The artifacts of scientific parenting are emerging one after another!

Want to know what are the latest and interesting scientific parenting tools?

Participated in the anniversary celebration of the Qin King Club on the weekend, and had the honor to meet many experts and partners who are struggling in the field of scientific parenting!

What impressed me the most was Mr. Chen Jun’s programming China.

A set of programs for children aged 5-10 to learn program editing.

My son is 10 years old and is now taking Lego robotics courses, I am very interested in programming courses, in 2014 was designated by the British government as the first year of children’s programming, programming knowledge directly into textbooks.

Teacher Chen showed me this new product, which is the first children’s programming teaching software I know in China. Through the form of games, the use of graphics to represent the programming language, the form of small tasks to help children establish logical thinking, in the child’s hands-on ability, observation, memory has direct help.

This product is still under development, and it is hoped that it will be introduced to the market sooner.

Teacher Chen Jun also has another product similar to the little genius learning machine, called Qibao learning machine, which has a picture of learning to write, which impressed me deeply, 4-5 years old children can directly use it like painting, drawing red and practicing words, fun at the same time, by the way played a role in remembering how to write.

Scientific parenting Hu Haimo couldn’t help but sigh, children in this era are really blessed, so many cows are developing fun things for children!

Another little friend is a fellow villager in Qingdao, a young talent of the post-80s! His name is Li Qize, this young man unites all kinds of expert resources to develop a learning machine, called filial piety baby, some life philosophy, the way of dealing with the world, in-depth through stories, through animation, subtly affect children!

There is also a super daddy – tadpole dad, while engaging in high-tech APP, while talking about his daily parenting experience written into a log to share with friends around him, influencing friends around him, the concept of scientific parenting is transmitted to all directions through such a loving father!

The super daddy of this conference Tibedo, there is also a soda dad, soda dad and soda mom together to study scientific parenting methods, the same is to share their parenting methods with the surrounding people, it is said that in Shenzhen has influenced a lot of new parents, with those parents scientific parenting!

Although it is an Internet circle conference, I feel that it is a super daddy exchange conference. I was fortunate to hear so many new ideas and see so many super dads running on the road of scientific parenting, and the perfect children’s world I saw was even more perfect!

Scientific parenting will continue to pay attention to new things for new parents and introduce these new things to you as soon as possible.

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