend to be forced in the circle of friends

The author is from: Da Meng Yuan, who loves to draw


















Floral collection

Munch sketch paper, Faber-Castell classic 48 color lead

Teach you how to flower one

“Blue Goblin”

The author is from: super super green onions

90s boy, a crazy illustrator

With a blue demon Ji, he captured more than four million people

The painting process

Finished draft


He paints with tools such as oil, water-soluble, watercolor, cotton swabs, etc

Process playback

Another wave of practical dry goods

Do the little angels like it

Tutorial steps








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