6, 70-year-old uncle, what shoes to wear in autumn and winter? Compared to older cotton shoes, sneakers look younger

As the saying goes: people need to protect their feet, and shoes, as a “natural barrier” for feet, play a key role in the health of the elderly. In autumn and winter, many elderly people will choose leather shoes or cotton shoes, but in fact, sports shoes are younger and can protect the feet well.

Of course, for 6 or 70-year-old uncles, wearing sneakers is also particular, whether it is the choice or matching, you must be extra cautious. Then the question arises:

How should seniors wear sneakers? What kind of sneakers to wear?

Choose the right style

When choosing sports shoes, if the elderly men have weak wearing skills and fashion expression, they can choose the most conservative style.

Like the hot little white shoes, the basic fit is simple but fashionable, and any style can be controlled. With a denim suit that can choose the same style attributes, the overall look is casual and fashionable, and it looks very young.

Clever color matching

Shoes play a key role in styling, although not as eye-catching as clothes and pants, but if you want to improve the overall fashion finish, you must also work color matching.

The color of the sneakers echoes the color of the top, the highly saturated orange brings out the vitality, with black casual sweatpants, the use of black transition to avoid giving people the impression of forced dressing, the combination of cold and warm colors to refuse aesthetic fatigue.

Mix and match styles

Different from young people, 6 and 70-year-old uncles wear sneakers, the most taboo is to match the same style of clothing items, lack of characteristic personality is also easy to lose the maturity and stability that older men should have.

A black hooded jacket paired with blue jeans and a pair of white sneakers, the chic casual mix and match style shows vitality while retaining the taste of men of this age.

Autumn and winter wear should be both warm and not lack of fashion, the dressing gown mix breaks the conventional way of wearing, the printed dressing gown is paired with a red sweater to create a stylish layering effect, and the lower body is paired with gray trousers and sneakers, semi-formal and semi-casual mixing style is handsome and domineering.

A brand of sneakers for seniors


As the most influential sports brand in the world, Nike’s sneakers are very diversified in styles to meet the needs of different ages. Take Owen 6 as an example, the domineering shoe shape with a cold and warm color scheme, fashionable age reduction without losing taste, with sweater jackets and corset sweatpants, sports casual mixed style makes the overall look handsome and graceful.

2) Onizuka Tora

Onizuka Tiger’s sports running shoe series, the overall design style is relatively popular, in line with the Asian foot shape of the shoe shape, to meet the wearing comfort and fashion needs. The collision rate of shoes of this brand is still quite high, so the elderly should pay attention to color matching when choosing, compared with the basic color, green appears more young and fashionable, with low saturation color clothing, the combination of cold and warm colors will basically not go wrong.


There is no shortage of people of any age who love to pursue fashion trends, although “big logo” is not advocated in elderly wear, but some items do not look tacky even if they are done fancy. Like the retro casual sneakers co-branded by Gucci and Disney, the iconic Mickey pattern, red and green stripes are presented on the shoe body, and paired with a large logo sports suit, creating a gorgeous visual sense.


Salomon sneakers integrate the genes of “daddy shoes” and “outdoor shoes”, without the conventional shape of sneakers, and even added to the ranks of “ugly shoes”, but it has created its niche appearance that is not easy to collide. With a suit and a casual business look, older men wear it with a very personal personality.

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