Wearing the sweatshirt like this, Super A Super Sa is also hugely thin

Have you been watching Milan Fashion Week for spring/summer 2020 like fungi recently? However, compared with the various fashion events, the most concerned thing for bacteria is Xiao Zhan, who has recently been in the limelight.

I have to say that Xiao Zhan’s appearance this time has made a big breakthrough compared with the past.

In front of the camera is the “gentle noble son”, usually Xiao Zhan is more like the gentle big brother next door,

A down-to-earth sweatshirt is his favorite.

The fungus specially found a few pieces

Good looking and wearing not expensive the same style,

Girlfriend fans hurry up and pretend to be a wave?

Mostwantedlab striped sweatshirt

SEIFINI Pikachu hooded sweatshirt

Peace Bird x Qi Wei design hooded sweatshirt

To tell the truth, the sweatshirt is really easy to wear and convenient, not only Xiao Zhan likes to wear it, but the great scientist Einstein is also its loyal lover. (I didn’t expect it, hee-hee)

However, many little fairies may find sweatshirts too casual and difficult to wear beautifully. In fact, it is very versatile, and it can be worn alone

It is wind-resistant and warm than sweaters, and rarely pills and deforms.

As long as it is well matched, it can be very eye-catching, and the following bacteria will come to talk to you about how to wear sweatshirts more delicate and look better.

Sweet wind

Little fairies who want to dress up sweetly and cutely, one piece

Brightly colored sweatshirts,

Absolutely essential. Not only can it neutralize the dullness of autumn, but it can also appear full of vitality.

Wear with a short skirt

It is full of the youth and cuteness of little girls.

Little cuties with excellent waist lines can choose this year’s popularity

Cropped sweatshirt,

With a high-waisted short skirt, it can simply give the illusion that “all legs are below the chest”.

Don’t worry about sisters who are not confident in their waist,

Oversize wide style with short skirt

The effect is not bad either.

If you also want to make the legs look longer, bold

“Lower body missing wearing method”

It can also be easily achieved for you.

Single product recommendation

Diamond check polo sweatshirt

Tridi’s embroidered fleece sweatshirt

Extra short hooded sweatshirt

Boyfriend style

I don’t know if you have found that most of the sweatshirts launched by trendy brands are


Hee-hee, there are always so many opportunities to wear couples with male tickets.

Generally, such styles are more neutral,

Girls will have an oversize feeling when they wear it,

With jeans casual, with cargo pants Japanese.

Petite fairies can match if they feel that they are not delicate and cool enough to wear

Shorts + boots,

Long legs and cool girl charm.

It’s a little colder,

Add a pilot jacket to the outside,

It can also be cool enough to fly~

PUMA Liu Haoran is the same

Li Ning 2019 catwalk

Adidas clover vintage sweatshirt

Champion pullover sweatshirt

Vintage style

It is said that the original sweatshirt was the workwear of New York cold storage workers in the 30s of the 20th century, and later because of the advantages of comfort and warmth

Favored by athletes,

Gradually it became popular.

Therefore, most of the retro sweatshirts are more in line with the habits and preferences of athletes, such as: wide without hats, printed with numbers, team names, large logo patterns, etc.

Want to wear a classic American retro taste,

In addition to fixed CP jeans, this year’s hot cycling pants are also very outstanding, if you don’t believe it, take a look at Princess Diana’s fashion dressing teaching.

Baseball collar pullover sweatshirt

Contrast raglan sweatshirt

Japanese pullover embroidered sweatshirt


Elegant style

Who said that sweatshirts must have nothing to do with intellectual elegance?

Minimalist solid color sweatshirt with equally low-saturation bottoms,

It’s still full of luxury.

The long skirt is an indispensable weapon for elegant women, and then give it the blessing of the hot check elements in autumn and winter, not only can

Breaking the monotony of a solid color sweatshirt,

There is also the magic of emptying the flesh on the small belly and legs with one click.


Silk scarves are also nice little thoughts,

While weakening the sexiness in the sweatshirt, it can also increase the agility and softness of some women.

Color-block semi-turtleneck loose sweatshirt

Matcha green crewneck sweatshirt


GU small turtleneck pullover sweatshirt

Functional wind

It’s 9012 years old, how can you call it a cool girl without wearing functional wind, as the mainstream outfit of the futuristic cyberpunk world, functional wind embodies the hard-hitting technological and tactical aesthetics everywhere.

Among them, naturally there are sweatshirts that can wear everything,

Paired with the iconic tactical vest,

A minute to burst.

If you think this dress is too neutral,

Short sweatshirt + high-waisted cargo pants

It can solve your worries, and it is invincible to show long legs.

UR hooded short sweatshirt

Functional pocket 3M reflective sweatshirt

Multifunctional pocket tactical vest

Embroidery function hooded sweatshirt

Finally, attach some more bacteria

Universal sweatshirt dressing tips

To everyone:

▷ Short fairies do not choose the matching method of upper width and lower width, easy to eat height.

▷ If the neck line is short, try a sweatshirt with a V-neck or crewneck.

▷ If you want to highlight your figure, try to choose a short sweatshirt + high-waist bottoms.

As an enduring fashion item, the applicable style of sweatshirt is really ever-changing, so among so many styles, fairies want to try which one, come and leave a message to tell the fungus~

Single product recommendation

Single product recommendation

Single product recommendation

Single product recommendation

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