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Want to be neat, skillfully put on autumn and winter clothes, but it’s always cold. I am worried that the winter combination will easily appear bloated. So, this time, the article will make you aware of this fall/winter trend content, and Phantom Fruit will also introduce the coordination technique ♪ of “looking skinny”Let’s see warm and stylish styles using several basic items!

Be safe ♪all winter and 6 basic “clothes to wear”

“Coat jacket” with a falling feeling

This season, it is popular to wear a plus-size robe jacket. Especially clothes that have a sense of falling do not wear too bloated, giving a smooth impression, so they are comfortable to wear.

Best for temperature regulation ♪


The “tunic”

Long outerwear that can be worn in a variety of ways is still a popular item. In this period when there is a big difference between cold and warmth, body temperature regulation is also easy and convenient. The vertical effect makes it perfect for styling.

If you have “color”, dark colors are better

The popular match is also a vertical line match, and the piece that can make people look beautiful and slim can greatly tighten the ♪ silhouette by matching it with dark colors. It can also be applied to office attire.

“tapered 9-point pants” full of relaxation

The loose line makes the legs look thinner. The feeling of relaxing wearing is also charming. Let’s ♪ look at the ankles to create a sense of looseness

“Long pleated skirt” that can inadvertently cover the body shape

The pleated skirt also emphasizes the longitudinal line, and it is a thin piece ♪ that can completely cover the legs, which is also a happy point. The classical atmosphere for autumn and winter is also great.

“Loose knits” look refreshing, and clothes with shorter lengths are good♪

When it comes to winter, warm knitwear is very active ♡, and in order for furry knitwear to make people look refreshed, choosing a refreshing crewneck is the focus. Loose knitwear will not be bulging ♪ if it is short

Use 6 recommended items to make ♪ the most fashionable “slimming match”

This is a combination of “long coat” and “long skirt”. Although it is a long coat the size of an overcoat, it does not appear round because it has a falling feeling. The longitudinal line of the pleated skirt is also effective.

This is also a combination of “long coat” and “long skirt”. The black robe jacket with a light gray underneath is very refreshing. The use of gray is a very stylish shape ♡

This is a combination of “robe jacket” and “tapered 9-point pants”. The whole looks slim.

This is a black top and bottom matching style, draped over a long coat. If the inside is uniformly black, the slimming effect is very good. The tunic that looks warm will not have a rounded silhouette because of the length.

This is a combination of “crewneck sweater” + “kaftan “. Even warm pieces with overlapping thickness are refreshing. This is a look that wants to be a model on a cold day.

This is “tapered pants” + “tunic”. Although it is a relaxing match, it will feel good when paired with a shirt and heels, and it is a great match.

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