OPPO R7 comprehensive evaluation has more than just a value

The OPPO brand has always given a young and fashionable impression of domestic users. The nearest OPPO’s spokesperson Li Yifeng is one of the best male gods in the entertainment circle. OPPO R7 just listed last month is a smartphone with quite color.

The appearance of OPPO R7 does not have to say more: all metal integrated fuselage, plus 2.5 days of curved glass screen, so that this phone has a very pleasing appearance. In fact, in addition to the appearance, OPPO R7 is also called a medium-high-end flagship product that is currently mainstream. Coupled with a new Coloros V2.1 UI system, it is enough to give users a pleasant experience.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

Before the OPPO R7 is fully evaluated, let us take a look at the hardware configuration of this mobile phone.


OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值


operating system:

COLROOS V2.1 Based on Android 4.4.4


Lianfa MT6752 Eight Nuclear 1.7GHz 64-bit processor

Run memory:


Body storage:

16GB (ROM) supports maximum 128GB memory card extension


OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

1920 × 1080 AMOLED material

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

The internet:

Support mobile 4G / 3G / 2G network, support dual card dual standby

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

Main camera:

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

13 million pixel aperture F / 2.2

Front camera:

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

8 million pixel aperture F / 2.4

battery capacity:

2320mAh supports VOOC flash

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

From the configuration, it is equipped with the OPPO R7 performance of the Lianfa MT6752 Eight-core processor, allowing OPPO R7 to meet the most daily needs of users. 3GB large memory allows OPPO R7 to run multiple background programs, which is very important for Xiaobian such WeChat, Weibo and QQ Trinity users. In the next evaluation, we will also conduct a series of tests for the performance of OPPO R7.

Appearance: High value, good hand

As mentioned earlier, the Positive OPPO R7 is a 2.5D arc screen. This screen can be seen from the front, but if you see it from the side, you will find the OPPO R7 screen. The edge is very round and the screen is too very soft between the screen to the bodies.

Such a screen brings a benefit: When the user holds a mobile phone, the edge of the palm is bonded to the edge of the screen, and it will not give people an awkward hand. At the same time, when the finger is slid on the screen, even if it is in partial operation, it will give a smooth and supple feeling. Obviously, this is all the excellence experiences from the 2.5D screen.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

If it is carefully observed, it will find that the edge portion of the OPPO R7 has also been meticulous to grind, forming a “chamfer” streamer side. Such a design can not only further enhance the feel, but also prevent metal borders from being worn and remove in the use process.

This time OPPO R7 still uses three touch-type buttons, putting the button in the screen more in line with domestic users, and also saves valuable screen space. It is worth mentioning that the Coloros V2.1 system supports bright screen and black screen gestures, and users can set up HOME (small house) Press the button to light up and lock the screen, completely release the power button.

The top of the OPPO R7 is a front camera, a handset, a light, and a distance sensor from left to right. Most smartphones have these elements, but only the orientation of the design is slightly different. OPPO R7 is very sensitive, much better than other Android smartphones than small. In most cases, set the screen to automatic brightness, and the light sensor will function according to the ambient light or the screen brightness.

OPPO R7 has an 8 megapixel front wide-angle camera. As a photo mobile phone, the pre-camera performance of OPPO R7 is also very good, built-in rich beauty.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

This time we got the evaluation machine is a champagne gold color, which is commonly known as Tu Haojin. However, with the iPhone5s set off the Tu Haojin boom, more and more domestic mobile phone manufacturers have launched a similar color matching, and the majority of users should already have some aesthetic fatigue. At least from the perspective, Xiaobian still prefer moonlight silver color.

OPPO R7 uses an integrated metal body, plus the metal border, and it looks very strong, and it is also full in hand. The metal fuselage not only looks high, but also strengthens the heat dissipation of the battery and processor chip in the body, which is very important in the hot summer. Xiaobian rarely feels hot during the use of this mobile phone, obviously OPPO R7 is unique in heat dissipation design. The advantage of low heat generation is to extend battery life, know that high temperature is a big killer.

Careful netizens may find that the upper and lower ends of the OPPO R7 rear cover and the overall color are inconsistent. They are actually deliberately designed an antenna outside the fuselage, and the iPhone6 ​​is the “white belt” of the iPhone6 ​​is the same. Netizens who have a certain physical knowledge should all know that electromagnetic waves are difficult to penetrate, while the signal of the phone is also one of electromagnetic waves. Therefore, the mobile phone of the metal body must find a way to solve the signal problem. At present, the current approach is that OPPO R7 is placed on the upper and lower ends of the fuselage, commonly known as “three-stage” design.

From the above figure, it can be more intuitive to see the antenna area at the bottom of the OPPO R7. The above text referred to the specific model and manufacturer of this phone, and the right side is a honeycomb speaker.

Both the two machines R3 and R5 in the OPPO R series provide a rear cover customization service, that is, the user can choose to engrave the pattern or text of the body behind the body. Although the current OPPO R7 has not yet open this service, the special version of Li Yifeng’s chatter Phone is also introduced in the near future, and the blank area on the back cover is also the exclusive logo.

In addition, many users are curious about the bottom of the small dots that are raised in the bottom? In fact, this is a small design for OPPO to maintain the stability of the body. When the OPPO R7 is placed on the desktop, it is not the back of the end, but a slightly raised screen, the body is in the middle of the body, and the bottom of this small dot, the three guarantees OPPO R7 flat The fuselage of the email is stable without shaking around.

The camera of OPPO R7 is located on the upper left corner of the back of the fuselage. This 13 megapixel F / 2.2 aperture camera is not currently the top, but OPPO has accumulated a very old technical heritage in the field of mobile phone. Therefore, in the actual experience process, the performance of this camera in OPPO R7 is still outstanding, especially if the fast start, the fast focus “global flash” function is very suitable for recording a sudden view.

Compared with OPPO R5, the R7 camera is very close to the fuselage, but still has a little bump, which can be said to be the conflict of camera performance and light body. Of course, for the vast majority of users, this point projections are acceptable. Compared with 4.85 mm fuselage thickness in the previous OPPO R5, the thickness of OPPO R7 has increased to 6.3 mm. Although the increase in the thickness of the body has sacrificed some feel, the battery capacity has increased to 2320mAh, and the 3.5mm audio interface disposed of R5 is also returned.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

The MicroSB interface of OPPO R7 is located at the bottom of the fuselage. As an annual flagship model, OPPO R7 also supports VOOC flashing technology. Recently, “5 minutes, call for two hours” often hear in TV ads, said OPPO R7. As for the charging speed of OPPO R7, it is really so fast, and the following evaluation will be mentioned.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

The right side of the fuselage of the OPPO R7 is the volume key and the SIM card slot. It is worth mentioning that OPPO R7 has supported dual card dual standby, but SIM card 2 also assumes the role of MicroSD (TF) card expansion, which means that if you want to use dual card features, you can’t expand your card, but you can’t use it. Dual card function. Have to say this is a designed design for dual card users.

There is a small curvature between the edge of the OPPO R7 and the border, which is called “Violi Arc”, which is said that the inspiration of this design comes from the violin’s neck arc, the role is natural Enhance the feel of holding the grip.

OPPO R7 designer has great efforts in this mobile phone, plus all metal fuselage and 2.5D radians screen, the feeling of hand belongs to first-class in the current mobile phone product. So although the OPPO R7 comes with an official protective shell, Xiaobian does not recommend everyone to use it, and the other is best not to make the screen of this mobile phone, so that the original setting brought by the design. Operation experience.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

DND: Long time, fast charging

Like OPPO R5 listed last year, OPPO R7 also equipped with OPPO mobile phone family’s unique VOOC flashing technology, official publicity and charging 5 minutes call for 2 hours, charge 75% of electricity for 30 minutes, is the truth is true? • You know the answer by a simple test:

First we consume the power of OPPO R7 to 5%, and open the flight mode ready to charge. If it is not necessary, it is recommended that you usually start charging at 20% of electricity, avoid not waiting for the battery to automatically shut down. At present, the lithium battery of smartphones does not need to be worried, but to prevent the amount of power from being used.

OPPO R7 uses the second generation of VOOC flash charger, which is 5V / 4A, which is charged with a low voltage high current, and Qualcomm QuickCharge2.0 fast charging technology is a high voltage current, so The principle of the two is not the same. VOOC flash can be said to be the most characteristic features of the OPPO phone.

When the OPPO R7 is plugged in with the VOOC flash charging, the screen will display the exclusive screensaver of the VOOC flash. OPPO R7 can also be charged with other brands of MicroSB charger, but no ID and exclusive screensaver of VOOC flash members will be displayed.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

After the VOOC flashed to charge the OPPO R7, the power increased from 5% to 17%. Although the conditions are limited to this evaluation cannot confirm that 17% of the power can guarantee for 2 hours. However, if the OPPO R7 is turned on, it is no problem for standby for 2 hours.

After charging for about 30 minutes, the power of OPPO R7 reached 77%, and the first 3% increased by 72%, and this is still charged in the boot state. This also proves that the official charges of the official charge of 75% are basically true.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

After about an hour, the power of OPPO R7 reached 97%. When statistics, OPPO R7 takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from 5%. This speed is much faster than ordinary phones. In addition, 80% of the battery is the fastest, in fact, most of the cases of charging time is around half an hour, such as getting up in the morning and finds the phone to forget to charge, then take the ten minutes before going out to half an hour. Time, using the VOOC flash charge can be filled with an OPPO R7 to 80%, enough for a day.

And after using the VOOC flashing to 80% of the mobile phone, the charging speed of the OPPO R7 will slow down, so the remaining 20% ​​of the power will take longer, which is also designed for protection of the battery. .

UI interface: system perfect, functional intimate

In terms of the UI interface, OPPO R7 uses a new Coloros V2.1 system, which believes that users who have used OPPO phones are very familiar with Coloros. Compared with the previous versions, Coloros V2.1 uses a flat interface style that redes all system icons, and overall looks more simply, but the functions are more rich.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

OPPO R7 has the most basic applications such as weather, music, video, albums, theme stores, software stores, browsers, cameras, security centers, etc., which basically covers most users usually used. Function, so it is a user who has never contacted the Coloros system, and it will not feel unlearable when using OPPO R7.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

Here to mention the weather application comes with Coloros V2.1, the user can see it very intuitive through the weather clock at the top of the main screen, click the weather icon on the right side of the time to enter the weather application of Coloros.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

In addition to normal on the day / four days weather forecast, air quality index, clothes, Coloros weather applications will also spend real-time various extreme weather, such as heavy rain, lightning, big fog, wind and other weather depending on the meteorological center. Broadcast, timely push to users through real-time messages, very convenient.

Many users will download some XX managers and OO assistants when using Android smartphones. Although these applications can be accelerated to speed up the running speed of the mobile phone system, it is not obvious that the acceleration effects they bring. If you use improper use, it is even inverted and slowed down.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

OPPO R7 Coloros V2.1 system comes with a new security center application, not only contains necessary to clean system garbage, traffic management, and electricity management, but also very convenient management application permissions, limit some applications. Start behavior.

With the application of OPPO R7 self-start management, we can make QQ, WeChat, and microblogging applications from starting, and some non-necessary applications are prohibited from starting and background self-starting. After actual testing, this feature is still very effective, there is no need to install third-party managers applications.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

OPPO R7 uses a 1920 × 1080 resolution AMOLED screen. The biggest feature of this screen is that every pixel point can be emitted alone. This means that when the screen needs to be displayed black, the corresponding pixels can only be not illuminated. So the factory wallpaper of OPPO R7 is a dark-tuned starlight picture, while the UI interface of the mobile phone is also dark, thus achieving the power of the screen power consumption, and extending the purpose of life.

According to the relevant agency test, the AMOLED screen is most power saving when black, which saves 1/5 of the electricity, although there is not much effect. So I recommend you to use black-tune wallpapers when using OPPO R7.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

The AMOLED screen can display very pure black, so users who like to read can get a very good reading experience if they like to read the reading background into black. In addition, the black background can also be guaranteed to save more power at the same time.

The screen of OPPO R7 is only 5 inches, and it is already very slim in the current large-screen smart machine. The biggest advantage of the small screen is to operate in one hand, and OPPO R7 has a rich gesture function, helping users master their mobile phones.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

In addition to the previously mentioned double-click Home key bright screen / audience, you can also illuminate the screen by double-click the screen area in black screen, and you can directly enter the camera application with your finger on the screen. At the same time, the user can also add a custom gesture, such as setting a “W” gesture in black screen, you can start WeChat, very convenient.

At present, the COLOROS system of OPPO R7 is still updated, from May 20th to mid-June, OPPO official has pushed two system upgrades, mainly to improve the stability of the system.

OPPO R7 can accept OTA push and upgrade through the update app that comes with the system, but if the user has ROOT operations to the phone, the upgrade package cannot be installed. So if there is no special need, you don’t recommend everyone to carry the phone.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

Hardware performance, OPPO R7 uses a Unit, MT6752 Eight-core 1.7GHz processor, supplemented by 3GB running memory, this configuration is not top-level, but it also belongs to the mainstream medium and high-end hardware level, enough to run a lot Part of the game and application.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

OPPO R7 Ann Rabbit Running score:

OPPO R7’s Rabbit score is about 42,000 points, and it is basically exported to the MT6752 and 3GB of MT6752 and 3GB. In fact, Android smartphone performance has been excessive, in fact, there is nothing to apply or games is necessary to be top-level hardware to run. So the current smart manufacturer has begun to turn from the road to the road to the road to stepping to the optimization of mobile phone user experience, this is very worthy of affirmation.

OPPO R7 Lu Master Android version running score:

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

From Lu Master’s evaluation of OPPO R7, it can be seen that this Liaotai MT6752 (Helio X10) processor is ideal for multi-tasking. Experience the mobile phone’s process, the small editors have three applications in QQ, WeChat, and Weibo. During the 618, Jingdong, Yi Xun, what is worth buying, but never appear in the case . In addition, OPPO R7’s treatment is also worthy of praise, even after running, there will be no significant heat generation conditions.

Photo: Global Flash, 0.1 second focus

OPPO R7 is a photo mobile phone of the main “global flash function”, except for the most commonly used power button lights – unlock – Open camera application – OPPO R7 provides a variety of fast openings The way the camera takes pictures, such as the above-mentioned circle directly into the camera application in the black screen state.

There is also a way to open the camera. It is very convenient: After lightning the screen, you can go directly to the left, you can enter the left camera interface, as shown in the figure above.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

OPPO R7 also provides a third way to quickly take pictures, that is, “Flash” function: In black screen, directly press the volume on the side of the fuselage and the volume down button, after a slight vibration, then Indicates that the camera has been completed, and the entire process screen does not need to be lit, nor is it a focus, shutter and other operations.

OPPO has always been known as taking pictures, OPPO R7 is also a primary photo product. OPPO R7 also has the “ultra-clear image quality”, “multi-exposure”, “multi-exposure”, “multi-exposure”, and “multi-exposure”. At the same time, you can also get updated camera functions through the camera store.

OPPO R7 has a built-in product application that can be applied to a variety of different camera scenes.

OPPO R7’s camera store is also constantly updating new features and improvements, each update will bring different camera experiences.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

When taking pictures with OPPO R7, there is a small sun icon on the right side of the focus box. Drag this icon up and down to obtain or dark exposure effects.

OPPO R7 is a relatively advanced “phase focus” system. The professional SLR camera is often used in this focus system. Its biggest advantage is that the focus box is often the camera, the camera has been completed while the camera is just started. This time the photographer only needs to press the shutter at this time.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

The first mobile phone using the “phase-focus” system is a famous iPhone6 ​​and iPhone6 ​​Plus. This time we also found an iPhone6 ​​Plus, using the most intuitive way to compare OPPO R7 and iPhone6 ​​Plus from the turn-on camera to complete Shooting speed.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

From the GIF animation, it can be clearly seen that the camera open speed of OPPO R7 is not inferior to the iPhone6 ​​Plus, and the two phones have completed the movement of the camera, focus, and photographing.

So what is the actual photo effect of the two mobile phones?

On the left side of the above figure is OPPO R7 sample, the right side is the sample of iPhone6 ​​Plus. It can be seen from the rough contrast that the OPPO R7 is more popular, so the doll is more far, and the IPHONE6 PLUS is relatively narrow, so the doll looks closer.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

By amplifying, the photo of the OPPO R7 and the right picture of the iPhone6 ​​Plus is not blurred on the definition, whether the number of the doll itself is still no blurred. Although OPPO R7 does not carry the OIS optical anti-shake system like iPhone6 ​​Plus, it is benefited from the built-in “preferred anti-shake” function, and the OPPO R7 will utilize the principle of the CMOS photosensitive element real-time exposure, will be from a large number of image data before and after the shutter. Stored in the cache, when the user presses the shutter, by calculating the most clear one from the cache.

The global flash function of the OPPO R7 can start the camera within 0.64 seconds, complete focus within 0.1 seconds, which is very useful under certain occasions. For example, Xiaobian suddenly remembered the photo when you want to shoot the train, you should know that the speed is not fast, but there is not much time to shoot the car. Fortunately, OPPO R7 is very smooth from opening the camera to the camera, but also makes the small series take a rare harmonious entry photo:

When shooting three photos above, due to time too much, in addition to open the camera, it is not necessary to do anything outside the shutter, but the OPPO R7’s camera is very good, in the automatic mode, in addition to the first measurement, slightly different Three photos are very clear, although the train is moving, but the picture does not have a blurred situation.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

OPPO R7 is equipped with a diameter of F / 2.2, although not a top-level camera configuration, it can also achieve a good photo effect in various environments.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

Indoor sample:

The sleeping comet, the raccoon is very distinctive.

The store real shot, in the case of the indoor source, the color is still good, most of the details are recorded.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

After the original map is enlarged, you can clear it.

The Porsche and Ferrari, which are exhibited indoors, even if the light source is more complicated, white balance has a good performance.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

Outdoor sample:

The OPPO R7 has a built-in photo mode, which is more complicated in outdoor light, in particular in the backlight environment, can open the HDR mode to achieve higher camera effects.

The left picture is the sample of the HDR mode, and the right picture is the shooting sample after opening HDR. It can be seen that in normal mode, due to the high light of the sky, it can cause the building to be darker. In the right picture of the HDR mode, the main body of the building has become bright, and the sky does not exposure.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

The Wang Xingren in the heat of the heat has been spitting the tongue because it is too hot, but the OPPO R7 has a higher shutter speed, and the photo taken is not blurred.

Night scene real shot:

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

OPPO R7 also has two practical features of the night shot and slow shutter, especially the slow shutter can realize a clear camera in a dark environment while using a tripod.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

The picture above is the night scene real shot of OPPO R7 in normal mode. It can be seen that although the picture is substantially clear, because the light is too dark, the noise is very eye.

The picture above is the photograph of OPPO R7 after opening the color night shot function, and the first picture is much smaller than the noise in the picture, but the vision and the sky are still some blurred.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

Want to get the best night scenery effect, you can manually reduce the camera’s shutter speed by means of OPPO R7’s slow shutter function, which is manually reducing the shutter speed of the camera, and there is more light.

Or the same night view, under the interface of the slow shutter, adjust the shutter speed to 4 seconds, then shoot.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

Under the 4 seconds of slow shutter, the night scene is very clear, this time ISO sensitivity is only 100, and no noise can be seen on the screen. It can be called ideal night photos.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

With a slow shutter, special photos such as light-painted photography, city stream photography, very playability. However, when using a slow shutter, you must use a tripod to prevent blurring the picture caused during the shooting process.


OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

OPPO R7 has a relatively stylish look, all metal fuselage and 2.5D screens are all kinds of grain-value addition, fine-grinded metal borders, and a high-graphic screen and back cover bring a good feel, Coloros has been long-term precipitation and evolution, and the user experience is also more perfect. In terms of performance, OPPO R7 is called a “middle and medium-sized” mobile phone. The performance of this mobile phone is located in mainstream, and VOOC flash is reduced from the speed of charging. The angle change extends the battery life.

OPPO R7全面评测 拥有的不仅仅是颜值

Slightly regrettable, currently listed OPPO R7T and R7c support mobile and telecommunications networks, and Unicom users want to use this phone. I am afraid to wait for a while. In addition, the OPPO R7 is priced at 2499 yuan, it is obviously not a mainstreed mobile phone. Of course, the price is not evaluated whether a mobile phone is worth buying. OPPO R7 has a reason to buy its reason.

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