The Qing Dynasty’s harem gold and silver jewelry is huge, and each jewelry is first-class in workmanship and exquisite craftsmanship

From the court dramas broadcast by the media, it can be seen that the concubines of the ancient court, almost all the jewelry they wore was made by the special office in the palace. Often these jewelry are very noble and elegant, and the workmanship is first-class. According to historical records, the amount of gold and silver jewelry in the harem of the Qing Dynasty was huge, and the gold and silver jewelry owned by concubines with different statuses was also different, fully reflecting the hierarchy of feudal society. Next, I will introduce you to a few jewelry from the Qing Dynasty era.

Inlaid rice beads coral tindron seeds

Inlaid rice beads coral dun is

Items collected at the court of the Qing Dynasty. The dunzi is a traditional headdress of the Manchu people of the Qing Dynasty, and any woman who marries out of the eight flags wears this dianzi. The skeleton is usually made of wire or rattan as the main skeleton, and then woven with yarn or thread into a hat-like decoration. There are many types of dianzi, which are divided according to different wearing methods

Bandan, Mandan and Fengdian. usually

The flowers on the dunge can be removed and replaced. So ladies can choose different flowers according to their preferences. At that time, different dignitaries were used depending on the occasion.

This top

Inlaid rice beads coral vegetarian dianzi is a more famous dunzi collected in the Palace Museum, its dun flowers use the traditional dotted green process as decoration, with gold pieces designed into a moire shape, on the gold sheet dotted with small rice beads, string into a long knot, and then use coral beads on it to make a life character, this dunzi handmade and exquisite, meaning auspicious.

Gold rings set with eastern pearl earrings

This is a collection of the Qing Dynasty, which seems very simple, but it was very precious at that time. The pearl used in this earring belongs to the Dongzhu, which is produced in the Songhua River in the northeast of China, because it is the place where the Manchus originated, and the local production is very low, so the emperor liked it very much at that time and regarded it as the best.

The earrings of these earrings are mainly made of gold, and the top is an ordinary ring, under which the five-petal flower shape is set and covered with two pearls. The pearls are very rounded in color and uniform in each one. This Dongzhu earrings set is a complete set of six, rare and delicate.

Silver gilded emerald tassel through bead

Tassel is a kind of step shake belonging to ancient women, and is also called “picker”. When there is a large-scale festive event in the harem, the concubines like to wear this kind of jewelry. It is said that the emperor would reward a bu shake every time he favored a concubine, so the preciousness of the step shake shows their status and grace in the palace. Therefore, jewelry is not only a beautifying tool for concubines, but also an important means to highlight their status.

This silver-plated emerald beaded tassel is mainly made from three pearls and silver brazing. A total of 104 pearls are used in the three strands of pearls, each with a ruby at the lower end, and a dotted emerald knot in the middle of each string connected to the next door. The tassel is 43 cm long and 4.5 cm wide.

Gem-set tourmaline hairpin

In the Qing Dynasty, the level of carving and production of jewelry is very high, just like this gem-set tourmaline hairpin, which is extremely exquisite and has a very strong sense of three-dimensionality. Just such a small flower hairpin is a mixture of beading, inlay, carving, gold silk and emerald and other crafts. The jadeite flakes on the hairpins use the typical Guangdong carving method “wide piece”, and the carving effect is very good, fine and fine, thin and even. This hairpin is themed on tourmaline and carves a realistic hibiscus flower, while the stamen is made of millet beads and the leaves are jadeite flakes. A lifelike butterfly lands on top of the flower. THE WHOLE HAIRPIN IS 12 CM WIDE AND 25 CM LONG.

Silver gold-plated beaded double dragon dotted emerald hairpin

Silver gold-plated beaded double dragon dotted emerald hairpin, length 27 cm, width 6 cm. The processes and materials used are also diverse, and the main craftsmanship of Dian Cui is used. The most striking thing about the whole long hairpin are two vivid dragons, the body of which is studded with pearls and coral, and the bottom is dotted with auspicious clouds. The whole long hairpin shape is very cumbersome, full of layers, noble and exquisite, such a fine craftsmanship, more advanced than any big brand jewelry today.

Gold-set jeweled crown

The color scheme of this court jewelry is very beautiful,

Match with complementary and contrasting colors. Although the colors look rich and bright, they are bright but not dry, and they do not lose their connotation. It is this red, red, green and green that matches Chinese festive feeling, and the craftsmanship is exquisite, with rice beads wrapped around the entire crown to set off the beauty of the gemstones.

These court jewelry from the Qing Dynasty, reflecting the aesthetic style of the Qing Dynasty court, is self-contained in the use of gemstones, brilliant and flowing. Although the color matching is rich and gorgeous, it can seek a harmonious balance in the rich and eye-catching, without losing the connotation in the show, and elegant in the gorgeous.

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