Mom’s “cotton vest”

The snowflakes outside the window remind me of going to the city to buy oil in 88 years of pregnancy, and I lamented that my daughter was a mother’s “little cotton jacket”, but I said

The son is the mother’s “cotton vest”

。 Getting pregnant in October is really not easy.

(1) Falling from a donkey cart containing wheat

I got married at the beginning of 87, the subject was working in the township at that time, and went home once a weekend, when the wheat was autumn, I was just pregnant, just in time for both of us to take vacation, so I helped the family to collect wheat, the object chased a donkey cart full of wheat, afraid that I was tired of walking, so I also let me sit on the wheat cart, the car bumped back and forth, just walked not far, I was chopped off the wheat by the donkey cart, I don’t know who told my mother-in-law, the angry mother-in-law with a chicken feather duster was about to hit my object, and quickly found a doctor to protect my fetus and calm my spirit, I lay motionless at home for a week before going to work.

(2) Falling on the podium

After the Mai holiday, I went back to school to teach the students, one early morning I seemed to hear someone calling me in a dream, shouted several times I didn’t agree, in the morning class, I always thought about this, the second class was just halfway, I don’t know what happened I split a fork in the classroom and fell on the podium, so I went to the hospital three times five divided by two to check the fetus, took a lot of fetal protection medicine, but I firmly believe that my child will be fine, healthy and healthy, he is testing his mother’s love for him.

(3) Go to the city to buy oil in the snow

After two falls on the head, it is said that it should be remembered for a long time, pregnancy and miscarriage are not trivial, you must be careful, or how can I say that I am a two knives without heart and lungs? I didn’t go to my heart at all, I went my own way. When I was eight months pregnant, we had a heavy snowfall, the road was ice, I couldn’t ride at all, we both had no cooking oil at all, I asked my object to buy, he said there was no time, but I couldn’t eat this meal, so I even pushed and rode with my own belt, and even climbed with a big belly to buy oil in the city, after buying it back, my object didn’t believe it at all, he said that it was really you who rode a bicycle, I said what is impossible, in order to add some nutrition to the child, but also for me to solve the hunger, I can’t bear it, I think my child must support his mother.

(4) When he was in labor, he was reluctant to leave his mother

According to the expected date of delivery, it should be the end of the month and the beginning of the first month. But it’s all into February, I didn’t react at all, just when the school set aside a vegetable field for each married teacher, I wanted to wait until the ground was sorted out and planted before going to the hospital, my mother-in-law didn’t hear a little news that I was going to give birth in her hometown, afraid of accidents, I had to let her son pull me from school and go to the hospital to wait for the birth, I was also thinking, why other people’s children, until the days are scrambling, come out of the mother’s womb to meet their mother, is my child afraid of shyness? He refused to see me for a long time, in order to see me quickly

My son (do B ultrasound), I drank a lot of castor oil, and used soapy water enemas, plus oxytocic injections, you are belated, weigh 7.8 pounds, not fat or thin.

People say that it is difficult to raise a child, and only when raising a child does it know the grace of the parents, but only the mother knows that it is really not easy to be pregnant for ten months, and you are unwilling to leave as a mother?

The son knows that it is not easy for his mother to conceive in October, he has studied very hard since he was a child, although his grades are average, but he has never worried me about studying, and after graduating from university, he was successfully admitted to the civil service, married a wife and had children, may his son and daughter-in-law have a successful career, and his grandson will progress in his studies! May our home be warm and happy and prosperous!

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