The long knitted cardigan is worn this way, warm and fashionable, and it has a temperament to wear casually

I don’t know when it started, my love for knitted cardigans has been very strong, long knitted cardigans are just as good with dresses, skirts, or pants, without the thick sense of coats, trench coats are too elegant, and long knitted cardigans are more warm, matching to give people a sense of warmth, let’s see how mid-length knitted cardigans can be matched. The long knitted cardigan is worn this way, warm and fashionable, and it has a temperament to wear casually.

1: Off-white dress with brown-white long knitted cardigan.

This set is a more retro matching, whether it is an inner and outer jacket, there is a strong retro style, and the pursuit of a good retro style, you need to choose your own more popular retro style, if you want the national style retro, choose the national style of clothes, want Hong Kong style retro, there is a little Hong Kong flavor.

Then the second is the retro Republic of China style, this set of retro taste is relatively light, not a pure retro style, retro style is to meet the ancient style is not suitable for the occasion, but in fact, many times we ourselves limit our dressing, the combination of ancient style and modern style, is also unique.

Or with more modern taste, but with a little national style design inside, the outside is more age-oriented, in other outfits, but also choose a more retro matching, will have a little retro style, such retro, the taste is very light, but also enough not particularly love retro style or not too old retro style of the little sister, slightly brings the simplest beauty.

In fact, with the rise of Hanfu in recent years, the combination of retro style is also increasing, just because the ancient style is not very suitable for the current daily life, so we can add modern elements to the style of the ancient style, reflecting our love for the ancient style, but also more suitable for daily life, so that we can wear it on more occasions.

This off-white dress, divided into the upper body and the lower body, the lapels of the upper body, relatively wide, the wrist tightening made a switching design, there is a tie at the neckline, there is a tie a little to the left under the neckline, the upper body does the hem design, the skirt part of the lower body is stitched at the beginning of the hem of the upper body, the hem ends with a wavy pattern, and the material is flowing.

It looks like a touch of innocence and cute dresses with a brown-white long knitted cardigan, covering part of the innocence, but also becoming warmer, the weaving and direction of the pattern will have a sense of era memory, autumn with this combination, will not be unable to cope with the hot and cold climate, hot take off the coat, cold add coat.

2: Short black sleeves with blue jeans and a light brown long knitted cardigan.

Short sleeves with jeans, is the summer we most often wear, in the autumn as a coat trench coat or long knitwear is a very good choice, because this combination adapts to the seasons, but also does not like to wear skirts of the little sister a good choice, black short sleeves thin and not too lively color, blue jeans are also a relatively pure color.

Black with blue, no very bright colors, not very dull matching, ordinary everyday, but inexplicably fresh and comfortable, with light brown long knitwear, in the overall sense of a little more long style, but also has not changed much, like this tone of the little sister quickly use it!

This style is a more conventional and daily match, jeans do not choose a more tight style, but a little loose, for the little sister who does not particularly like to attract attention, or is too ladylike, this combination is not only comfortable, but also makes themselves relaxed and cheerful, simple and refreshing.

3: White suspenders with short brown plaid knit cardigan with dark brown skirt over long white knitted cardigan.

There are many ways to overlay and wear, but generally the same style of clothes are the mainstay, playing a layering role, but there is no strong sense of superposition here, so you only need to look at it as an inner and outer layer, short knitted cardigan, especially V-neck, will open a little more down, with a suspender, can be in a very good position to avoid the problem of leakage.

So as to be more secure, forming an inverted triangle shape on the V-neck, but also superimposed a layer of visual effects, brown short knitted cardigan, with red and green colors made of diamond checkered pattern, it looks more unique, with a dark brown skirt, with a white belt, not only looks hot, but also more domineering.

Finally, with a white long knitted cardigan, while adding a sense of atmosphere, but also adding a touch of warmth to this autumn, the cuffs are relatively wide, and the cuffs are pulled around to make the cuffs look more felt, not too thin, with brown high-tied muffin shoes, it will reduce the white space in the middle and avoid the wind and cold legs!

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