Don’t just wear Martin boots in autumn, this year “naked boots” are popular, and even the temperament with a trench coat has become more advanced

Wearing a layer of unchanged Martin boots every autumn, in fact, I have long been tired of it! Why not try naked boots that look slimmer and taller this fall?

Compared to traditional Martin boots, naked boots have more fashion possibilities. The traditional Martin boot design is too bulky and complicated, which has limitations for many girls with thick legs and short legs.

Naked boots not only have the versatile personality of Martin boots, but also have a simpler design and more decorative legs, and are full of awe.

A pair of naked boots is a must-have this fall!

First>> Take a look at the colorful world of naked boots

First, classify according to color

1. The most classic black and white colorless naked boots

The most classic is the most versatile, and you don’t have to worry about becoming outdated.

Black naked boots are low-key and aura, and any trench coat will add to the overall texture.

The white naked boots are more fresh and can stand out at a glance in the crowd.

Paired with a dark trench coat will have a strong visual impact and bring surprises to the dull autumn and winter. With a light-colored trench coat, the overall temperament is natural.

2. The tallest, earthy and skin-colored naked boots with similar skin tones

Earth tones and skin tone naked boots that are close to the color of the skin are a boon for small people and girls with short legs.

Paired with a mid-length trench coat that is near the calf, it is even more impressive.

One more whisper:

Choose a pointed toe design, the naked boots with heels show the height effect is more obvious~

With a loose trench coat, wear it directly with bare legs, and easily harvest one meter eight long legs!

3. Dark naked boots with a bit of design but not too ostentatious

Dark naked boots are recommended to choose burgundy, dark brown, dark green and dark blue, which are classic and versatile colors.

With a trench coat, let the matching have a little sense of design, but not overly ostentatious, is a low-key good-looking, but also a treasure naked boot that can stand out from the crowd.

Second, according to the material classification

1. Gorgeous sexy velvet naked boots

Velvet naked boots have a soft texture, excellent comfort on the feet, and the swollen material has an autumn and winter atmosphere, and gives a carefully selected sense of gorgeousness, which is a must-have for sexy and temperamental girls.

Black velvet naked boots and red skirt contrast, paired with a classic khaki trench coat, are unexpected fashion; Discreet brown velvet naked boots fill the autumn and winter atmosphere, and with an army-green trench coat, autumn seems to be around you.

2. Delicate and high-grade matte soft leather naked boots

Naked boots made of matte soft leather can be used in a wider range

, in the eyes of the public is also more widely accepted, regardless of whether young or old can wear it to a good effect.

Naked shoes of matte material are usually delicate leather, with a light floral skirt, and a khaki trench coat that is necessary for autumn, you are the most beautiful literary girl this autumn and winter~

3. Stylish lacquered hard leather naked boots

Bare boots made of patent leather are usually stiff, so it is more suitable to choose a loose fit.

This way it will be more comfortable to wear and will not grind your feet.

The patent leather naked boots themselves have a reflective effect, which is more fashionable and individualized than the previous two naked boots, and is more eye-catching; So

, whether it is a tall girl or a short girl wearing, the overall look is more prominent.

If the small man must choose patent leather naked boots,

Naked boots with a pointed toe are more recommended.

Second>> choose your favorite pair of naked boots

One: pursue a sense of experience and choose comfort

Toe toe selection

In line with the curve of its own foot, the leather should be as soft as possible

, this type of naked boots has a stronger fit on the foot, it will be more comfortable to wear, even if it is worn for a long time, there will be no tired feet, grinding of feet.

The width of the shoe barrel should be about 0.5-1cm after wearing naked boots.

Too tight naked boots will be easy to strangle the feet, too loose naked boots will not fit when walking, like this not wide and not tight shoe width takes into account both aesthetic and comfortable characteristics, super recommended, sisters choose!

Second: the pursuit of thin and tall characteristics

The height of the shoe barrel is just enough to reach the ankle,

At this time, the naked boots are stuck in the slimmest position of the legs, and even elephant legs can wear chopstick legs.

The heel should be 2-4cm medium and low heel,

A heel that is too high will create too strong a presence and will appear short. At the same time, it should be noted that

Do not choose naked boots with thick soles and high platforms, the height difference between the forefoot and the back sole of the sole is the highest.

Third>> take a look at how naked boots shine with a trench coat

One: Wear a sense of premium

If you want to dress high-end, you have to mention the same color wearing method underneath.

Choose an attractive, low-key and very white color as the main color inside,

Then distinguish the layers by the tightness of the upper and lower garments, the lightness of the material, and the shade of color.

At this time, let’s put on the most classic khaki loose trench coat, with naked boots similar to the color underneath,

Minimize the appearance of color and ensure the simplicity of color,

You will look advanced.

Example: Black sweater with dark blue jeans

Sweaters and jeans are the most classic and basic pieces, and when combined with a trench coat and naked boots, you can’t go wrong and feel generous.

The black sweater contrasts with the skin tone and is super white.

Straight-leg jeans with slim naked boots contrast with a loose trench coat for a super slim look and a great look.

Two: wear a sense of atmosphere

The display of the sense of atmosphere has two aspects,

On the one hand, through colors, and on the other, through the combination of multiple accessories and clothing styles.

Brown is the most representative autumn and winter color, the ancient saying “a leaf knows autumn”, and in the fashion industry, wearing brown and a trench coat represents the arrival of autumn. Brown trench coat with dark brown pants and naked boots in the same color, scarf, gold earrings, and literary berets, the whole person is tightly enveloped by the autumn and winter atmosphere.

Three: Wear a sense of youth and fashion

How do you wear a trench coat and naked boots with a youthful and fashionable feel? You can try it from the following aspects:

1. Choose a small area of color, use it to contrast and match in the basic color,

Wear it with a stylish and lively feeling, like the red naked boots above, with a brown trench coat.

2. Add a small amount of popular elements to the basic trench coat and naked boots

, such as zebra prints, metal accessories, etc.

3. If the design of the trench coat, naked boots and the inner layer are very basic, then it can be done by partial clothing or elastic combination

To create a sense of youth and surprise.

The End>>

Naked boots and a trench coat are a bright color in autumn and a beautiful sight on the street.

can make the small man counterattack to one meter and seven tall; can transform a slightly chubby girl into a perfect goddess with a devil body; Can make your temperament rub up, become the perfect goddess of autumn fairy matching – naked boots with a trench coat, if you don’t try it will be too late~

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