After moving in for more than a year, I found a home “cleaning weapon”, and after using it, the home was clean and sharp

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From the time the renovation was completed last year to move in, the new home has now been occupied for a year. Compared to the previous life of renting a house, I now feel more and more how wonderful it is to have a house of your own. And the beauty of this life has nothing to do with the size of the area. Even if you live in an apartment of tens of square meters, you can create your own happy nest.

Although I haven’t lived in it for too long, I have also found that it is not easy to make home life more exquisite and beautiful. Especially in “home cleaning” and “home storage”, there is a lot of attention to it. Sometimes a little laziness, or a lack of household items, can make the home dirty and messy.

As a person who loves cleanliness, I am not allowed to have a dirty indoor home environment. Therefore, on weekends, I will also dedicate time and energy to cleaning up the room. During this time, I discovered a home cleaning trick, that is, useful cleaning products, can do more with less! For example, the following “household cleaning weapon”.

Tile cleaner

The “household cleaning weapon” mentioned above is “tile cleaner”. There may be quite a few people who do not know about it. As a floor cleaner, tile cleaners can remove any stains and oil stains from tiles and wooden floors. And it can also be easily solved for those tile floors caused by incomplete cleaning.

The ground serves as the façade of the entire home, and it can be displayed in front of you as soon as you enter the door. And when the ground is not bright, and even dirt and yellowing, it will make the entire indoor living room look unclean.

If you don’t clean it thoroughly every time, the corners and corners will not only turn yellow, but also mold. Often after we mop the floor, there will be a fishy smell, which is the phenomenon of mold caused by incomplete cleaning of the ground. And this mold and odor, even 84 is difficult to handle.

Tile cleaner has a strong decontamination ability, which can not only remove old dirt, but also sterilize and mold, so it is very suitable for use on the floor of various materials. Living room tiles, bedroom wooden floors, kitchen and bathroom tiles, etc., can be kept clean with tile cleaner.

In the past, I didn’t put anything on the floor at home, and then I found that some stains couldn’t be dragged off at all, and then I had to use it for dish soap and 84, but the effect was not satisfactory. After struggling to drag the house, it was not only incomplete, but also fishy. It’s annoying to think about. Fortunately, there was “tile cleaner”, which really made me worry too much.

People who have used tile cleaners know that no matter what the material of the surface, as long as it is dirty, you can use this tile cleaner. As people who have used it say, “Kitchen cabinets, bathroom toilets, you can use it.” I found it to be really good, so now I throw away all the other cleaners in the house, leaving only ’tile cleaner’. Although it is called this name, it can be used on any surface, even some hardware. Showers, faucets, sinks, etc., over time there will be water stains, scale, which are difficult to remove, but you can use tile cleaner.”

Because this tile cleaner is so useful, all floors and surfaces in my home are now as clean as when they were first renovated. Even when neighbors came to play at my house, they enviously said that my house was cleaned


So clean! Because the home is getting cleaner and cleaner, I now dare to invite friends and girlfriends to come to my home. After all, when it was dirty and messy before, it made my girlfriends feel embarrassed to come. I have to say that tile cleaner is really a cleaning weapon, which can be regarded as a great help and makes my home environment cleaner.

As the saying goes, a gold cup and a silver cup are not as good as word of mouth, in fact, many people have used it before I knew about tile cleaner. And everyone’s experience speaks volumes about its power. In my opinion, this kind of “tile cleaner”, which can be called a household cleaning weapon, will soon occupy half of the household cleaning products. After all, this thing is not only powerful, the key is also very cheap! As netizens said, “A bottle is only a few dollars, where it is dirty and sprayed, it is really cheap and good”!

In other words, have you used this “tile cleaner” with strong stain removal ability?

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