A cardigan series that is not tanned and beautiful


First of all, sun protection is really important! Many girls are young, tender, go out without umbrellas or sunglasses, and let themselves be completely bathed in the warm sun – wait for sunspots after the age of 25, wait for fine lines at the corners of the eyes after the age of 30, hum! There are a lot of sunscreen clothing, but not many fashionable, 1 spring and autumn thin long jacket is a good choice, slim and easy to get up. It can protect against ultraviolet rays and get various types of cardigans.

NO.1 Flared lace with round neck shiny silk cardigan

 Rose red and white, recommended rose red ~ real rose red, temperament royal sister model ~

NO.2 Black mesh sunscreen cardigan

  Pine Korean gauze literary retro cardigan, handmade coil buttons, antique style trim, loose and casual fit, large A-line shape, sheer, need to be matched with bottom suspenders or vests, it’s so sexy.

NO.3 Red plaid mid-length straight-leg long-sleeved shirt sunscreen clothing

  Pretty temperamental. The fabric is good, breathable and drape

NO.4 Mid-length loose plus-size chiffon cardigan

 It feels like you’re going to fly, don’t wear it beautifully…

NO.5 Original design Japanese style cotton and linen loose Japanese style cardigan

 A little thickness of cotton and linen. Wearing a cloth coat, being in the heart of mortal dust is like entering a fairyland, bamboo cotton and linen fabric, fine and soft, with a strong sense of drape.

NO.6 Patchwork cardigan

 The décor is beautiful, and the fabric is very draped and soft.

NO.7 Waist drawstring lace openwork cardigan

 The clothes are more flowy to wear, fat and thin can be worn, very fairy.

NO.8 Long sleeve loose knit midi cardigan

 163cm worn a little above the knee, the material is soft and smooth! Lots of elasticity and comfort! The material has a slight luster and is very temperamental!

NO.9 Super beautiful temperament cardigan

It is a high-grade linen that has both a sense of drape and volume, but also cool and smooth and breathable, a must for indoor air conditioning in summer, and can also be used as a sunscreen shirt, which can be worn until autumn The style is simple, atmospheric fit, and the upper body is very beautiful. Both colors are temperamental, really great and fabulous!

NO.10 Original European and American fan fringed mid-length lace sunscreen cardigan jacket

 European and American fringed mid-length lace sunscreen cardigan jacket

Unique style, high-end material and workmanship~

NO.11 Japanese text LOGO simple short kimono jacket

  Wear a material that feels good and is not very hot

NO.12 Large V-neck thin linen knitted cardigan

 Knitted cardigan women’s summer sunscreen ultra-thin top small shawl looks thin

NO.13 A fashionable and refreshing cotton and linen knitted long cardigan with a high practical feel at the moment

 A fashionable and refreshing cotton and linen knit long cardigan with a very practical feel

NO.14 Classical Chinese style coiled button kaftan modified Hanfu pants cardigan

 The fabric of the clothes is soft and comfortable.

NO.15 Bat sleeve knitted cardigan

  Good comfortable material, thin wear will look better, very temperamental.

NO.16 A must-have sunscreen striped flowing cardigan for travel

  Ultra-thin, comfortable, and stylish.

NO.17 Exclusive customization Wear a hat and wear a cardigan

 This sunscreen is designed with a hat, more casual, this fit is a casual kind, very casual, the neckline is a deep V, inadvertently slipping off the shoulders and very sexy. Fabric: Ice silk linen, which is the kind of material that does not heat the upper body at all and does not stick to the body. The style is very age-reduced, and the hat belongs to decoration~

NO.18 Long split super foreign black and white two-color quarter-sleeved knitted cardigan

 The clothes are great, not old-fashioned, silk remember not to always hang, flat or folded is better.

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