The fashionable dress demonstration of “long vest”: the first choice for older women in changing seasons, elegant and versatile and easy to wear

Autumn has been coming for a while, everyone has felt the unique temperature of autumn, it can be said that it is a more embarrassing season, belonging to the stage of transition from hot summer to cold winter, then the temperature difference between morning and evening will be very unstable, making people obviously feel a little overwhelmed in terms of dressing. On weekdays, I am always busy with workplace work or family chores, and I don’t have much time for dressing, so naturally I don’t have any good ideas. And what we are here today is to share with you a very practical and versatile piece. That is some matching demonstrations of “long vests”, which can help older women dress more conveniently in the transition season, and wear them well without picking people.

Our impression of long vests may be mostly simple and generous, capable and neat, etc., in fact, the reason why everyone likes the wearing of vests so much is that they like its practicality, especially in spring and autumn, it is a good choice, which can help you easily cope with the current embarrassing stage and create a variety of styles. For example, you can layer all kinds of undershirts at will to enrich the overall layering and enhance fashion.

As shown in the picture above, the matching of two long vests is shared, the first is the design of vest layering + waist cinching, which can help you easily show the proportion of three and seven points of good body and be more neat. The other set is a more handsome mid-length vest outfit, without any constraints, which can easily show the casual atmosphere of older women, layering high-neck undershirts, very temperamental.

Of course, the mid-length vest is also very versatile and attractive in terms of matching, the same dark red long vest, different matching methods, can present different style effects. For example, the warm orange clothing makes people feel full of vitality. The combination of changing to a white top and a bean-colored skirt suddenly presents a layered sense of the overall outfit, breaking the monotony and highlighting the good clothes.

Of course, when we choose a long vest, we must also pay attention to choosing more intellectual and attractive basic colors, pay attention to being able to show more versatility and wear without picking skin tones, and are most suitable for wearing more than one outfit, helping you interpret different style effects. For example, a simple white underwear with a dark green pleated skirt gives you a gentle and elegant girly atmosphere.

And the reason why we recommend a long vest is to modify their body well, as shown in the picture above, the length to the ankle position can invisibly lengthen the body line, showing the role of thinness and tallness, so that both older women and small children can wear it with confidence.

In terms of color matching, you can try some contrasting color combinations. For example, the coffee-colored long vest is layered with a white top, and the color contrast is obvious, which can enrich the layering of the overall matching. In the same way, light-colored vests layered with dark undershirts, bright and not easy to make mistakes, suitable for the skin color of most girls.

Now is the time of the changing season, everyone chooses the way of dressing with vests layered to give full play to their imagination and wear a different beauty. You can choose a gentle beige vest layered with a white shirt, the color matching is light and soft, wearing a refreshing and daily fashionable style, avoiding dull impressions, showing a confident and generous temperament.

And there is a more calm and dignified color matching method is to choose white clothing and earth-colored vests to layer, which can show a generous style, which is very suitable for the intellectual and gentle charm of older women.

There is no natural beauty capital, but we have the ability to rewrite destiny, every beautiful and excellent woman can create her own charm by working hard to find a suitable outfit.

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