The time classification table of children’s clothing knowledge that novices must know and master

☑️ The golden period for the opening of children’s clothing stores

☑️ New clearance schedule on physical stores

☑️ New clearance schedule in the wholesale market

Children’s clothing opening schedule

It is recommended that everyone open on the eve of the peak season

April ~ May is the peak summer season

October~November is the peak winter season

So the opening time can be set

March~April or July~August every year

March~April is the time for spring and summer models

The price is low and the pressure of inventory is small

July ~ August is the time for the new autumn model

You can take the autumn model to practice your hands

Greet the autumn and winter season that follows

The right time is chosen, and you can do more with less

Don’t miss these two golden periods!!!

New clearance schedule in the wholesale market

February spring clothes after rain (spring clothes new)

Long sleeves changed to short sleeves in March (new summer clothes)

T-shirts all over the ground in April (summer peak season)

Summer clothing prices are best in May (summer season)

June market starts to kick (summer clothes ready to be processed)

July is summer vacation (summer clothes are being processed)

August long sleeves from the return show (new in autumn clothes)

Cool autumn breeze in the warehouse in September (autumn clothing is removed from the shelves)

October market hanging jackets (winter clothing season)

Difficult to relax in November (winter season)

December market north cool (winter preparation treatment)

End-of-January clearance (ultra-low processing)

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