How to buy men’s beanie shoes, what pants to match men’s beanie shoes, and pay attention to men’s beanie shoes

Many boys who are keen on beanie shoes are also asking, how to buy men’s beanie shoes? Men’s beanie shoes matching method, how can you wear comfortable and more fashionable at the same time? Beanie shoes are the hottest shoe category this summer. Not only are girls very loyal to Beanie shoes, but boys are also very fond of this shoe. Beanie shoes, not only the style is very fashionable, but also breathable to wear, the sole is very soft, making the shoes more comfortable to wear. Today we will introduce you to how to buy men’s beanie shoes? Men’s Beanie Shoes Matching Method, see how hipsters wear Beanie shoes.

The big black bull is not very handsome

In the purchase of beanie shoes, the heel should not be too small, and the toe should be slightly looser, so that the soles and toes can have more space, so that there can be comfortable padding and moderate internal space, and the curvature of the sole surface and the recess of the foot can fit very well. Also, don’t buy shoes that are narrower than the soles of your feet. If some people have different feet of different sizes, then you should choose the size that is suitable for the big foot, if you use the toe against the toe, the heel and the upper of the shoe can also reach a finger distance, this size is just right, in the wearing can be more comfortable

Ozzeg’s leather matte beanie shoes

There is also the purchase of the material of beanie shoes, it is recommended to choose more breathable, comfortable materials, leather is better permeable than plastic, so in the purchase, this point still needs to pay more attention, if it is our old people and children can wear more cloth shoes, this is also a better choice. For the sole material of beanie shoes, it is recommended to choose a strong and elastic sole, so that the impact can be distributed more evenly and the walking can be more comfortable.

Gray beanie shoes will always be a classic

When we buy shoes, it is best to choose to buy shoes in the afternoon, whether it is to buy beanie shoes or any other shoes, it is best to be at this point in time, because the feet will be slightly swollen at this time, if the size chosen at this time does not feel small, it is no problem to wear it at other times of the day, and we have to stand and try it on, because the feet will be slightly larger when standing than when sitting, it is best to take a few more steps to try the foot feel when trying it on.

Lovely buckle

Next time, I will introduce you how to match your pants

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