It turns out that the down vest is so easy to wear? This winter’s fashion depends on it

The temperature hovering at 0°C in winter makes us feel so sad in dressing, unwilling to wear bloated bread clothes to transform into Michelin, but also ruthless as long as the demeanor does not want the temperature. And what about a warm and neat down vest? In the past, vests could only be worn during the change of season, but in recent times, layering has prevailed, and down vests can also keep you warm for the winter.

Gigi’s down vest not only keeps her warm, but also adds a lot to her styling. The Oversize silhouette also brings more styling to the bland underwear + high-waisted pants.

The down vest can also be “article” in length, the mid-length version of the down vest can increase the temperature retention, and this lazy and loose style is a display of French fashion.

In addition to the oversize, this huge down vest is more subtle with a huge high collar, which can withstand the cold wind, and the shape is more chic. However, it is recommended to wear some sweaters and other items inside, and it is really unnecessary to have bare arms.

Down vests and knitwear are the most warm and fashionable wearing rules, and people who are afraid of cold stars are the first choice. The knitwear inside the vest is very easy to choose, and the choice of black, white and gray basic colors is the safest, and the pattern and pattern can only appear in one of the vest and the inner piece, otherwise it will be too eye-catching.

If you feel that wearing a down vest alone does not reflect your matching skills, you can also add a belt in the middle of the down vest. While tightening the waist, you can raise the waistline, and there will be a sense of déjà vu of long legs.

In addition, a down vest like this print is really eye-catching to wear, which can completely make you the focus of the crowd. However, the items inside need to be more elegant, such as a monochrome sweatshirt + sweatpants, or an all-over color suit.

Just like Jing Boran, the down vest is bright BV green, and a gray casual suit is worn inside, and everything will look harmonious.

It is believed that this sports-style down vest is the choice of many boys, and girls can also buy such styles for their boyfriends when choosing New Year’s gifts.

Or choose this long down vest, so that you can completely keep warm, but on the sleeves or pants to show some small patterns, so that it looks outstanding.

Well, today’s dressing tips are introduced here, let’s go buy a down vest!

(Image source: CFP)

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