Rose gold, make your gestures beautiful

Little fox fashion earrings

The shape of the fox teardrop, unique and novel, design fashion trend; Made of 925 healthy material, not easy to fade, not easy to hurt the skin, hypoallergenic, comfortable to wear, healthy and beautiful.

Skeleton camellia ring

This ring has been finely polished many times, and the surface is smooth without trachoma, flat and without protrusions; Practical high-end mirror polishing technology makes the baby’s surface more glossy and textured, comfortable and fashionable to wear.

Rose gold fox stud earrings

Made of rose gold, this fox-shaped stud earring, small and delicate, with fine workmanship, shows the sexy side of the little woman, beautiful and moving.

Clover pendant

The classic four-leaf clover shape, triple-plated with 18K real gold, is long-lasting color retention, finely made, stylish to wear and good health.

Rose gold twist bracelet

The bracelet is plated with real gold and set with Austrian rhinestones, and the twist-like bracelet is classic and fashionable, a stylish gadget to wear in summer

Rose gold fashion anklets

The anklet adopts German high-fidelity electroplating process, the anklet is full of luster, shining dazzling, fashionable and fresh, it is a beautiful little thing to decorate the feet in summer.

Titanium steel-plated rose gold couple ring

A delicate couple ring, small and simple, well-made, fashionable and stylish on the hand, symbolizing the strong friendship between couples.

Crystal earrings with tassel stud earrings

Exquisite crystal earrings, with tassel design, simple and unique, fashionable and novel, full of sweet femininity, elegant you must not miss.

925 silver rose gold luscious stud earrings

Inspired by the shape of diamonds, this stud earring, with a simple diamond image, I believe every girl wants to have a diamond, this one is set with 15 zircon stones, it shines extraordinarily.

Robotic cat collarbone chain

The cute robot cat shape, cute and vivid, lively image, hung around the neck as a pendant, showing the innocence and cuteness of the little girl, fashionable and age-reduced.

Rose gold four-leaf clover pendant

The lucky four-leaf clover represents love, hope, confidence, luck, wear it around your neck, let good luck always accompany you, bring you unlimited hope and courage.

Pearl personality exaggerated bracelet

A classic pearl bracelet, made of two pearls of different sizes, and then strung together with a rose gold bracelet, and worn on the hand to show the elegant and noble temperament.

Rose gold pearl earrings

Stylish rose gold pearl earrings, two large pearls show the noble temperament, rose gold decoration is the icing on the cake, wear it is full of femininity.

18K rose gold ring

The simple and atmospheric 18K rose gold ring, unique and thoughtful design, create your own couple ring, express the couple’s strong love before.

Titanium steel 18K rose gold lucky square collarbone chain

Lucky Squared necklace, unique and innovative, made with meticulous craftsmanship, stylish and brandish, suitable for any occasion.

Rose gold gold earrings

This carefully crafted rose gold earring, fashionable, simple, atmospheric, avant-garde, its exquisite and meticulous, suitable for public taste, long hair fluttering women are more suitable to wear, more highlight the beauty of women.

Natural prehnite ring

Selected high-quality natural prehnite, made using the latest setting technology, the gemstone is perfectly cut, the face is stunning, simple but atmospheric, full of nobility, full of femininity.

Necklace in rose gold letters

Stylish and versatile O-chain, with the addition of adjustable tail chain, confident and free, shining and moving; Made from high-quality 18K rose gold, the product is exquisitely crafted and every detail is almost perfect, suitable for those who seek perfection.

18K rose gold fashion anklet

Made of rose gold, this copper money anklet is stylish and beautiful, showing the slender ankle, sweet and attractive, comfortable and beautiful to wear.

18K yellow gold O-chain

A versatile 18K O-chain, simple and atmospheric on the grade, fashionable and versatile, shiny and exquisite, complete buckle design, firm and strong, symbolizing complete interlocking, happiness connection.

Versatile daisy crystal stud earrings

Exquisite daisy crystal stud earrings, made of German polishing technology to ensure that there are no sand marks and no protrusions on the surface of the product; Choose Swarovski crystals that sparkle and shine.

18K gold hollow heart ring

Fashionable and versatile heart-shaped design, unique personality, 11 love hearts on the ring arranged at once, meaning a lifetime, single-mindedness, is the best gift for the beloved TA.

Rose gold gold stud earrings

Made with traditional Italian craftsmanship, every detail has been meticulously carved by masters, polished countless times to present a perfect luster, and the stylish shape allows you to lock in the eyes of everyone, swaying your posture and showing feminine charm.

Stylish rose gold-plated clover stud earrings

Exquisite four-leaf clover shape, inlaid with black natural agate in the middle, exquisite and fashionable appearance, comfortable to wear, healthy and beautiful, a must-have jewelry for trendy women.

18K rose gold ear diamonds

Fashionable and versatile gold ear diamonds, extremely feminine with a brilliant luster of personality, luxury without losing the feminine temperament, let you lock everyone’s attention and become the focus of the audience.

Stylish rose gold stud earrings

Stylish and simple rose gold stud earrings, simple but fashionable, fashionable and beautiful to wear, full of cute little woman flavor.

Butterfly 10K rose gold pendant

Exquisite butterfly shape, simple and unique design without losing fashion, elegant and noble to wear, showing the infinite charm of women, let you become the focus of attention.

Beautiful key pendant

Exquisite key-shaped pendants, tiny owls are cute and vivid, beautifully made, and are the first choice for girlfriends and wives.

Q version kitten rose gold pendant

A cute kitten-shaped pendant, worn around the neck to show a sexy collarbone, playful and cute, full of femininity.

Rose gold stud earrings

Exquisite rose gold stud earrings, small and delicate, fine workmanship, shiny and crystalline, full of feminine femininity.

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