Electric towel racks that improve happiness, lazy people only need WIFI control, these advantages are worth Amway

In the past two years, in the post-epidemic era, people have paid more and more attention to home health issues, and their demands for various home health are becoming more and more obvious. In the cold winter season, keeping household towels dry and clean has also become a daily concern. As a towel that we use every day, it is placed in a damp bathroom for a long time, sometimes in a wet state, sometimes too dry and the towel is rough and hard, and the daily use process is extremely uncomfortable. How to ensure the drying of towels and hygiene is a topic that everyone cannot do without. If the towel is in a wet state for a long time, it will easily lead to the growth of bacteria and will also affect human health to a certain extent.

Some time ago, because the home side has been in a state of continuous rain, coupled with the bathroom at home in the shade position, can not shine the sun all year round, the towel has been in a humid state, making me, a person who belongs to sensitive skin, more likely to acne. Fortunately, my intimate husband specially bought Jiesheng electric towel rack online, and after a period of use, I found that this is really a treasure item, and everyone recommends this Jiesheng electric towel rack. Here, I would also like to share with you my overall experience of using it.

1. Home comfort enhancement to meet the needs of the whole family

From the overall sense of use, this electric towel rack has fully met the family’s needs for towels in winter, and used to use a dryer or a hair dryer at home in winter to blow the intimate clothes and towels a little warmer and then take it to the bathroom to bathe, otherwise it is the whole cold when put on, especially in the cold and humid south. This electric towel rack has the effect of storing and drying, so I recently hung my clothes and towels directly on the electric towel rack when bathing, and after taking a bath, I can use hot towels and intimate clothes full of “heating”, which is simply not too cool.

2. One-stop drying, you can use “new towels” every day

As we all know, the number of colonies hidden in long-term wet towels is unimaginable, and its harm to human skin is very worthy of attention, like this Jiesheng electric towel rack, not only can do the storage, but also timely moisture, drying, prevent bacteria from endangering the skin and health, in the towel rack constant temperature, the dried towel can ensure enough softness and comfort. After this period of use, I feel that the acne on my face has decreased a lot.

3. Intelligent control is convenient to operate, and bathroom heating is not a problem

Don’t look at it is a simple electric towel rack, in fact, he is still a smart home appliance full of technology. As long as you download the Jiesheng APP, you can enjoy WiFi intelligent control, when you are covered with a quilt on the sofa in the living room, and you don’t want to dry the towel first, then directly turn on the heating in advance through the remote operation, you can prepare in advance when bathing. This is also my favorite thing about it as a lazy cancer patient.

And my favorite is to use the mobile phone to control the function of heating in advance to serve as a bathroom auxiliary heat, the heat emitted by the 400W towel rack is really considerable, the bathroom is about 5 square meters of space in three or two minutes can be increased by 3-4 °C, with this towel rack, the bath bomb can be eliminated, this warmth is that very gentle feeling, and the burning sensation above the head when the bath bomb is turned on.

4. Full of process details, peace of mind and more intimate

All the electrical appliances placed in the bathroom will be more or less worried about leakage, rust, wear and other problems, in fact, I also had these concerns at the beginning, but after a month of use, I have to praise this electric heating frame full of details, first of all, it uses 304 stainless steel heating rod, compared to ordinary heating rod it is less likely to burn out, followed by the use of fine low carbon steel material, so that it does not rust, no corrosion, no oxidation, strong pressure resistance, its service life is naturally not a word. In addition, there is IPX4 waterproof process and magnesium powder insulation protection, so there is no need to worry about the problem of splashing water leakage in the bathroom.

Finally, I want to add that its intelligent temperature control, automatic constant temperature mode, can control the temperature setting range between 37-70 degrees Celsius, adjust as needed, save power and energy. Originally, the old people in the family usually nagged us two young people to buy things and spend money indiscriminately, but this time I finally didn’t hear their nagging, because the old people also love this electric towel rack very much. A good electric towel rack can be used for more than 15 years, and installing it in the bathroom can improve the skin comfort of towels and bathrobes, the warmth of bathing, and avoid skin problems caused by bacteria. I think there are old people, children and girls who love beauty in the family, so you must take a closer look at this Amway.

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