Bra specially prepared for large breasts can also be beautiful

Underwear worn by big-breasted girls who have been looking forward to for a long time, as well as large-breasted and small~ comfortable underwear recommended, underwired underwear is recommended, and comfortable underwear is recommended.

Lingerie flagship store

The underwear of this house is more mature, suitable for girls aged 20-30. It is very comfortable to look at, and the upper body is even more comfortable, this is simply a paradise for big-breasted girls, and you can’t go wrong with how to buy it.

Recommended1 full-cup slim bra

The elongated ear design enhances the overall inclusiveness of the bra. Ultra-wide side ratio, can better shrink the side breast and excess fat under the armpit, lace and mesh panels faintly see-through, with a little sexy ~

Recommended2 Full cup, sponge-free bra

Big-breasted girls don’t like to wear bras with sponges, but not having a sponge will be easy to expand. This bra is a good solution to the problem of no sponge and no expansion. The embroidered bottom drags a bulletless mesh for stronger support and a naturally rounded chest after wearing.

The official flagship store of Seleni

This underwear has a variety of styles, adjusted, unwired, glossy, embroidery, etc., among which there are many styles of underwear with D cup and above, and the price is not expensive, and it is not distressing to wear it for 3 months.

Recommended 1 Temperate underwear set

Look at the invincible and comfortable one, there is no pressure on the upper body, comfortable and breathable interior, romantic lace design, and absolute gathering above the C cup.

Recommended 2 large size gathered mild steel underwired thin bra

This cup is made of soft silk protein material, which is soft and comfortable for the body, and has good breathability. A thin cotton cup of about 2mm, the design of the large cup is inclusive, which can better support the chest.

DAI CHUN underwear customization

A small and fresh lingerie store with many functional styles, and they are all cheap. The owner’s philosophy is to live comfortably and freely, just like the lingerie she designed.

Recommendation 1 Comfortable underwired ultra-thin underwear

This underwear is very lightweight, 2mm ultra-thin cup, with non-slip fixed double shoulder straps, breathable and non-marks.

Recommendation 2 Non-marking and unwired large size ultra-thin underwear

This underwear adopts a soft rubber design without underwire, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to support it, and the shoulder straps are widened to not be afraid of slipping. It is also a 2mm ultra-thin cup, which is easy to put on.

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