|Make clothes|0 basic play sewing–Antique Hanfu cotton jacket, New Year greeting clothes (common to men and women)

In order to welcome the New Year, our friends in the group began to make New Year clothes for the babies, and a link from Xiaohuang Mama made the sisters in the group laugh!

Female mothers are anxious: “One piece is cuter than another, which one should I buy?” ”

The anxiety of the male treasure mothers is: “One thing is more ugly than another, and the style of the silly son of the landlord family is properly dropped!” Looking through Taobao, I really feel the same way!

Anyway, we will do it ourselves, it will be more willful, we can carry out the transformation according to our own ideas! Clothing is the same as food, eating all the mountains and seafood, only to feel that coarse tea and light rice also have a special taste!

In this era of faster and faster life, people began to yearn for the simple and slow-paced lifestyle of ancient times. Therefore, Hanfu is also liked by more and more people. Traditional handicrafts are also becoming more and more popular. Each stitch expresses the mothers’ full love for their children, and the stitch and thread experience the breadth and depth of Chinese culture. Handicraft is not only a creation, but also a healing, in the world of flying needles and threads, you can make your impetuous soul quiet and peaceful! Seeing every piece I have created is full of a sense of achievement and happiness! Let’s plate a traditional semi-handmade Hanfu cotton jacket!

Style analysis: the classic men’s and women’s treasures are universal, the lacing design has a more original taste, and the size can be flexibly adjusted at will, which is more practical!

The inner tank is pure natural combed cotton, soft and warm, especially suitable for babies, plus mesh cloth wrapped cotton wool details, not only easy to sewing, but also easy to take care of, machine washing is no problem! You can quilt cotton by machine, but it is recommended to make it softer and more comfortable by hand!

The pocket is practical, the slit looks good, and more importantly, it brings in more sewing details for everyone! This mapping is super simple, adults can bring in their own data drawings can be done, give you some mom version of the extended pictures, everyone create their own! Need a crop to chat with me privately!

Material preparation:

120# Materials:

Fabrics: Tang loading, cotton and linen, lamb wool, wool… Both 75 doors are 2 meters wide

Lining, bie: satin 145 width 1.5 meters

Mesh cloth: As long as it is a very thin fabric, it can be 1.2 meters


Combed cotton: Spread it as you wish, and don’t be too reluctant, especially the sleeves

Cotton laying: enough for the length of the collar

Sewing details: Sewing has a detailed video, the trouble is the handmade cotton liner, and the other machine operation part is very simple!

Adhesive parts: collar, open bag, bag patch, collar, tie, cuff welt (adhesive part trimming, made more standard, more beautiful)

2. Fasten all welts and pocket strips.

3. After sewing the clip, attach the welt of the slit and hem.

4. Make ties and collars (press 1cm decorative thread).

5. Open pockets. (on the video page)

6. Fix the tie and attach the collar

7. First put the cuff clip, and press 0.1 line into the clip backwards, which can prevent the clip from being turned out.

8. Then set the hem and slit position, stitch the face, inside seam and the bottom of the sleeve to the slit position, leave a 15~20cm flip mouth on the sleeve, and fix the slit position with a backward needle.

9. The placket and collar in the sleeve are circled, and the knife eye is punched where there is a curve.

10. Sealed, finished!

Adhere to original sharing, share bits and pieces about making clothes every day, and remember to pay attention to relatives who have common hobbies! I have a special favorite model in the comment area to leave a message to me!

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