The tobacco bag pot used by rural people for smoking turned out to be self-defense equipment in ancient times…

Photo and text (Li Jitong)

Tobacco bag pot, by the evolution of the invention of smokers, is mainly composed of mouth, rod, bag, pot, and is connected into one hence the name. However, the smoking pot and rod are heavier, larger and longer than the usual tobacco bag, the pipe and the cigarette nozzle are made of copper (jade agate), the rod is rattan (bamboo), about three feet long, you can also smoke in normal times, and it can be used as a weapon in an emergency. It is rumored that the weapon used by Ouyang De in the “Peng Gong Case” is a large tobacco bag.

Most of the tobacco bags used in today’s martial arts sports are made of stainless steel, and the length is four feet five inches, three feet, two feet, one foot five inches, and the length varies from short to short. It is easy for the elderly to perform (dry boat), and the short one is easy to carry and can also be used for self-defense.

Brass mouthpiece

Jade cigarette holder

The basic techniques of copper pot iron-core large tobacco bags are grid, smash, hit, poke, point, pound, hang, prodding, knocking, knocking, knocking, etc.

Onyx mouthpiece

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