To tell you the truth, you can’t look at taking stock with a car cushion

Summer is getting closer and closer, how can you, who cherish cars, watch the car seat still empty? So at this time, for you who love yourself and for you who love your family, choose a set of affordable car mattresses to keep you refreshed and accompanied. But there are some materials

Car cushions should be considered clearly when buying

, the following Xiaobian will take an inventory for you.

Jade car cushion

If the car is cold air conditioning, jade

Car cushions

It becomes very cold, sometimes even 1-2 degrees lower than the temperature of the air outlet. If you do not choose your bearings when parking, and you are exposed to the sun,

It will be very tricky, and the principle is the same as reaching 50 degrees on the ground in summer. To buy this kind of cushion, you must do a good job of summer car sun protection, put a sunscreen film in the car, and try to park in the shade when parking.

Bamboo woven car cushion

The biggest disadvantage is that it is not breathable, the hotter it is when sitting without turning on the air conditioner, and the driver will often move around the seat, if you choose a mahjong bamboo mat, when driving around, you may feel uncomfortable, and it is easy to damage the leather seat. If the car owner wants to buy a well-maintained cushion, then the bamboo woven car cushion is definitely the first choice, easy to clean.

Buffalo leather car cushion

It is expensive and grade, is the coolest car cushion, but it is often the most expensive, must be the choice of rich and handsome, and the care of buffalo leather is more laborious, after the summer has passed, it needs to be oiled before storage, and it needs to be cleaned before the second year of use. Xiaobian suggests that there is no need for owners who drive ordinary cars to buy, because it is time-consuming, laborious and costly, and it is not enough to toss.

Paper seat cushion

Pour the bleached waste pulp directly into the mold. Merchants sell it, saying that it is a high-end car

Seat cushion

, what plant fiber, but also sell 300-400 yuan, the biggest advantage, no-wash.

Conclusion: According to Xiaobian’s understanding, when buying car cushions in summer, most car owners will prefer ice silk and linen car cushions, because they are durable, universal in all seasons, cushions do not need to buy too much, buy their comfortable cushions is done, the price and material, everything is floating clouds.

Jade car cushion

Bamboo woven car cushion

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