Grab the benefits and protect the safety! Yaohan launched the “advanced cloud sales” for the first time at the end of the year, broadening the “battlefield” and lengthening the “front”

The end of the year is approaching, and the promotion war of Shencheng’s old department stores has begun. “China First Commercial Street” has just announced the “One Group Purchase Coupon, Buy All Over Nanjing Road” campaign, and Pudong No. 1 Yaohan’s year-end promotional dinner has also been served in advance.

The reporter learned that in addition to the traditional “500/600 get 300” full gift activity, this year Yaohan also through the “advanced cloud sales” method, combined with online and offline promotions, broadened the battlefield and lengthened the front, as far as possible to avoid large passenger flow gathering.

Get 300 free over 500, and the offline discount continues to have high gold content

Although December 31 is the right day for offline promotions, walking into Yaohan these days can already clearly feel the welcome promotion atmosphere of each brand’s counter. Stacked cartons can be seen everywhere in the sports area on the sixth floor, and many stores have announced the discount of the welcome promotion in advance.

On the first floor, a notice board of “2 folds in the whole scene” was erected at the door of the COACH store, and citizen Ms. Liu took advantage of Friday morning to come to proof, and under the guidance of the clerk, she rushed straight to the 2-fold shelf, a small shoulder bag original price of 4950 yuan, only more than 900 yuan after folding. “It’s really a good deal, I come to visit at the end of each year, and I also have a selection of discount items,” Ms. Liu said, “Coming in advance to proof, settle accounts, and even book in advance can save a lot of time on the day of the December 31 sale.

The reporter learned that this year, Yaohan still adopted the one-time payment of 500 yuan for Class A goods and 600 yuan for Class C goods to get 300 yuan coupons, and also continued the “high gold content” of coupons – including gold bars, Apple mobile phones, watches, jewelry and other categories almost achieved the collection of coupons on the spot, “For example, if you buy winter clothes and spend 50,000 yuan, you can get 30,000 yuan coupons, which is equivalent to giving a gold bar.” Most of the participating brands also came up with the season’s new models, which is also the most important and popular place for our annual welcome promotion. However, popular products such as gold bars and mobile phones still need to be purchased by lottery,” said the person in charge.

The combination of online and offline broadens the battlefield and lengthens the front

While the intensity of the event continues to be classic, during the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, this year, Yaohan is also considering broadening the battlefield of promotional activities and lengthening the front through a combination of online and offline methods.

For example, from December 25 to December 30, citizens can participate in the “Advanced Cloud Sale” activity through the Yaohan online cloud store of the “iBailian” APP. Different from the offline “full gift” activity, the online promotion adopts the model of “clear discount and clear button”, for example, the shopping mall coordinates and communicates with 25 beauty brands in advance, matches more than 100 value-added sets, ships from the counter, and gives 20% off on the basis of the set discount, and some also have small sample gifts.

The reporter saw on the event page that “advanced cloud sales” beauty and skin care products include LAMER repair and skin care sets, Helena black bandages and so on. In addition, there are more than 100 popular product styles including clothing, sports, children, home and other categories, and the minimum discount can be given 2%.

Strictly implement epidemic prevention requirements and avoid the gathering of people

“The online cloud sales model was introduced for the first time, on the one hand, considering that it is not convenient for old customers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang to travel to and from Shanghai in the near future, so they can buy through the cloud store and enjoy the service of free home delivery,” the relevant person in charge told reporters, on the other hand, it is still hoped that the drainage will be achieved as much as possible to avoid the gathering of people on December 31.

The reporter learned that in order to strictly implement the epidemic prevention requirements, on the day of the event, in addition to maintaining the temperature measurement at the entrance, verifying the Suishen code, and the “three-piece set” of iron horse guardrail, Yaohan will also add safety inspectors patrolling each floor to remind customers to wear masks, maintain social distance, and pay attention to the one-meter line when paying. In addition, the frequency of disinfection has been stepped up in the mall, and all staff have started personal health monitoring for 14 days in advance.

After the year-end promotion is the New Year’s Day holiday, the general public needs to pay more attention to personal protection in daily life and travel, maintain a safe distance, and have a safe and secure holiday.

Source: Thoughtful Shanghai

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