Being able to use these medicines is equivalent to learning 7 self-defense techniques! Worth having!

Author: Licensed pharmacist – Cassia Zi, an old pharmacist with many years of experience.

My wish is: let the people of the world spend less money and use good medicine

Under the current medical “difficult to see a doctor, expensive to see a doctor” system, and to achieve the purpose of buying drugs safely and treating diseases yourself, you first need to have relevant medical knowledge.

Therefore, based on years of medication experience, Cassia has diligently sorted out a batch of professional daily medicines for everyone, and often goes out to defend themselves at home.

The first way to defend yourself: treat the stomach

Whole intestine pills (about 9 yuan / bottle in small bottles)

Vomiting and diarrhea is a common gastrointestinal disease, whole intestine pills are commonly used medicine, whether it is acute gastrointestinal diseases or chronic gastrointestinal diseases, whole intestine pills can achieve satisfactory efficacy, belongs to home travel essential medicine.

The second trick to self-defense: help digestion

Hawthorn pills (about 5 yuan/box)

The taste is sweet and sour, I believe many people have eaten it when they were children, and among the appetizing Chinese proprietary medicines, hawthorn pills are the most delicious. Most babies do not reject it, and they will take the initiative to eat it like candy, so they are very popular with parents and parents.

Because hawthorn function to dissipate food accumulation, disperse stasis under the breath, and repel tapeworms. After taking it, it can strengthen the acidity of gastric juice, promote gastric juice secretion, promote fat digestion, enhance appetite, and is especially good at eliminating meat and food stagnation. At the same time, it has the effect of channeling qi downward, activating blood and dispersing stasis.

When children have dietary stagnation and indigestion, we often use this sweet and sour, good-tasting pill to strengthen the stomach. As the elderly age, the function of the internal organs declines, and it is easy to form indigestion problems, and hawthorn pills can also be used.

In addition, people with greater mental pressure and poor appetite often accumulate due to liver qi depression, causing spleen and stomach dysfunction and indigestion, and can also properly apply hawthorn pills to open depression and disperse knots and help digestion.

The third trick of self-defense: laxation

Hemp seed pills (about 6 yuan/bottle)

The prescription of hemp seed pills is from Zhang Zhongjing’s “Typhoid Fever”, which is used for laxation, habitual constipation and other symptoms. The price of the medicine is very cheap, only a few dollars, it is worth promoting!

Magnolia, rhubarb, citrus fruit, almond, white peony, hemp seed in hemp seed pills can all be laxative. Magnolia tends to reduce qi, hemp almonds tend to moisturize the intestines, rhubarb tends to remove stasis, citrus fruit is biased towards breaking qi, and white peony tends to relax and tense smooth muscles.

Many old men who went to the pharmacy to buy this medicine used this prescription, and they all reflected to me that not only the stool was discharged smoothly, the problem of nocturia was also alleviated, and the high blood pressure also decreased slightly.

The fourth trick of self-defense: stop diarrhea

Montmorillonite scatter (about 2 yuan/1 bag)

Montmorillonite is commonly used to treat acute and chronic diarrhea, gastrointestinal inflammation, and ulcers. Montmorillonite has a strong fixation and inhibitory effect on the viruses, germs and toxins produced in the digestive tract, just like a vacuum cleaner, the bacteria and toxins are adsorbed away, and can form a barrier to protect the original mucosa and tissues.

The fifth way to defend yourself: cure a cold

999 Cold Spirit Granules (about 9 yuan/box)

This product is light brown to dark brown granules, sweet and slightly bitter. Each box contains 9 packs, each bag contains 14g. Antipyretic and analgesic effect, used for headache, fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat and other symptoms caused by cold.

The sixth trick of self-defense: cough and phlegm

Honey refining Chuanbei loquat paste (about 15 yuan / bottle)

Honey refining Chuanbei Loquat Paste stands out among many cough and phlegm drugs, and is rated as “the most trusted household cough and phlegm medicine”, and Chuanbei Batch Ointment ranks third in the TOP100 patent medicine in China’s pharmaceutical retail market.

Chuanbei loquat paste is rich in Sichuan Fritillary, loquat leaves and other ingredients, with the functions of moisturizing the lungs and dissolving phlegm, relieving cough and asthma, protecting the throat and pharynx, clearing heat and nourishing yin, nourishing qi, regulating the heart and lowering the fire, etc., suitable for men and women, young and old.

The seventh trick of self-defense: pain relief

Ibuprofen sustained-release capsules (about 9 yuan/box)

People do not have other wishes when they are in pain, especially headaches, and I believe that everyone has had the embarrassing experience of being tormented by headaches. In fact, just one ibuprofen sustained-release capsule and a sip of water is good.

Ibuprofen sustained-release capsules are mainly used for headaches, joint pain, migraines, toothache, muscle pain, neuralgia, aunt pain, etc., and can also be used for fever caused by colds. Ibuprofen sustained-release capsules are well tolerated with low side effects. However, taking OTC painkillers should be limited to three days, and if there is no effect in three days, you must go to the hospital in time.

Cassia Warm Reminder:

The amount of medicine stored in the family should not be too much, if it is too much, sometimes it is difficult to use it up in time, resulting in expiration and failure, resulting in waste.

Therefore, in general, each drug can be prepared for about a week, and then replenished after use.

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